Mr. Insta Review – What Happened When I Tried It?

Social media platforms are growing really fast, and Instagram is always leading the way! 

In order to achieve success, it’s important to keep an eye on your stats, regularly update your content, and stay active on Instagram. Doing all of this can be quite time-consuming.

Luckily, there are some awesome Instagram growth tools available that can assist you in building your follower base and expanding effortlessly. 

One tool that might be worth considering is Mr Insta

In this Mr Insta review, I’ll share my experience, but most importantly, give you an idea of what to expect from this tool.

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What is Mr. Insta?

A screenshot of Mr Insta’s homepage. 

Mr Insta is a website that provides social media marketing services – with a particular focus on Instagram followers

It offers various tools and services to help users grow their Instagram presence by gaining more followers on your account. 

The way Mr Insta works is that users can sign up on the website and earn “coins” by completing specific tasks, such as following other users or liking their posts.

These earned coins can then be exchanged for followers for their own Instagram accounts. 

Alternatively, users can also choose to purchase these services directly without earning coins.

How Does Mr. Insta Work?

A screenshot of how Mr Insta works. 

Mr. Insta is a classic service that promises to deliver you targeted followers. Other examples of similar services include KENJI and Jarvee – and you must have come across them in your search for the perfect Insta growth tool out there. 

A really important claim they make is that they deliver real followers and that they don’t use bots. Instagram policy strongly disapproves of bot practices, so it’s crucial to check out whether this is true or not.

Using Mr. Insta is very simple and easy; you just have to follow the steps we offer:

Create Your Mr. Insta Account 

In order to create your Mr.Insta account, you must click “Register” at the top right corner or “Premium Services” from the toolbar.

Set Up Your Account

You’ll be redirected to what they call “Insta Members Arena” to set up your account. 

Which info do they ask for?

Email address, Instagram username, and a new password. I like the fact that they don’t require you to enter your Instagram password – that’s a relief. 

Many services do, and I don’t feel at ease sharing my password with 3rd party services – and you shouldn’t also.

Verify Your Email Address

When you create your Mr. Insta account, you’ll receive a verification email with a confirmation link.

Start Receiving Followers

They’ll deliver the services in the next 24-72 hours, which may be distributed at different times. 

This is completely OK, considering that getting many likes or followers at once could block or ban your account.

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What are Mr. Insta’s features?

From what I could gather on the platform, Mr. Insta offers followers to help users grow their Instagram presence. 

Instagram Followers

Mr Insta says that it provides real and active Instagram followers to users. 

Users can earn coins by following other accounts or performing various tasks on the platform. Everyone wants to get followers and likes, but they are worthless if they do not come from your target audience.

Mr. Insta does employ some filters to make the impression that they will target people from your niche, but I have to say I haven’t noticed they do it all the time.

Are Mr. Insta followers from real accounts or bots? 

Mr. Insta often uses bot followers. 

When it comes to their authenticity, it needs to improve. Some accounts it connected me with seemed fake, while some were blocked and disappeared after some time.

What is Mr. Insta’s Pricing?

A screenshot of Mr. Insta’s pricing plans.

Mr Insta offers a good service for people who want to improve their followers and likes counts. 

To be honest, the pricing plans of Mr. Insta are not too expensive: 

How Much Does Mr Insta Charge for Followers?

Fairly cheap, considering the numbers – but having in mind the mixed quality of services, it’s not the best deal out there. You have the right to choose if it’s worth it or not to buy fake followers and bots to boost your account. 

With that in mind, you should also check some of our other reviews and compare prices:

It’s always a good thing to check twice.

Pros and Cons of Mr. Insta

Like other similar services, Mr. Insta aims to help users boost their social media metrics quickly. 

Here are some potential pros and cons of using Mr. Insta:

Advantages of Mr. Insta

Quick Boost

Mr.Insta can quickly and effectively deliver your followers. This way, you will appear famous and popular in a little time and can attract other accounts to be more interested in your feed. 

But note that these followers might be from fake accounts.

Easy To Use

The process of purchasing engagement from Mr. Insta is usually straightforward, with user-friendly interfaces and payment methods.

Disadvantages of Mr.Insta

Mixed Quality of Followers

The quality of followers and likers is most likely fake, and by purchasing them, your account may have a low number of interactions through your posts.

