Upleap Reviews: Is it Successful? Learn Here

Hi there, fellow Instagrammers!

I’m back with testing Instagram tools that should scale your growth. Whether you want to expand your contact network, increase conversions, or promote your brand, Instagram marketing services (those that work) are the secret to success.

Today, I’ll present to you what I learned about one such service – Upleap. Before my research, I went over other Upleap reviews, and there was some information missing. 

So, I checked out every bit of it and decided to report back to you. Is it safe and reliable to use? Did it grow my Instagram?

Without further ado, we can begin!

What is Upleap?

Screenshot taken from Upleap's website

Upleap is an Instagram growth service that helps you develop a strategy for boosting your social traffic. It also helps you put it in practice by performing social media (in this case, Instagram) activities.

Its main goal is bringing real, organic followers to your profile. Why is it essential that followers are “organic” and “real”?

The reason is that Instagram Terms and Conditions are strictly against the use of bots and other unreliable practices, such as buying followers.

So, Upleap promises to engage you with the real ones who are interested in your content.

Does it succeed in doing so? I’m happy to report that it does! 

I always approach Instagram growth services cautiously and perform an in-depth assessment. Sometimes, I’m disappointed; sometimes, I’m pleased.

And let’s see why the latter was the case here.

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How Does Upleap Work?

Upleap basically translates data from your input into action.

How does it do that?

After you enter your filters, hashtags, etc., it uncovers profiles that match your sphere of interest. By improving your targeting and performing some actions, such as watching your target audience’s stories, it brings about many engagement opportunities.

This engagement doesn’t happen by accident – every Instagrammer knows this – so you can have Upleap do it instead of you.

After some time, you’ll see that you’re gaining more and more followers that are interested precisely in your niche.

How to Use Upleap?

Upleap is fairly easy to install and use.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Join Upleap. It’s simple to create an Upleap account; all they ask for is your name, email address, and password.
  2. Connect your Instagram account. Again, it takes no more than a couple of seconds. They state that the whole process is secure and that your Instagram credentials will be used just to sign in on Upleap.
  3. Describe your Instagram account. You should tell them the primary aim of your Instagram, who your target audience is, and things like that.
  4. Enter additional data. They will ask you to provide relevant hashtags and list the target audience, etc.
  5. You’re all set. They will assign you an account manager who will work with the data and help you achieve the goal. You’ll also be taken to a nice dashboard where you can see all the statistics (followers, milestones, and so on).

Features of Upleap

After covering the basics, let’s see what are the main features of Upleap and to what extent they turned out to be useful.

Finding the Target Audience

Frankly, finding the target audience – and engaging with them – is the most important feature of any Instagram growth tool.

Those that fail to do so, or claim that they are but aren’t, are a complete scam, and you should avoid them.

Upleap did manage to connect me with the right people, which means they used the data efficiently, just as they promised.


You should enter at least four hashtags (the more, the better) that are connected with your niche and your posts. Something you use to describe your posts will work.

That’s a simple but effective method to find the accounts that really belong to your scope of interest.

Account List

To ensure that they are connecting you with the right people, Upleap will ask you to list a couple of accounts that you like. 

A pro tip: Even listing competition is good because you want their followers to follow you. It’s likely that they will, considering that something you’re working on is in their area of interest!

Account Manager

After you sign up for Upleap, you will get your personal account manager. Your account manager, and not bots like with other tools, will perform actions instead of you. This feature is one of those that won me over. 

Not only is there a human factor, but it’s personalized – s/he is there to make your account better.

Instagram Activity

So, which activities will your Upleap account manager do to help you grow your Instagram and bring you new followers?

First of all, s/he will like some posts on your behalf, making sure that they are legit and relevant. Secondly, your manager will view Instagram stories for you, which is something you don’t get with many tools.

These activities work very efficiently.

Ultimately, they will get you to an engagement pod that creates a strong network of related users and a significant boost in their profiles.

With these activities, your content will inevitably get discovered more often. You just need to make sure to keep posting! Upleap will do the rest.

Getting Followers

Upleap will get you followers, and I can confirm that from my personal experience. 

More importantly, they will connect you only with real Instagram users.

The main problem with some other services was that they interact with fake and bot Instagram accounts. This may result in growth, but Instagram is against such practices, and your account will eventually get banned.

That’s why I give Upleap thumbs up for finding authentic organic followers that will stay with you in the long run.

Some users have mixed results, but my guess is that that slow growth is a result of the popularity of the topic and trends and that it’s only temporary.


All the features I’ve mentioned above are available from the dashboard. You’ll be taken to your Upleap dashboard after you sign up and enter the data about the target audience.

From there, you can track your progress, edit the settings, and so on. You also learn the identity of your account manager there.

If there’s any important info, messages, or notifications, your account manager will let you know, and it will be displayed in the “Notifications” tab.

I liked the dashboard because it contains a lot of valuable info and it’s intuitive to navigate.

Upleap Pricing

Upleap offers three tariff packages. Here they are:

Upleap Reviews - Monthly Pricing

The set of Upleap features you can use depends on which plan you get. Let’s see what they are all about.

Is your main goal to grow your personal account, but you’re not an influencer yet? Then their Lite package is for you. You won’t get all the features (for example, story viewing, and keyword filtering), but it’s enough for the beginners. This plan is $39 a month.

If you are determined to boost your account steadily, the Standard Upleap plan, billed $69 per month, is a good choice. It offers faster organic growth, and your account manager will also view others’ Instagram stories.

The Premium plan ($99 a month) unlocks all the features for maximum potential – including target locations, keyword filters, and premium support for any questions you may have (yeah, in addition to your account manager).

If you opt for yearly pricing plans, they are cheaper:

  • Lite is $29 a month
  • Standard is $49 a month
  • Premium is $59 a month.

The good thing is that Upleap offers a 3-day free trial for any plan so that you can check out whether it suits your needs before you buy it.

Is Upleap Legit?

Yes, Upleap is legit.

Their management is transparent and easy-to-reach. Once you sign up, you get in touch with your account manager, and their service works. No issues there.

Is Upleap Safe?

After a gauntlet of tests, my final answer is that Upleap is safe.

Here is what I checked:

As they bring genuine followers, there’s no risk of getting banned by Instagram. My belief was confirmed by further research. According to TrustPilot, they have grown many Instagram accounts without any restrictions.

Moreover, their website is a secure https one, and you don’t even have to add payment methods to try out the free trials. In case you decide to purchase one of the plans afterward, the payment processing is safe and encrypted.


Sleek dashboardMonthly Premium package is a bit pricey
Efficient engagement
You have a personal account manager
Completely safe
Brings organic followers

Upleap Reviews 2020: Final Verdict

Growing your Instagram is easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are tools like Upleap that effectively analyze your data, audience, and successfully maximize your engagement.

All in all, Upleap offers a lot of marketing potential, and I can recommend it to everyone reading this.

After this guide, you are ready to use Upleap to boom your Instagram account.

Are there better options than Upleap? Maybe, depending on your primary aim. You can check out a list of alternatives that performed equally well in the table above.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

Growing your Instagram account organically using tools like Upleap ensures that you get relevant and real followers. There’s no fear that you’ll get your account banned or blocked.

If you’re still looking for other options, check out the table below! We’ve tried all of them and ranked them for your convenience.

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