Like4like Review: Free Likes Or Not? The Complete Truth

You’ve come across Like4like, a service that helps you get free Instagram likes. Naturally, the word “free” raises an eyebrow, as it should. 

Is it really free? If yes, is it effective and safe to use?

To spare you the trouble, I gave this tool a run for its money (or, no money, in this case). In my Like4like review, Ie’ve laid out the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

It’s a swift read, and it could spare you a ton of frustration.

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Keep going!

What Is Like4like?

An image showing Like4like's website

Like4like is a company that helps users boost their Instagram accounts. They’re in the business of exchanging likes. When you like other people’s posts, Like4like ‘remembers’ those likes. Then, it uses them on your photos or videos. 

The ‘like trading’ process is fully automated.There’s no way to direct where the likes go both from you and to you. You can turn off the automatic liking, but there’s a catch. I’ll talk about it later in the article.

The service is free, or so they say. So, what’s their incentive for helping you? It’s hard to tell.

This raises doubts over the company’s claim that likes come from real people. Entirely free and automated service without bots? Seems very unlikely.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll try to unwrap the inner-workings of this tool. Stay tuned!

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How does Like4like work?

The idea behind this company is as old as Instagram. Give likes, receive likes back. Like4like helps you do this without manual ‘labor.’ 

Here’s how it works: 

Like4like tracks down people from the same niche, or those with similar interests. In other words, they find your target audience. They can only do this with people who are already their customers. Then, they like those users’ posts and the users like your stuff in return. 

The amount of likes you get depends on the size of their customer pool. It also depends on how many people they’re able to match with you.

It was almost impossible to get my hands on some concrete numbers, so I can’t tell you how many likes you can expect. Will it be 5 or 500 per day? It is a mystery.

On the website, Like4like states several times that they only work with real people. This means that, according to them, there are no bots involved in the process.

Is it really so? I am not sure. Should it matter to you? Yes, because bots and fake likes might get you in trouble with Instagram. 

On the bright side, I haven’t seen any reports of people getting banned from IG for using Like4like. The chances are that it won’t cause you any problems of that nature. 

But, if you want to be extra safe, there are other ways to grow your account. I mention some alternative tools that don’t share the same risks later on.

How to set up Like4like?

To start using this service, you’ll have to log in on their official website. Make sure to go to and not The latter is an entirely different company that I don’t know anything about.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll have two options. The first one is to install their Chrome extension, and then log in through it. If you don’t want the extension, that’s OK; there’s another way. 

The second option is to log in with your Instagram username and password by clicking the “Sign In” button on the site.

The company will then send you an email. Confirm that you received it, and you’ll be ready to go.

For folks who want to stay mobile, there’s a Like4like smartphone app available on Google Store.

There’s no payment gateway since the tool is free. However, there are some paid services that they offer, and I’ll mention them in a moment.

Like4like Features

Right from the start, there isn’t much to say about Like4like’s features. They offer only one service for only one social media platform. Like I said earlier, they’ve taken the old tactic of exchanging likes with other users and automated it. 

Let’s break their services into several sections to give you a clearer picture of what they do.

How to grow your profile with Like4like?

Here’s what Like4like can do to help you boost your Instagram account.

Automated Likes

Once you start using Like4like, the tool will automatically like other profiles and send the same amount of likes back to you. This is a textbook strategy for boosting one’s engagement, and it dates back to the beginnings of Instagram.

The important thing is that it works. The likes you receive will be picked up by IG. Your posts will have a higher ranking, which will (hopefully) lead to more followers.

You can turn off the automatic liking, but you won’t be able to send or receive likes without it.

No targeting 

Another feature of the service is the complete lack of targeting. You don’t get to choose whose posts you like. Also, you can’t pick which of your posts will receive the likes back. 

The company says that they identify profiles from your niche and interact with them. It is uncertain whether this is true. 

Even though this is far from ideal, it can still benefit you a bit. Likes are likes, no matter where on your profile they land. Besides, the service is completely free, so you can’t ask more from it.

Buying Likes

Purchasing likes is a less known feature of Like4like. But, yes, they offer this service too.

It comes into play when you switch off the auto-like mode. One would think that the company would allow you to like manually, but it doesn’t work that way. Your only other option would be to buy likes directly from them.

Why would you buy likes when you can get them for free? Good question. I’ll give you an in-depth answer in the upcoming section.

Customer Service

The company offers support via a “Contact Us” form on their website. The working hours of the service are not stated, and I assume that they’re not there around the clock. If you’re in need of a quick answer, perhaps the “Support” page can help you.

Like4like Pricing

Like4like is promoted as being a 100% free service. This is true. But, take a look at this excerpt from their website: “Like4like is free to use as long as you want.” 

Sounds a bit shady, doesn’t it? 

It sure does, but it is nothing to worry about. The company doesn’t have any hidden expenses. The sentence above expresses that they have paid services as well. 

As I already said, if you turn off the automatic liking mode, you won’t give nor receive any likes. You’ll be left with the option of purchasing them. Believe it or not, buying likes instead of getting them for free has an advantage. 

Your profile won’t go around randomly liking other people’s photos, as it does in auto mode. Instead, you will just receive the likes you paid for straight to your profile. It is still unclear to me whether you can direct these likes into a specific post or not. 

I couldn’t get our hands on any pricing lists, which is a shame. The only thing I found out that you can make payments via Paypal and credit card. 

Is Like4like Legit?

Yes, the company seems to be legitimate. Their phone app has a high ranking on Google Play and 50.000+ installs. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know whether the likes come from real people or bots.

Is Like4like Safe?

According to ScamAdviser, the website has a positive trust score. It receives a lot of traffic and has an SSL certificate. Also, the website is https secure, so you can rest assured that your activities on it are safe. 

You have to give Like4like your password, and this may be a concern. I cannot claim if the concern is justified or not. Tools like this one normally have limited access to your account, so your personal data should not be compromised. 

On the other hand, they’ve got your login information. God forbid that something goes wrong and that this information gets into the wrong hands.

Like4like Pros & Cons

Provides you with some free likesProbably fake likes
Requires your Instagram password
No 24/7 customer service
The likes might get removed
Pricing visible only to registered users
No targeting options

Like4like Review: Final Verdict

Is Like4like going to bring you heaps of likes?

My best answer is: maybe. It will get you a certain number of free Instagram likes, but it probably won’t be that many. Like4like is definitely not the be-all-end-all tool for this purpose. 

Given that it costs nothing, some people are completely fine with this. However, focusing on likes alone will not boost your profile significantly . You’re neglecting the comments and views, both of which are vital.

There are other, more well-rounded tools for Instagram growth, and I listed out a few in the table above. Some of them may be a better fit for you than Like4like.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

Are your eyebrows are still raised after reading about the mechanics of Like4like? Well, rightfully so. Using Like4like might get you a decent amount of likes, but they’re hardly hitting the bullseye on attracting your target audience.

While you might be able to use it to boost your engagement, it’s probably gonna fizzle out in the long run.

Therefore, we recommend organically growing your account using the tools below. These tools are tried and tested by us, so feel free to take your pick!

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