Your Account Can Get Banned

Instagram has some policies and rules, and buying fake accounts is against the rules. This way, while using Mr. Insta, your account can be suspended or restricted.

Some Followers Disappear

As time goes by, some followers may disappear, and the interactions on your profile will go lower and lower. 

Mr. Insta may not support you with the long-term numbers on your posts and follower list.

Mr. Insta VS Flock Social 

Now I’d like to compare Mr. Insta with one of the companies in this field that offers Instagram growth services. In this case, I chose the company Flock Social.

Service Offerings:

Mr. Insta: As of recently, Mr. Insta has changed its policy, and now, it provides only free and purchased followers to your account for growth purposes.

Flock Social: Flock Social is all about helping you grow your Instagram organically. 

They’ve got some awesome services that can really boost your presence on the platform. They employ targeted marketing strategies to attract genuine and engaged followers, with the goal of achieving sustainable and meaningful growth.

Follower Quality:

Mr. Insta: The followers and interactions you get through Mr. Insta may not be from genuine or active users, as they often come from fake or inactive accounts. 

Not having genuine engagement can actually hurt your social media presence over time.

Flock Social: At Flock Social, they prioritize attracting real and active followers who are genuinely interested in your content. 

By utilizing organic growth strategies, the followers you acquire through Flock Social are more likely to actively engage with your posts and become valuable members of your community.

Platform Compliance:

Mr. Insta: Using Mr. Insta’s services might go against the terms of service of various social media platforms, like Instagram and others. 

It’s always good to be aware of these things! Buying followers and engagement is not recommended as it goes against platform guidelines. 

It’s important to follow the rules to avoid any penalties, such as account suspension.

Flock Social: Flock Social uses genuine marketing strategies that follow the rules and guidelines of social media platforms. 

Their organic growth approach is in line with platform policies and is designed to assist users in responsibly growing their accounts.

Long-Term Benefits:

Mr. Insta: While using Mr. Insta’s services can definitely give your numbers a boost, it’s important to keep in mind that purchased interactions may not result in long-term growth or meaningful connections with your audience. 

Just something to consider!

Flock Social: At Flock Social, they believe in using an organic growth approach to help you build a loyal and engaged follower base. 

The services help you build genuine connections, which can bring you long-term benefits and a stronger presence on social media.

Is Mr. Insta Legit?

Yes, it seems like Mr.Insta is legit and real, but it has some other benefits and disadvantages. 

When assessing whether a service is real, I do research on the company and check what other people have to say about it. 

One thing I disliked is that their customer support is not available in real-time – you have to send them a message, and they’ll get back to you by email in the next 24 hours – but they do respond within that time limit. 

Can you Get Banned From Using Mr. Insta?

You always put your account under the risk of getting banned from using Mr. Insta.

Instagram controls the fake accounts and bots and will most likely ban your account for using them, so be careful.

Is Mr. Insta Worth the Money Spent?

While using Mr. Insta, you have to spend more money all the time, over and over again, to keep your likes and followers because they are not all genuine. 

That’s not really the path to long-term success. I can say that purchasing fake followers and likes is a waste of money.

Is Mr. Insta Safe?

Yes, after performing a gauntlet of tests, I can confirm that Mr Insta is safe. Their https website is secure and made using 256-bit encryption. 

The payment gateway seems completely safe. Plus, they don’t get access to your Instagram login information, which is always a benefit.

You do need to keep your Instagram profile public to use Mr. Insta’s services, but that’s better than having control over your account. In that way, you’re certain they’re not using your account to like and follow other users, which could be labeled as spam by Instagram.

Can Mr. Insta Give You the Results Promised?

Mr.Insta will give you the results promised, and the number of your followers will gain; however, the quality is questionable. 

You can lose your whole account and the trust of your real followers as well.

Mr. Insta Review: Final Verdict

You have the right and opportunity to control your account, either with fake or real followers. In my opinion, being real to your followers is more important than having millions of fake bots running through your feed.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

In the short run, buying followers and likes seem like a good way to instantly boost your account. However, it is true when people say “good things come to those who wait”.

A better alternative would be to grow your account organically with real followers and likes, not fake, bot-like ones. Scrap the tools that sell you such things. Instead, check out the table below that we’ve painstakingly put together for you!

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