Mr Insta Review – What Happened When I Tried It?

Social media platforms continue to grow at a rapid pace, and Instagram is continuously at the forefront.

Whether you need to make a call about your content or products, Instagram can bring you the numbers that you need. 

To succeed, you have to know how to get discovered and find your target audience. This includes watching your stats all the time, updating content, and performing Instagram activities regularly. All of this can get quite time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are Instagram growth tools that can help you build your follower base and expand quickly and easily.

One of such tools – at least on paper – is Mr Insta. In this Mr Insta review, I’ll let you know whether it worked out for me and what you can expect from this tool.

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What is Mr Insta?

Screenshot taken from Mr Insta's website

Mr Insta (you’ve got to give them a shoutout for a charming name) is a tool that offers you to buy two things that principally grow your Instagram profile: likes and followers.

At first glance, this is perfect. 

But there are actually different methods you can use to approach the follower and like-related growth. And the one that Mr Insta uses – buying them – raises the eyebrows of people who are knowledgeable in this field for a good reason.

Most often, when you buy a precise number of followers/likes, they turn out to be fake. And relying on traffic that is not real, is, well…  Almost the same as no traffic.

Therefore, I lunged at an investigation to determine what is the nature of MrInsta followers and likes. Did it grow my Instagram systematically? Is it worth your budget?

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How Does Mr Insta Work?

Mr Insta is a classic service that promises to deliver you targeted followers and likes.

A really important claim they make is these are real followers and that they don’t use bots. Instagram policy strongly disapproves of bot practices, so it’s crucial to check out whether this is true.

All in all, I analyzed different aspects of Mr Insta performance, and my conclusion is: it works okay.

You will, indeed, get likes and followers that you buy.

But when it comes to their authenticity, it needs to improve. Some accounts it connected me with seemed fake, while some were blocked and disappeared after some time.

How to Use Mr Insta?

Using Mr Insta is as easy as ABC.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Create your Mr Insta account. You can do so by clicking “Register” at the top right corner, or “Premium Services” from the toolbar.
  2. You’ll be redirected to what they call “Insta Members Arena” to set up your account. Which info do they ask for? Email address, Instagram username, and a new password. I like the fact that they don’t require you to enter your Instagram password. Many services do, and I don’t feel at ease sharing my password with 3rd party services.
  3. When you create your Mr Insta account, you’ll receive a verification email with a confirmation link.
  4. Once you confirm your email, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select your interests. Basically, you can select from some categories such as “Art & Crafts,” “Beauty,” etc.
  5. Finally, you should opt for a pricing plan, and you’re done. They’ll deliver the services in the next 24-72 hours, which may be distributed at different times. This is completely OK, considering that getting many likes or followers at once could block or ban your account.

Features of Mr Insta

Here are the features Mr Insta offers:

Targeting Your Audience

Everyone wants to get followers and likes, but they are worthless if they do not come from your target audience.

Mr Insta does employ some filters to make the impression that they will target people from your niche, but I have to say I haven’t noticed they do it all the time.

Likes & Followers

You can get bundles of Instagram followers and likes, which could indeed lead to the desired results.

Some Mr Insta followers and likes I got were genuine, others seemed fake, and a portion disappeared after some time.

Views & Comments

Mr Insta also offers Instagram views and comments. 

While views are legit and cheap, they are not the primary method to boost your account growth.

Comments, on the other hand, seemed too generic, and I’d avoid them in the future.

Mr Insta Pricing

Mr Insta’s pricing plans are not too expensive:

Mr Insta review - Pricing

250 Instagram followers are $10. Other bundles include:

  • 500 followers ($25)
  • 1,000 followers ($40)
  • 2,000 followers ($60)
  • 5,000 followers ($110)
  • 10,000 followers ($190).

Fairly cheap, considering the numbers – but having in mind the mixed quality of services, it’s not the best deal out there.

As for the likes, their basic package is $6 for 100 likes.

Mr Insta Review - Pricing

Some of the higher-tier plans include:

  • 5,000 likes ($59)
  • 10,000 likes ($89)
  • 20,000 likes ($129)
  • 50,000 likes ($179).

Is Mr Insta Legit?

Is Mr Insta real? When assessing whether a service is real, I do research on the company and check what other people have to say about it.

One thing I disliked is that their customer support is not available in real-time – you have to send them a message, and they’ll get back to you by email in the next 24 hours – but they do respond within that time limit. It seems that they are who they claim to be.

Reviewers on sites like and agree with my opinion – Mr Insta is not a scam.

Is Mr Insta Safe?

After performing a gauntlet of tests, I can confirm that Mr Insta is safe.

Their https website is secure and made using 256-bit encryption. The payment gateway seems completely safe. Plus, they don’t get access to your Instagram login information, which is always a benefit.

You do need to keep your Instagram profile public to use Mr Insta services, but that’s better than them having control over your account. In that way, you’re certain they’re not using your account to like and follow other users, which could be labeled as spam by Instagram.

Mr Insta PROS and CONS

Easy order placementMixed quality of followers (a number of them are fake)
It will get you some followers and likesLikes seem to be from fake accounts
Some followers & likes disappear
Hard sell tactics (trying to upsell the followers all the time)
Questionable if the positive reviews on Trustpilot are real
Payments from PayPal not accepted

Mr Insta Review: Final Verdict

Back to my question from the beginning – What happened when I used Mr Insta for two months?

Nothing magnificent.

I got some likes and followers. If that’s your goal, Mr Insta could help you.

However, you’d have to spend more money all the time, over and over again, to keep their likes and followers because they are not all genuine. That’s not really the path to long-term success.

What you should try out, instead, are tools with a real and organic strategy for your Instagram growth. I’ve mentioned a couple of best alternatives in the table below. With authentic followers who like your content, everything is possible.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

In the short run, buying followers and likes seem like a good way to instantly boost your account. However, it is true when people say “good things come to those who wait”.

A better alternative would be to grow your account organically with real followers and likes, not fake, bot-like ones. Scrap the tools that sell you such things. Instead, check out the table below that we’ve painstakingly put together for you!

Flock Social4.8Check Price
Upleap.com4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
SocialFollow4.2Check Price
KENJI.AI4Check Price
Stim Social3.9Check Price