Flock Social Review – Do They Provide Fake Followers? Learn The Secret Now

flock social review

Social media has become a valuable asset for spreading influence, and people started using tools to maximize that.

Today, we’re looking at one of the most talked about social media growth platforms named Flock Social.

In today’s Flock Social review, I’ll go into full detail about their business models, online packages, overall results, and reviews.

Once we reach the end line of today’s article, you’ll learn every single bit of information regarding Flock Social.
Are they legit? Let’s find out!

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What Is Flock Social?

These days, social media tools will offer you a service of boosting your social media presence with various means, from bots with automated functions to hiring a private manager to handle your growth.

These popular bot services are meant to function as your personal assistants and take the pain out of dealing with outreach and growing on social media.

The immediate question always remains – are these Instagram bots safe or not?

If you ask me – the answer should be obvious by now.

These tools aren’t all you need to boost your engagement and have a pleasant experience with Instagram, for example. Not to mention the overall risks that come to fruition ever so frequently when using these tools.

Instagram officials have suspended or, in most cases, deactivated accounts that have been altered with Instagram bots.
Therefore, finding a reliable social media growth platform that offers primarily organic social media growth through hiring real people is a rare jackpot nowadays. Luckily, some of them do exist – one of them being our main topic today, Flock Social.

How to Set Up Flock Social?

When I visited the official Flock Social website for the first time, I was genuinely surprised by how easy it is to use and get through their main page.

Although it contains various important bits of information – the number one priority before you try to collaborate with them is to learn how to connect their services with your desired Instagram profile.

As in most cases, you should first visit their website and start from there. Here’s a shortcut: flocksocial.com.

I strongly recommend that you click on the previous link when trying to access their site, as there are some websites and blogs that won’t guide you directly to tier main page. As a result, you might get lost midway, and that’s the type of nuisance that all of us should avoid.

Once you access their main website, you’ll need to sign up with your Flock Social account – if you don’t own one, then you’ll replace the previous step with creating your new Flock Social account (a few quick questions will be present, setting you back no more than a minute or two!).

After you successfully create your new Flock Social account – you’ll need to search and find profiles similar to yours on your desired Instagram profile.

One of the key perks of Flock Social is that they give you the additional feature where you can further optimize the growth of your social media presence by making a list of other influencers that are similar to you, competitors, and their similar brands.

Shortly after, you’ll passively engage with followers without even noticing, as everything will be done behind the scenes – you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your Instagram profile rise in popularity.

Another key element that can be rarely seen apart from Flock Social is that their services not only last but convert your social media presence into the positive realm permanently. There are no yo-yo effects, once you partner with them – the sky becomes the limit.

Flock Social Features

As I continued to scroll down their main website, I was eagerly searching for a list of their main features as I strongly believed that their price-to-value ratio wouldn’t disappoint (more on their pricing later).

Luckily, Social Flock continues to bring in the good news, especially when it comes to:

Targeting Options

Most social media growth platforms don’t have a lot to offer in this department, as they mainly function by providing you with Instagram bot services. 

However, when you have a genuine business model that strives to elevate your social media rankings, their services usually consist of the following:

  • Hashtag targeting
  • Influencer and Competitor targeting
  • Location targeting

This is only a glimpse of their primary mechanisms – the entire list marches forward extensively.

Personal Account Manager

As I already mentioned, Flock Social offers a wide range of professional Instagram account managers that will observe and supervise your social media growth from day one.

Ensuring the safety of your precious Instagram account, as well as maintaining a meaningful Instagram growth procedure – your personal account manager will stay by your side at all times.

Priority Support and Consulting

It’s a good feeling knowing that you have someone to take care of your problem when and if you have one – a personal account manager will reach out to you shortly after you appoint a meeting through messages or, eventually, a voice call.

I didn’t joke when I said that they stay by your side – every step of the way!

Flock Social Pricing

In most cases, social media growth platforms deemed unfaithful will try to hide their business plans and pricing packages, revealing them only during the last few steps before the transaction is completed.

With Flock Social, no faulty agreements and secrets are lurking behind – two plans are presented, and depending on your wishes, you may choose between the beginners and advanced packages.

Personal Instagram profiles will usually lean toward the beginner’s package, as they don’t necessarily wish to engage with countless people but just slightly boost their social media presence every month.

However, the advanced packages should be used by larger profiles eager to contend with other Instagram profiles with a large audience behind them, if you ask me. But everybody’s free to use a plan they see fit for their needs since that’s what’s most important at the end of the day.

Is Flock Social Legit?

Trustpilot is a reputable source of user feedback. Currently, you can find a total of 116 reviews on Flock Social. Although we are primarily focusing on the Flock Social reviews – you can check other reviews for similar online companies that delve into social media growth.

Both people from Trustpilot and my personal experience will lead you toward the same conclusion – Flock Social is a legit social media growth platform.


True conversationsThe monthly plans are slightly pricey.
Real engagements
Targeted followers
Instant delivery
Excellent customer support

Flock Social Review – To Sum Things Up

What’s there else to say?

Average social media growth platforms can’t compete with the overall services and trustworthiness that surround Flock Social. Still, I was eager to give you my take on Flock Social review, just to be safe.

At the end of the day, it’s better to hear from one more person what they thought of a product or a service since that’s what bases the general sentiment towards it on the market.

As I was digging around for answers regarding Flock Social, I found that it’s a successful company that takes care of your beloved Instagram profiles with tenderness.

Stay tuned for more reviews on social media growth platforms!

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