Kenji Instagram Review – A Safe Bet Or A No-Go?

It’s amazing how much can be done just over social media through your phone. But, as much as you think you’re doing now – there are people out there who are doing much more.

But how is it possible that you’re giving it your all and that someone is outperforming you?

That’s quite simple, actually! They’re using resources such as Instagram bots and Instagram automation tools to optimize their time and output, leaving them with much more room for other projects while keeping their Instagram engagement on a respectable level.

So knowing this, are you keen on doing the same? is one of the market’s most well-known and used Instagram bots.

There has to be a reason behind it – and there is. That’s exactly what I looked into and want to tell you about here.

So, let’s dive right into this Kenji Instagram review and see how it can optimize your workspace on Instagram while allowing you to maximize your ROI while doing other things!

What Is Kenji.Ai?

Some of you that are reading this know that is a well-known Instagram bot and, dare I say, one of the most beautifully-looking Instagram bots out there.

In essence, Kenji is built to automate your Instagram endeavors and help you get more results with a hands-off approach. It’s not quite an original take on automation, but the most important thing is whether it does its job or not.

I’ll say that, in my experience, Kenji does a hell of a job when it comes to reasonable automation and Instagram bot usage.

It’s a well-known rule that you can’t completely lean on these kinds of tools and expect them to build up your outreach without you lifting a finger.

But if that’s not something you expect from your Instagram bot, then you’re in for a ride. People behind Kenji have experience in this niche, and they’re not afraid to implement what they’ve learned from their past mistakes into the product they’re offering now.

As far as the question “What is”, I’ve found it most useful to name all the features it offers its users as an answer to that particular question.

Here’s what Kenji offers you:

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Get Organic Followers
  • Get Real Engagement
  • Blacklist Features
  • Whitelist Features
  • Targeting by Hashtags
  • Targeting by Influencer
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Regular 24/7 Support
  • Fastest Speed
  • Smart & Auto Optimizations
  • Skip-The-Queue Support

These are all of the options that are listed on’s website, although you should keep in mind that the last three on this list are available only through a bigger plan, which I’ll discuss a bit later on.

This sounds amazing in theory, but the real question is, which of these are applicable in real time?

That entirely depends on who you ask. In my personal experience, Kenji has done the job of growing my Instagram test account with little difficulty. Still, the downside is that I didn’t have an opportunity to try out their customer support, as I didn’t need it.

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According to their website and multiple other sources, Kenji is one of the easiest Instagram bots to set up. They pride themselves on having a “60-second setup”, which is not far from the truth. They’ve been very persistent in simplifying the setup process.

That was also my experience, as I only needed around a minute to fully set it up, which is quite amazing as one of the “bonus” features that come with an Instagram automation tool.

I know you’ll probably only do this once or twice, but having a complicated setup procedure is what discourages new users from continuing to use an Instagram bot in the first place.

What I loved about Kenji’s inner workings is that you have a detailed overview of what’s happening to your Instagram account and how it’s helping you outgrow your competition.

Once you set it up, you’ll get access to multiple features rarely seen on these kinds of products.

For example, you’ll be able to use the “blacklist” or the “whitelist” feature, which will help you separate the accounts you’d like to get your feed and the ones you don’t want to have access to it. Now, this is a good feature, but people rarely use it.

Keep it in mind when signing up, as it’s a real shame if you paid for it and not ever use it. Try to maximize the output of help that Kenji offers, as it’s just a tool and needs your input and guidance to lead you to desired results.

Now, there are some instances of people telling bad stories about, and I’m not saying there aren’t bad experiences with products – because there always are some inconveniences.

But this is a perfect example of negative competition reviewing, and I couldn’t resist not bringing that to your attention. In most cases, Trustpilot is a reputable website that’ll give you an insight into how good a website or a product is.

In Kenji’s case, that wasn’t the outcome. If you take a peak, you’ll see some negative reviews, but those negative reviews have something wrong with them, and you’ll notice it right away.

They all sound generic, robotic, and non-genuine. That’s because there is a way of bringing down your competition’s reviews online, and that’s by buying negative reviews. If you go and look at some of the 5-star reviews, you’ll hear a human tone in them and thus know that they’re genuine.

This is a perfect example of another company trying to minimize Kenji’s outreach and potentially steer their future users toward them.

This is a tricky thing to combat, as most people see a bad rating and decide not even to try out the service instead of doing some deeper research and validate their presumptions.

It’s interesting that these accounts only have one review on Trustpilot, and it’s a review that looks like this – you do the rest of the math!

I urge you to read more into it and see the background of these comments, as I can’t explain how I had a completely different experience while trying out Kenji.

How to Use Kenji Instagram?

Kenji is one of those intuitive platforms that almost anyone can use. Once you sign up and pick a plan that you’d like to utilize, you’re all set.

All you have to do is connect your Instagram account with Kenji and set the parameters.

I won’t go deep into setting the parameters and playing with all the Kenji offers since that is quite personal and very individual-oriented, as your goals might not be the same as mine.

But one thing is true – it’s easy to set up and use!
It’s also very important to note that is safe to use, and you won’t have to worry about them storing your data or information as that’s not something I found any signs of (and neither did other users). – Pricing

Unlike some of its competitors, Kenji didn’t raise its prices in light of recent events. They kept their prices relatively low and didn’t try to maximize their profits in a short-scale timeframe.

This is a respectable thing to do and one to remember when choosing an Instagram bot service.

The pricing on the website is simple and direct, as they only have two different subscription options. Here they are:

As you can see, unlike the rest of the Instagram bot services, their “Pro” package is not priced at $99, which is quite a refreshment.

You’re also told what you’re getting if you buy the “Simple” plan, and then you’re aware of what you’re getting if you go with the “Pro” plan. It’s a clear, concise, and easy-to-read pricing page that’ll help you decide which plan you should go with. Features

Here are some of the key features of

Audience Targeting

Targeting the right audience to get your message across is the ultimate goal. We all want to reach out to the audiences, and that’s exactly what the audience targeting feature allows you to do.

Automated Activity bot performs these Instagram tasks:

  • Follow and unfollow functions. Kenji does this in batches in order to maximize efficiency but does not get your account blocked since it does it discretely and targets real people.
  • Likes. The same stands for likes – the likes are targeted and help you get noticed by your future audience.
  • Story viewing. This is yet another excellent strategy. Other users who notice your views on their stories will surely reciprocate!
  • React to lives. I don’t see this automated feature often, but it comes in handy. When someone from your niche goes live, reacts to their live and makes them notice you.

Is Kenji Instagram Legit?

In short – yes, it is legit. This Instagram bot will allow you to automate the majority of your Instagram presence. It will build you an outreach campaign that you set up without you having to interfere in it very often.

Kenji is a tool that you can rely on. Just remember that these tools can’t do all the work alone, and you need to oversee it from time to time.

Is Kenji Instagram Safe?

In order to save you some time, I’ll cut to the chase – is one of the safest Instagram bot tools you can use. This goes both for your information and your Instagram account’s digital well-being.


Easy & quick setupSome negative reviews online
Good customer support
Original features
Reasonable pricing – Final Verdict

After taking a closer look at this Instagram bot product, I can safely say that I’d recommend to anyone that needs an Instagram bot.

In this Kenji review, I’ve gone over everything you need to know about it, and I hope that you’ve learned how important it is to use a service such as this one.

It’s interesting to talk about as it’s one of the rare services that survive the attacks of fake reviews and artificial collapse attempts from its competitors.

All-in-all, it’s a good service that you should consider using if you’re tired of spending a lot of time and money for minimal results.

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