Media Mister Review: The Uncensored Truth

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Media Mister is a social media marketing platform that offers a  wide range of growth services for all your favorite social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Media Mister is one of the pioneers in the industry. They’ve been around since 2012, only a year after Instagram was created.

There are countless Instagram growth services; naturally, some are better than others. Most of them should be avoided entirely, but a few are worth your attention. We will tell you every detail about Media Mister to help you make the right decision.

Now, Let’s begin!

The best one I have checked out is Upleap. They are the top if you are looking to buy followers. Here’s my detailed review.

What is Media Mister?

Media Mister is a company that sells likes, followers, plays, views, and more. The process is very straightforward – you choose your purchase, make a registration, pay for it, and it will be delivered. 

Media Mister is one of the most inclusive firms. 

Their service encompasses support for 22 social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Periscope, Mixcloud, Vimeo, Tumblr, Spotify, VK, Telegram, DailyMotion, Shazam, TikTok, Quora, Twitch, Google My Business, Keek, and Snapchat.

With this comprehensive range, Media Mister’s goal is to provide social media enhancement services no matter the platform or your field of interest.

How Does Media Mister Work?

Media Mister promises to grow your accounts organically, with real users, likes, and views. 

You can buy followers on Instagram from Media Mister. You can choose between “normal,” “Instagram ads,” and “country targeted,” and you can buy anywhere from 50 to 50,000 followers. 

They say that real people are behind those accounts, so you don’t get bots but real users. However, the realness of their followers is something to discuss.

You can buy Instagram followers, comments, views, shares, replies, and almost everything you need. You can also check Mr.Insta review if you want to buy Instagram followers.

So, how does Media Mister work?

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Choose a Platform You Want To Boost

As we said before, Media Mister offers many packages for many social media accounts. If you want to buy followers or likes for Instagram, you just need to click the button called “Instagram” and  “Buy Instagram followers.” 

The same goes for other social media accounts as well; you just have to type the button.

Choose Your Target Audience

In order to purchase followers, likes or everything you need, you just have to fill out the form. Media Mister offers you two types of followers: standard and NFT. Regular followers are cheaper, and NFT is way more expensive. 

Afterward, you can decide your target country (you can select worldwide) and the number of your followers. You can purchase from 50 to 100 0000 followers. However, the more followers you buy, the more you have to wait.

Enter your Instagram link

Media Mister doesn’t require your password or email. You can simply type in your Instagram link, and it will do the job. Take note that after placing the order, Media Mister asks you not to change your Instagram username for a while.

Proceed the payment

You can purchase from 50 to 100 0000 followers from Media Mister. The more followers you buy, the more you have to wait till they are delivered. In order to make a payment, you just have to click the button “buy now.”

Media Mister requires your email address, name, surname, and phone number. This is little bit catchy. For the payment, you must fill in your card details, and you will be done. The fact that the Media Mister requires so much information about you is risky.

What are Media Mister Features?

Media Mister covers dozens of social media platforms. 

Because of this, they have plenty of features. Their features include Instagram followers, saves, profile visits, shares, likes, mentions, post reach, views, comment replies, story poll votes, impressions, comments, and DMs.

Buying Instagram followers, likes, shares and etc.

The most important feature of Media Mister is offering you the ability to buy followers, likes, shares, and everything you will need to boost your social media accounts. Probably the biggest selling point over at Media Mister is the sheer range of services on offer.

Are Media Mister followers real accounts or bots?

Media Mister only lets real accounts interact with your feed; they don’t use bots. 

If you buy followers from them, you can be sure that the followers you get during the delivery time are just as real as the followers you get naturally. It doesn’t take care of their social interactions for them.

Other Platforms

Instagram and Facebook are the most eminent social media, but YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok are not far behind. Media Mister offers to boost your performance by selling likes, video views, Spotify plays, and even reviews for Google My Business. 

If you use any of these social sites, I encourage you to check out how Media Mister can help you, especially since it’s one of the rare companies that cover them.

What Is Media Mister Pricing?

Alt: A screenshot from the homepage.

Media Mister doesn’t offer very cheap prices. However, if you consider the fact that their followers and likes are from real people and the quality is the best, the prices may seem very cheap. They offer high-quality followers and likes for 2$.

The prices are different for every social media platform. It is essential to remember that if you want NFT followers and likes, you are paying much more. For example, you can purchase 500 NFT followers on Instagram for 533$ and 500 normal followers for 12$. 

The difference is insane! Normal followers will appear in 1-3 days, and NFT requires 4-7 days.

How Much Does Media Mister Charge for Instagram Followers?

To buy a minimum of 50 normal worldwide followers costs only 2$. If you select the target audience, the minimum and maximum number of followers will change depending on the country. Remember that the followers you purchase will look real, and the price is quite cheap. The maximum 1000,000 normal worldwide followers cost 9,999$. 

You can only purchase NFT followers from worldwide. 

They offer packages with 500, 1000, and 2500 NFT followers. Which cost 533$, 935$ and 1499$. The maximum wait time for them is 30 days.

How Much Does Media Mister Charge for Instagram Likes?

When buying Instagram likes, you can choose to buy likes for posts, comments, reels, stories, ads, live videos, or TV. You can choose from two packages: a one-time package and an automatic package. In one one-time package, a minimum of 50 followers costs 2$, and a maximum of 1000 000 likes costs 4069$. 

