Flock Social Review – Do They Provide Fake Followers? Learn The Secret Now

flock social review

As social media continues to be a pivotal tool for expanding influence, individuals are increasingly turning to various tools to optimize their reach – which if after all, the goal, right?

This review delves into Flock Social, a widely discussed platform for social media growth. At least once in your scroll, you had to bump across this platform and check it out.

Throughout this assessment, I will provide a thorough examination of their business models, online packages, overall outcomes, and customer reviews. 

By the conclusion of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect related to Flock Social.

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What Is Flock Social?

Flock Social is a social media analytics tool that helps companies and agencies improve and track organic Instagram growth.

Inactive user accounts are automatically unfollowed by the platform because of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Numerous social media tools aim to enhance your online presence, utilizing methods ranging from automated bot functions to employing a dedicated manager for your growth.

These widely-used bot services act as virtual assistants, simplifying the challenges associated with outreach and social media expansion.

Consequently, discovering a trustworthy social media growth platform that prioritizes genuine, organic growth by enlisting real individuals has become a rare find. 

Fortunately, some such platforms do exist, and today’s focus is on one of them – Flock Social.

How Does Flock Social work?

When I visited the official Flock Social website for the first time, I was genuinely surprised by how easy it is to use and get through their main page.

Although it contains various important bits of information – the number one priority before you try to collaborate with them is to learn how to connect their services with your desired Instagram profile.

There are three essential steps for kicking off your journey with Flock Social.

Step 1:

Sign up for Flock Social effortlessly. 

Upon registration, you’ll gain entry to your digital dashboard. Once there, simply establish a secure connection and log in to your Instagram profile to commence your growth journey!

Step 2:

Define your target audience.

Prior to initiating the account growth process, it’s essential to specify the type of Instagram followers growth you’re aiming for. Customize your Targeting by including Instagram accounts of influencers within your niche, competitors, or accounts that share similarities with yours. 

Additionally, you have the option to incorporate hashtags and configure filters for further optimization.

Step 3:

Capture and entice your audience.

Flock Social facilitates the expansion of your account by autonomously interacting with authentic Instagram accounts aligned with your Target Audience. 

Following a brief initiation phase (lasting up to 3 days), the system will commence actions such as following and subsequently unfollowing specific accounts, encouraging them to engage with your profile. 

This approach leads to a significant boost in reach, comments, likes, and, naturally, an increase in followers!

What Are The Features?

Here are the two primary features behind Flock Social’s name:

Real Followers

These are not your usual virtual entities; they’re real individuals with a genuine interest in your content.

No automated bots, no deception – only an active community of engaged users, turning your Instagram experience into a vibrant celebration of connection.

Imagine it as a unique dance – you, the content creator, directing the steps, and your followers, the animated dance partners, swirling into your realm.

It’s beyond just a numerical count of followers; it’s a festivity of genuineness.

Organic Growth

The essence lies in genuine, organic growth!

Envision organic growth as the secret ingredient to your Instagram gathering.

No quick fixes, no enchanting illusions – just the craft of creating content that irresistibly attracts authentic interest. It’s akin to sowing seeds of authenticity and witnessing your online presence flourish under the warm glow of real connections.

What Is Company Name Pricing?

In most cases, social media growth platforms deemed unfaithful will try to hide their business plans and pricing packages, revealing them only during the last few steps before the transaction is completed.

With Flock Social, no faulty agreements and secrets are lurking behind – two plans are presented, and depending on your wishes, you may choose between the beginners and advanced packages.

Personal Instagram profiles will usually lean toward the beginner’s package, as they don’t necessarily wish to engage with countless people but just slightly boost their social media presence every month.

However, the advanced packages should be used by larger profiles eager to contend with other Instagram profiles with a large audience behind them, if you ask me. But everybody’s free to use a plan they see fit for their needs since that’s what’s most important at the end of the day. You can also check Kenji Instagram review for the pricing comparison. 

Flock Social has three main packages: “Instagram Explorer”, “Instagram Adventurer”, and “Instagram Conqueror”.

Pros and Cons of Flock Social

Advantages of Flock Social

Real Engagements

Since the site gives you real and organic followers the engagement you gain from them is real as well. 

Flock Social makes sure that your new followers will be interested in your daily updates and new posts. This way, more followers will be interested in your account and reach out to you as well.

