Upleap Review: Is It Successful? Learn Here

As you know, the world of social media is pretty cutthroat. If you want to have any success, you need perseverance, patience, and a lot of time. However, not everyone has the time to grow their Instagram presence. Thankfully, there are plenty of growth services that can do that for you. 

User-friendly interfaceMixed reviews on Sitejabber
Offers a 10-day free trialMaybe too pricey
Responsive customer support
Management team available 24/7
Offers an affiliate and agency plan
Legitimate company
Personalized features

What Is Upleap

Upleap has been around for quite a while. They’ve been in the business of selling Instagram followers. However, they’ve abandoned that practice for something much more worthwhile – organic growth.

Organic growth is the best way possible to gain followers. If you’re a brand, you want real followers so you can convert them into loyal customers. And if you’re an up-and-coming influencer, you need real followers in order to get meaningful engagement. 

How Does Upleap Work

Upleap has a very simple and easy service. Upleap automatically interacts with targeted Instagram users on your behalf. Grows your likes, followers, comments, and social exposure.

So, how to get started? 

Register for the service

First thing first, you need to register for the service. That’s pretty simple. All you have to do is click on the SIGNUP or the START YOUR 10-DAY FREE TRIAL button. Both take you to the same page.

Enter your email and password

Next, you’ll have to enter your email and password. After that, you’ll have to enter your IG handle. Upleap doesn’t need your personal information or any kind of Instagram password. You just have to enter your email address and think about a new password. Don’t worry if you mess this step up. You can always change it later in the settings menu.

Choose a plan

Next, you’ll have to choose a plan. Upleap currently offers just the standard plan, with a premium plan coming soon. The coolest thing about it is that you’ll get a massive discount if you remain subscribed until they release the premium plan.

Set up the targeting

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be assigned your personal Instagram guru who’ll start working on growing your account. But, you first need to set up the targeting. Setting up your target audience is pretty simple. All you have to do is enter the accounts and/or hashtags relevant to your niche. You need to add at least 10 targets so the account manager knows what type of audience will work best for you. As far as I’m aware there’s no upper limit to how many targets you can have so go wild. Add as many accounts and hashtags as you want.

Whitelist and blacklist

Next, you have your whitelist and blacklist. This is a pretty straightforward feature:

The whitelist is a list of accounts that will never be unfollowed. The blacklist is completely opposite to that. It’s a list of accounts that will never be followed.

You can fill out these lists when you set up your targeting, but there’s no need to hurry.

You can slowly fill them out as your IG account grows and you get a feel for what type of engagement works best for you.

Upleap’s 2023 Features:

Upleap is one of the best Instagram grow services you can use. It has a lot of different features and benefits. We are here to discuss all of them. Now, let’s get started:

Audience Targeting

First off, Upleap is trying to make sure that its customers are getting a customized inflow of Instagram followers. Their aim is to release an “Enhanced Audience Targeting” feature that will allow for steady and increased growth for your Instagram account. This way, Upleap will make sure that your account will grow naturally and organically. 

Are company name followers real accounts or bots?

Since the company works organically, there is no doubt that the engagement you grow from them is real. Upleap doesn’t use any Instagram bots or fake accounts in order to gain more followers. Moreover, the engagement you gain from Upleap will last forever. 

Like After Followback

After you’ve gained followers, it would be polite to say “Thank you” in a way. Well, Upleap’s next feature is adding an automatic like for a few posts that aim to increase engagement and the retention rate of your followers.

Instagram Growth Planning & Personal Account Managers

Next up, Upleap will be assigning personal account managers instead of users. The sole aim is to contribute to a more steady and organic growth strategy for your Instagram account. These managers are supposed to help with relevant content, hashtag research, etc.

What is Upleap pricing?

It is essential to discuss the prices of the company you are planning to use. In order to make a wise decision, it is important to know the prices. As for the packages, you can choose between Standard, Pro, and Premium.

How much do Upleap packages cost? 

If you want to purchase a package, Standard, you must pay 69$ a month. This service includes 400+ Instagram followers, real and organic growth, suggested targets by industry, and other amazing suggestions. 

The package Pro costs 119$ a month. It suggests 1000+ followers, target by account, target by hashtags, story liker, and viewer, filter by gender or location, and many other skills. This package will make sure that your account will be boosted as soon as possible.

The most expensive package is a package Premium, which costs 239$ a month. With the Premium, you will receive 2500+ followers, target by account, target by hashtags, story liker, and viewer, filter by gender or location, and many, many other skills.

A screenshot showing Upleap’s monthly payment plans.

And here are the plans for one year:

A screenshot showing Upleap’s yearly payment plan.

Does Upleap offer a free trial? 

Yes, Upleap offers a 10-day free trial. Giving your potential customers a chance to get to know your service free of charge is an excellent way to showcase your quality. Upleap is in the game. On your part, you’ll just need to sign up (name and email address) – no sus information that’ll hurt your wallet.

Flock Social4.8Check Price
Upleap.com4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
SocialFollow4.2Check Price
KENJI.AI4Check Price
Stim Social3.9Check Price

Pros and Cons of Upleap

Advantages of Upleap

User-friendly interface

Upleap makes sure that all of its job is done perfectly. They make sure that none of its customers complain or feel irritated. With Upleap’s service, the customers don’t have to worry about the money or their Instagram account.  

Offers a 10-day free trial

Here’s one awesome thing when it comes to growth services. Mind you, not all of them offer this. A free trial is a great opportunity for future customers to fully understand how the company works. They will know what they will be paying money for. 