The automatic package works a bit differently. After choosing your target audience, you will choose the number of likes you want per post, the time delay, and the expiry date.  Kenji review also shows different price options for Instagram growth.

The prices will change depending on your needs. A minimum of 25 likes per 25 posts costs 3$, and a maximum 10 000 likes per 25 posts with no time delay costs 930$.

Does the Media Mister Offer a Free Trial?

Media Mister does not give free trials of their products, which may be a turnoff for some. When you look at the services they offer and how much they cost, however, it’s easy to see that this isn’t a big deal. You’re sure to be happy, or your money will be returned.

Pros and Cons of Media Mister

As we’ve seen, Media Mister is a big company with many offerings. It won’t be surprising that Media Mister will have as many advantages as disadvantages.

We’d like to discuss their pros and cons to understand them thoroughly.

Advantages of Media Mister

They work with 20+ social media

Media Mister is a worldwide company that works with many social media platforms. 

Their customers can get their popularity not only on Instagram but on almost every platform they choose. This opportunity is very useful for people who want to become influencers or gain popularity.

The followers are real people.

Media Mister kept their promise only to send followers from real Instagram accounts.

I am still trying to figure out how they do it. I found this to be true based on what people who have used their services have said and what I have seen for myself. 

Country Targeted Followers

This is very important for the growth of social media. 

The team’s high-level, well-targeted services blew me away. All of the followers I got were based on where I live, which makes it more likely that I’ll get more natural friends in the area. Moreover, you are free to choose followers and likes from every country you’d like.

Disadvantages of Media Mister

Their website doesn’t show prices

It is very uncomfortable that Media Mister doesn’t show prices on their account. 

You must fill in all the forms and register in order to see the prices. This can get very tiring and irritating. 

Most of the followers get removed after a while

After reading the reviews, we’ve discovered that after some time, Media Mister followers and likes may disappear. 

It was unfortunate because reading that the followers and likes they offered were real. Moreover, some of the Media Mister packages cost a lot, and it is very unfair that you can lose your money that way.

The majority of purchased followers are not from your niche

When you purchase followers and likes from Media Mister they more likely won’t be from your niche. The company doesn’t find people who are attracted to your feed and will follow your updates daily. This way, after some time, your account productivity may drop. 

They work with 20+ social media.Their website doesn’t show prices.
The followers are real people (for the most part).Most of the followers get removed after a while.
The majority of purchased followers are not from your niche.
There’s no free trial.
Concerning negative reviews on
Customer support seldom replies

Media Mister vs Flock Social

As we’ve discovered, many online sites help you boost your Instagram or other social media accounts. 

People spend a lot of money in order to achieve their goals, gain popularity, or become influencers. When we speak about money, it is important to use it wisely. To understand Media Mister completely, we’d like to compare it with the site that works similarly called Flock Social.

Service Offerings and Features 

Media Mister: Media Mister offers many social media marketing services, such as getting friends, likes, views, and more on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites.

Flock Social: Flock Social is a company that helps Instagram grow in a natural way. They use targeted marketing tactics to try to get real, interested followers.

Follower Quality

Media Mister: From what I can tell, Media Mister does what it says it will do and offers high-quality goods from real accounts. Their products are as real as they get on the commercial social signals scene.

Flock Social: Flock Social aims to attract real and active followers genuinely interested in your content. Followers gained through Flock Social are more likely to lead to meaningful interactions and contribute to a stronger social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Media Mister: Using services like Media Mister may go against the terms of service of social media platforms, depending on the techniques employed.

Flock Social: Flock Social employs legal marketing techniques that correspond with the policies of social media platforms.

Long-Term Benefits

Media Mister: As we’ve seen from the reviews, followers, and likes purchased from Media Mister, it may be gone after a while. The customers were very irritated because their purchase was lost after spending a lot of money.

Flock Social: Compared to services offering immediate interaction, observing noticeable growth could take more time. However, Flock Social review shows that followers and likes bought from them will last permanently.

Final Conclusion for Media Mister

Is “Company Name” Legit?

Yes, as it seems like Media Mister is legit. 

They offer 100% real followers and likes. However, some of the practices they use are a bit shady, for example, the absence of prices and unreliable customer support.

Can You Get Banned From Using Media MIster?

There’s always a chance to get banned from using sites like Media Mister. However, there are fewer chances of being banned because of Media Master than other similar sites.

Is Media Master Worth the Money Paid?

Considering that Media Master offers 100% growing real followers and likes, the money paid is worth it. 

Some of the similar sites have cheaper prices and free trials, so you are free to choose. 

Can Media Mister Give You the Results Promised?

Yes, Media Mister helps promote social profiles across all media and delivers as promised. 

It has been tried and true over the years. You can also read some of the testimonials from prior happy clients who have mentioned how their services have benefited them.

Final verdict: Does Platypus Recommend Media Mister?

It’s still debatable whether Media Mister is the site we’d like you to choose. They will give you the results promised. However, most of them will leave you after some time. 

If you want to grow your account by purchasing followers, I suggest reliable growth services that will do it the best way – organically.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

As always, I advocate growing your account organically rather than buying followers and likes. Doing the latter can propel your account in the short fun. But is it real growth?

More often than not, you’ll end up with a bunch of fake accounts following you and this number is likely to drop over time as Instagram is on a purge deleting bot accounts.

Check out the table below for growth services that can help you achieve real growth organically!

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