Poprey Reviews: Is It Good For Instagram Growth? Learn Here

On Instagram, your followers are the center of your audience.  As your following grows, the engagement on your posts gets even more exciting! 

And the more followers you have, the more likely users will follow your account after seeing your posts!

Poprey is a tool that can help you gain real and targeted Instagram followers, likes, auto likes, views, and comments. This tool claims to offer affordable and speedy Instagram followers and likes. 

So, let’s discuss together how Poprey works and what they do.

What is Poprey?

A screenshot of Poprey’s homepage.

Poprey is an Instagram Growth Service that offers affordable packages for followers, likes, comments, and views. 

It’s an affordable way to boost your Instagram presence. With their gradual services, they also offer a 24-hour Warranty. 

Moreover, Poprey also claims to have a quick and helpful customer support service. 

We understand that you might have concerns about the authenticity and effectiveness of the growth you’ll get for your account from Poprey. 

This is because they have received some negative reviews on websites like Trustpilot, and they currently do not offer a functional free trial or compelling testimonials. 

Let’s do some research about the site to make a great decision!

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How Does Poprey Work?

A screenshot of how Poprey works.

Poprey offers you the exact amount of followers, likes, or views you can buy. 

They claim that traffic comes from real people, a.k.a. genuine Instagram accounts. Consequently, it would make your content easily discoverable, and people would keep coming to your profile. 

Once you make your purchase, it will be activated in a week. 

Using Poprey is quick and easy because they do not really aspire to learn more about your goals (for example, by setting filters and targeting your audience).

Choose a package of likes, followers, comments, or views.

Poprey offers you Instagram likes, followers, auto-likes, views, and comments. 

They have some packages you must choose from depending on your needs. They have two main types of packages: high-quality and premium. Once you are ready to choose if you want to purchase followers or likes, we can continue. 

Enter your Instagram username and password and connect your account to Poprey

After choosing your package, you are required to make a registration. You must type your Instagram account username and your email. It is important to type a button that says that you are not a robot. Poprey doesn’t require your password.

Go to checkout and make a payment

Once you are done with the registration, it is time to make a payment.

You must choose between two packages: one is instant likes, 10,000 likes per hour, and the second one is gradual likes, 200 likes per hour. 

The last thing for your payment is choosing a card you are making your purchase with and entering details. 

Wait for the results

Sometimes Porpey will immediately show your purpose, but the big packages take time. All you have to do is wait for your “order to be delivered.”

What are Poprey features?

A screenshot of Poprey’s features.

We’ve discovered some of the Poprey features. The site works properly, as it seems to. With the features they offer, the customers are easily trusting them.

So, let’s discuss what features Poprey has.

Buying Followers, Likes and Comments

With Poprey, you can get from 10 to 10,000 followers. 

The number of likes purchased from Poprey ranges from 25 to 20,000. Moreover, they always have a discount available. In addition, they assure you that the accounts liking your posts are genuine and the likes will stay with you forever.  

By the way, here are some other growth services that offer followers as well. 

Are Proprey followers and likes real accounts or bots?

We’ve discovered that followers and likes purchased from Poprey are mostly fake accounts. The followers and likes do look like they could be real. However, it is easy to spot their fakeness. 

No Target Audience

Instagram tools mostly ask you to enter some filters (such as gender, hashtags, location, accounts, and so on) from your niche. 

Poprey’s inability to find your target audience and engage you with them is a major red flag

It just further confirms that followers are not real and organic. Even if they were real, they wouldn’t be your target audience – meaning, they wouldn’t necessarily be interested in your content and posts.


When you purchase auto-likes, it means that for a specific profile, potential customers learn more about your products. For instance, people can add the location when publishing a new post. It’s a good way to improve potential range and visibility. 

What is Poprey’s Pricing?

 A screenshot of Poprey’s pricing.

Poprey offers different types of packages for followers, likes, auto-likes, comments, and views. Moreover, you can purchase either regular or premium packages. 

Regular packages are way cheaper than premium ones. 

However, a premium has more benefits. Accounts from high-quality packages will most likely look fake, and in premium, Poprey promises that the accounts that will appear on your feed will be real-looking. 

Does “Company Name” Offer a Free Trial?

 A screenshot of Poprey’s free trial for likes.

Luckily, Poprey offers 25 free likes. All you have to do is type in your Instagram account, enter your email address, and enjoy your free Insta followers.