Responsive customer support

As I’ve seen from the reviews, Upleap has a great customer support service. Once you contact the company about an issue, they will immediately try and solve it. Moreover, the customer support is always available for the customers in need. This way, Upleap cares for its customers and makes sure they are comfortable.

Legitimate company

Upleap is a legitimate company. They never use any kind of bots or fake accounts. Moreover, the reviews I’ve seen showed me that the company is oriented on their customers and not only money. This type of legitimate work is what customers are looking for.

Disadvantages of Upleap

May be too pricey

Everybody has noticed that the prices Upleap offers may not be affordable for anyone. However, this issue is a bit more complicated in my opinion. The work that Upleap offers its customers is legit, real, and organic. This type of work is very rare in the industry in which Upleap works. this way, paying a bit more money for the greatest results may not be the worst idea. You can also read Like4like review to see different price ranges for services.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Upleap

I’ve discovered many reviews about Upleap. Some of them were legit, and some of them were not. I decided to show you some of the reviews from Quora and Sitejabber.

Reviews from Unsatisfied customers

Review from Unsatisfied customer 1

“Be careful signing up for the free trial. They make canceling tricky. They do absolutely nothing. Just follow hundreds of random followers. You then have to waste time unfollowing. I get absolute zero activity from them. Now I have to fight the charges. Worst customer service ever!”

upleap one star review

Review from Unsatisfied customer 2

“All you get is empty profiles with no posts and no interaction. And this was even their “premium quality” package, what an absolute joke”

upleap one star review

Customer Reviews from satisfied customers

Review from satisfied customer 1

Upleap matches you with a dedicated account manager who engages with posts for you. They take the time to view Instagram stories of people you don’t follow to help you get noticed. … You provide up to 10 Instagram accounts that are similar to yours to help Upleap Target followers who are interested in similar content.”

upleap positive review

Review from satisfied customer 2

“I first used their free trials first before actually paying for it to know if it was a legit website. And it’s actually safe to say that I got more followers by the three days. And these aren’t the fake pages on instagram but legitimate users on instagram. I paid and got it now too. Have much better engagement now too”

upleap positive review

Review from satisfied customer 3

“I’m super satisfied with the services at Upleap. I wanted help to boost my newly set business and needed more followers to boost my social media accounts. These guys actually improved my social media following by real people! Not fake accounts but actual accounts which blew my mind!”

upleap positive review

Upleap vs Path Social

There are a lot of companies that work in the same industry as Upleap. It is important to make a wise decision with these companies. Some of them can rob you, and some of them can gain you a lot of engagement. In order to prove my point, I’ve decided to compare some of the companies with each other. 

Service Offerings and Features 

Upleap: Upleap is a service that helps people get more followers on social media, especially on Instagram. They say that they can help you get more Instagram friends and interact with more people.

Path Social: Path Social says that it helps Instagram grow in a normal way. They use targeted marketing to try to get real fans who are interested. But the reviews showed that most of the accounts that follow them are fake.

Follower Quality

Upleap: The company attracts real and active Instagram users. They use organic growth which is the best for boosting your Instagram accounts. This way, the engagement you gain will be safe and long-term.

Path Social: The company says that its followers are real people who want to be involved in your activity. But most of the engagement, as the customers said, was fake and not real. 

Compatible with Instagram Rules

Upleap: Since the company is based on organic growth, it has nothing against the Instagram rules. You can confidently use the site in order to gain more engagement on your Instagram account. With Upleap, your account will be safe and boosted.

Path Social: The website gives you a lot of reasons to get banned from Instagram. Instagram doesn’t like bots and fake accounts. Because of this, the customers who use Path Social are taking a lot of risks.

Long-Term Benefits

Upleap: The site attracts real and organic followers who will stay with you forever. The followers you gain through the site are truly interested in your activity and will last longer.

Path Social: I’ve heard bad things about Path Social reviews. Most of the customers were upset that they lost the followers they had paid for. The main reason for this is that Instagram will get rid of fake accounts and bots.

Final conclusion for Upleap

Upleap is a great site for customers who are planning to boost their Instagram accounts. It is legit, safe, helpful, and productive. Moreover, The customer support staff is pretty transparent too, and will do everything in their power to prove to you that your account and personal information is safe. After all, if your data gets leaked Upleap has more to lose than you do. 

Is Upleap legit?

There is no reason to doubt it – Upleap is legit. The company provides information about how it works, what it does, and what its rules are. You can see everything clearly, so you know what you’re getting into.

Can you get banned from using Upleap? 

No, you won’t get banned from using Upleap. After a gauntlet of tests, my final answer is that Upleap is safe. Moreover, their website is a secure HTTPS one. In case you decide to purchase one of the plans afterward, the payment processing is safe and encrypted.

Is Upleap worth the money paid? 

I know that some of the customers may think that Upleap is a bit expensive. But, trust me, the job they offer is 100% worth the money you pay. Not many companies will offer Instagram organic growth with the customer support team as Upleap has. 

Can Upleap give you the results promised? 

If we reread the reviews again it is obvious that Upleap will give you the results promised. Most of their followers are from real people, the followers appear organically and on time, and customers are very happy with the results. 

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Upleap?

Yes, Platypus 100% recommends Upleap. With the offering as theirs, you will be pleased to use the site again and again. They will boost your Instagram account and make your dreams come true. 

Affordable monthly planThey can only grow your Instagram account
You get real followers
No bots involved
Legitimate company
Safe to use from all aspects