Targeted Followers

Flock Social makes sure that you gain targeted followers. 

This is a chance to attract people who share the same interests as you. Flock Social works hard to find people interested in your stories, posts, or thoughts. Moreover, you can even manage the followers you want to attract by their gender, place, or hashtags.

Instant Delivery

Flock Social is a legit company. 

They will start working on your feed as soon as you purchase a package. Flock Social makes sure that the followers you bought will be delivered as soon as possible. Moreover, organic follower growth means that other accounts won’t notice that you are buying the followers. 

Excellent Customer Support

One thing I know for sure is that Flock Social has excellent customer support. 

As I discovered, no matter what problem you have, once you contact the customer support they will reach out to you immediately. Flock Social guarantees your safety and will answer your questions.

Disadvantages of Flock Social

A Bit Pricey

Some reviews showed us that the customers are not comfortable with the Flock Social prices. However, the work that Flock Social guarantees their customers is worth it. 

In my opinion, receiving organic growth, safety, and boosting your Instagram account around these prices is not too much. The uncomfortable customers could try other Instagram boosting platforms and they will see that Flock Social is the best one so far.

True conversationsThe monthly plans are slightly pricey.
Real engagements
Targeted followers
Instant delivery
Excellent customer support

Flock Social vs. Media Mister

There are many social media boosting sites these days. We are worried that some of the customers could be lied to or robbed of these sites. It is important to know what you are purchasing. This way, we want to compare a reliable site-Flock Social to other similar sites.

Service Offerings and Features 

Flock Social

Flock Social is a company that helps Instagram grow in a natural way. Flock Social always uses organic growth and followers you buy from them are 100% real. They use targeted marketing tactics to try to get real, interested followers.

Media Mister: 

Media Mister offers many social media marketing services, such as getting friends, likes, views, and more on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites.

Follower Quality

Flock Social: 

Flock Social attracts 100% real and active followers who are genuinely interested in your content. 

Followers gained through Flock Social are more likely to lead to meaningful interactions and contribute to a stronger social media presence. Your new followers will be interested in your updates and like or comment on your posts. 

Media Mister: 

Media Mister does what it says it will do and offers high-quality goods from real accounts. However, it is questionable if 100% of their followers are real or if they are bots.

Compatibility With Instagram Rules

Flock Social: 

Flock Social employs legal marketing techniques that correspond with the policies of social media platforms. This way, you will never have to worry about being banned or restricted from Instagram. Flock Social makes sure that your account is safe and under control.

Media Mister: 

Using services like Media Mister may go against the terms of service of social media platforms, depending on the techniques employed. You will have a higher chance of getting banned with Media Mister than Flock Social.

Long-Term Benefits

Flock Social: 

Compared to services that offer immediate interaction, it could take more time to observe noticeable growth. However, followers and likes bought from Flock Social will last permanently.

Media Mister: 

As we’ve seen from the reviews, followers, and likes purchased from Media Mister may be gone after a while. The customers were very irritated because after spending a lot of money their purchase was lost.

Final Conclusion for Flock Social

As I was digging around for answers regarding Flock Social, I found that it’s a successful company that takes care of your beloved Instagram profiles with tenderness.

At the end of the day, it’s better to hear from one more person what they thought of a product or a service since that’s what bases the general sentiment towards it on the market.

Is Flock Social Legit?

Both people from Trustpilot and my personal experience will lead you toward the same conclusion – Flock Social is a legit social media growth platform..

Can You Get Banned From Using Flock Social?

No, you won’t get banned by using Flock Social. 

We guarantee you that the platform is legit, safe, and trustworthy. Even the reviews showed that nobody’s been banned for using Flock Social.

Is Flock Social Worth the Money Paid?

In my opinion, Flock Social is worth every penny you pay. 

The service they offer is different from others. Flock Social guarantees your safety and will deliver your followers as soon as possible. Moreover, the organic growth is not so cheap and Flock Social offers the perfect prices for them.

Can Flock Social Give You the Results Promised?

Yes, Flock Social will give you the results they promised. 

You can look at the reviews or my research again and be sure that Flock Social is legitimate. The customers have received their followers in time and they are very satisfied.

Final Verdict: Does Platypus Recommend Flock Social?

Yes, Platypus 100% recommends Flock Social

This platform will give you everything it promises. With Flock Social, you have a chance to boost your Instagram account and gain popularity among others.

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