 Pros and Cons of Poprey

We’ve talked about many things that Poprey can provide their customers with. 

However, sites like Poprey always have some advantages and disadvantages. Knowing every side of the site is important to avoid losing money or being lied to.

Advantages of Poprey

Straightforward to Use

Once you purchase your likes or followers, they appear on your profile immediately. However, it depends on how many likes or followers you bought. 

Poprey has an offer to get instant or gradual activity on your profile.

Quick Boost in Metrics 

Poprey can help you boost your social media metrics in no time. 

You’ll see a significant increase in your followers, likes, and views. This can boost your profile’s popularity and attract more organic growth.

Variety of Platforms

Poprey offers engagement packages for multiple social media platforms, allowing you to boost your presence across different channels. 

For example, you can boost your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and other social media accounts from Poprey. 

Disadvantages of Poprey

Doesn’t Bring You Organic and Real Followers

Unfortunately, Poprey only gives you fake Instagram accounts that are easy to spot. 

Moreover, the followers, likes, and interactions gained through Poprey may not come from genuinely interested or engaged users. 

Quality may vary, and the interactions are from inactive or fake accounts.

Followers and Likes Are Deleted After Some Time

As we’ve discovered, some reviewers were very irritated with the fact that likes and followers bought from Poprey were gone after some time. 

As Poprey claims, their offers are permanent. However, the customers would disagree with this statement. 

Customer Support Refuses To Refund Payment

Poprey says that they have the best customer support policy 24/7. However, from the reviews, some of their customers were annoyed that the customer service wouldn’t respond to their complaints about the refund. After customers spent money and didn’t receive their purchase, Poprey was silent and wouldn’t return the money to them.

Poprey vs Flock Social

In order to truly understand Poprey, we must compare it with similar sites. It seems like many sites on social media help you boost your account. 

After researching, I’ve decided to compare Poprey with Flock Social.

Service Offerings and Features 

Poprey: At Poprey, they provide you with engagement and interaction packages for your favorite social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok! 

They specialize in helping you quickly improve your metrics by offering purchased engagements.

Flock Social: Flock Social is all about helping you grow your Instagram organically. They’ve got some services that can really boost your presence on the platform. 

They specialize in helping you attract genuine and active followers using effective targeted marketing strategies.

Follower Quality

Poprey: The interactions you get from Poprey may not always be from users who are genuinely interested or engaged. Most of them are fake accounts and bots.

Flock Social: Flock Social aims to help you connect with real and engaged followers who are truly interested in what you have to share. They are based on organic growth. That’s why the accounts they provide you with are real.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Poprey: Artificially boosting interactions could potentially have a negative impact on your organic reach. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines to avoid any issues.

Flock Social: Flock Social employs genuine marketing strategies that stick to the rules of social media platforms. 

Long-Term Benefits

Porey: because the interactions gained from Poprey are not from real accounts, they can be gone in some time. Some of the customers complained that they lost their purchased likes and followers.

Flock Social: The followers you gain through Flock Social are more likely to engage with you and help you build a stronger social media presence.

Final Conclusion for Poprey

Here are some closing words on Poprey.

Is “company name” legit?

Poprey is a legitimate service, as their company sells what they claim. But the problem is that their features could be better. It feels like they are offering diplomatic answers to try and hide the truth about their services. 

Having to use false descriptions and notifications already says enough about the service.

Can you get banned from using Poprey? 

Yes, using sites like Poprey is always a risk for Instagram users. Instagram policy is very strick, and once they know you are buying fake followers and likes, it is a risk to get banned or restricted.

Is Poprey worth the money paid? 

Compared to other sites, Poprey is way cheaper

However, as we’ve discovered from the reviews, you can lose your money when purchasing likes or followers from Poprey. It is always a big risk to use the site.

Can Poprey give you the results promised? 

Poprey offers its customers many packages and claims that they have real Instagram followers and likes. 

However, Poprey will flood your Instagram account with fake followers and likes that will disappear at some point. Most of them will not be people but merely bots

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Poprey?

To be honest, no, Platypus doesn’t recommend Poprey. But Kicksta might be the right solution  – and it’s just a thought. 

Just like with any other platform, the best way to build your Instagram and attract followers and likes is the organic way. 

Thus, you can check out the list of alternatives that can help you with this non-evasive and efficient strategy.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

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Rather than buying likes and followers, growing your account organically or using an automation tool will actually make the most bang for your buck!

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