Famoid Review: Is it a Fraud? Surprising Benefits and Risks

Famoid is in the business of selling Instagram followers, among other things. They claim to provide users with real and active followers, likes, and views at an instant, but is it really so? 

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Back to my Famoid review, where I’ll uncover the truth about this service for you.  

Is it worth the hassle? Is it a scam? How exactly does it work?

If you want to learn whether Famoid is trustworthy or not, do not skip this article.

Let’s get into it!

What Is Famoid?

Famoid sells followers across major social media platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram). They also offer likes, views, and automatic likes packages. 

But that’s not all.

The idea is that Famoid provides you with the initial follower base, which will (hopefully) make it easier to get new ones organically. Think of it as an attempt to start a snowball effect. 

It’s vital to note one thing –  buying followers is different than buying automated engagement. 

The latter is considered to be a better alternative, as paying for followers is somewhat shady business. I’ll present a few above-mentioned alternatives later in the article. 

Depending on which package you buy, Famoid will provide you with between 250 and 25K followers. Yes, you read it right – up to 25,000! 

The company claims that they’re all real people, but this is highly questionable. If they’re using bots, Instagram won’t like it.

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How Does Famoid Work?

Search through the website: 

Famoid operates through its website. Users could visit the Famoid website and select the type of service they are interested in, such as buying Instagram followers, likes, or comments.

Package Selection: 

Users would then choose from various packages with different quantities of followers, likes, or other engagement metrics. The pricing would depend on the chosen package. You can check out Kenji Instagram review for package package comparison too.


Users would proceed to the payment section to complete the transaction. Famoid would accept various payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

Providing Account Information: 

The user might need to provide their Instagram account username or URL, depending on the 

Processing Time: 

After completing the payment and providing the necessary information, Famoid’s system would begin processing the order. The time it took to deliver the services would vary based on the size of the order and the type of service requested.


Once the order was processed, the purchased followers’ likes, or comments would be delivered to the user’s Instagram account.

When the registration is done, the followers will be on their way in mere minutes. You won’t get them all at once because that would raise a red flag with Instagram. Instead, they’ll arrive at your profile gradually.

Famoid Features

I’ve briefly mentioned what Famoid can do, and now I’ll elaborate on it a bit further. Again, I’ll focus on Instagram and the services they provide for this platform.

How To Grow Your Instagram Profile With Famoid?

Here’s how Famoid can help you get big on Instagram:


With over 5 years of experience in the industry, the team understands the evolving needs of social media. They consistently enhance our system to provide instant solutions and a comprehensive social media service experience. 

By selecting Famoid for your social media marketing, we guarantee your satisfaction. Their commitment is driven by the positive feedback from customers who find our services reliable and gratifying.


Now, let’s take a minute to talk about privacy.

When choosing Famoid, prioritising your privacy and safety is paramount. 

Famoid utilise secure payment infrastructure through SafeCharge and Paypal for all transactions, ensuring a safeguarded experience. During the ordering process, they only require your username and email address, never asking for your password. 

Rest assured that the information you provide is never shared with third parties, offering you a secure environment on Famoid.com. 

You can always refer to their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for further assurance.

Instant Delivery

Recognising the importance of instant delivery, they have developed specialised software to ensure swift order processing. From order approval to completion, your product will be delivered within 10 minutes, often even faster, with most deliveries completed in under 5 minutes

Their dedicated Famoid Support Team is available around the clock, including holidays, to address any issues related to order delivery. 

How To Grow Your Facebook Profile With Famoid?

Famoid offers two features when it comes to growing your Facebook profile. You can grow your Business Page or a Fan page by growing your page Likes. The second option is to buy likes for Facebook posts. 

Buy Page Likes for Facebook

Famoid offers 4 options when it comes to buying likes for pages on Facebook. The smallest package offers 250 likes, and the biggest package offers 2500 likes. 

Buy Facebook Post Likes

When it comes to buying Facebook post likes, Famoid also offers 4 options. The smallest package offers to get you 100 likes on your post, and the biggest package offers you 1000 likes. 

How To Grow Your Youtube Profile With Famoid?

Famoid offers two features when it comes to growing your YouTube profile. You can buy subscribers for your page, or you can buy a views package. Both are crucial if you want to grow your YouTube profile. 

Buy Subscribers 

Famoid offers 4 types of growth packages when it comes to growing your subscribers. The smallest package they offer is 100 subscribers, and the biggest growth they offer is 1000. 

Buy Views 

Famoid offers 6 options when it comes to growing viewers on your YouTube video. The smallest amount you can buy is 1000 viewers, and the biggest amount is 100,000 viewers.

Are Famoid followers from real accounts or bots? 

Famoid will get you a certain number of Instagram likes/followers/views depending on the package you choose. 

I’m not sure whether bots or real; there is a big chance they might be fake. You’ll probably lose a few followers after a couple of days, and I guess that Instagram removes them automatically. However, the amount lost is negligible, so don’t worry about this right from the start.

What is Famoid pricing?

To get a clear picture of what Famoid’s pricing looks like, take a look at the pictures below:

How much do Famoid Instagram Followers cost?

As you can see in the table above, Famoid offers a wide variety of packages starting from $5.95 and going up to $299.95. However, I only showed you the prices for the Followers packages, so how much do the other services cost?

How much does Famoid Instagram Like cost?

The cheapest Likes package costs $2.95, while the priciest one is $168.95. You can get Video views for anywhere from $2.95 to $99.95. Automatic likes are the most expensive of all packages, with a starting price of $79.95 and the highest at $399.95.

The prices might not look high to some people. But, compared to other similar services, Famoid is slightly more expensive. 

Does Famoid Offer a Free Trial? 

Yes, you can try some of their services for free. 

The Famoid free likes tool will get you 50 likes for zero dollars. Besides this, there’s also the Famoid free followers tool that’ll get you 25 followers. You can use both services every 24 hours.

Pros and cons of Famoid 


Quick Boost in Metrics: 

These services can provide a rapid increase in followers, likes, or followers engagement, which might make your profile appear more popular at first glance.

Perceived Social Proof: 

Having a high number of followers or likes might give the impression of social proof, potentially attracting more  genuine Instagram followers over time.

Provides Short Term Followers

The delivery is fast, so if you want short-term results or to quickly boost your followers/likes, this is a company for you. 


Possibly Fake Followers

Famoid might deliver fake accounts, bots, or low-quality engagement, which means the followers or likes you receive might not have any genuine interest in your content.

Famoid VS Flock Social 

Service Offerings:


Famoid provides services to buy followers, likes, views, and other social media interactions for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Their primary focus is on delivering quick boosts to social media metrics through purchased interactions.

Flock Social: 

Flock Social specialises in organic growth services for Instagram. They use targeted marketing strategies to attract  real and engaged followers to your Instagram account, aiming for sustainable and meaningful growth.

Follower Quality:


The followers and interactions you get from Famoid may not be genuine or active users. They often come from fake or inactive accounts, which may not lead to authentic engagement or long-term success on social media.

Flock Social: 

Flock Social’s approach is centered on attracting real and active followers who are genuinely interested in your content. Flock Social review shows that by using organic growth strategies, the followers you gain through Flock Social are more likely to engage with your posts and become valuable members of your community.

Compliance with Platform Rules:


Purchasing followers likes, and other interactions from Famoid may violate the terms of service of various social media platforms. Social media platforms often frown upon such practices and may take actions such as account suspension or removal.

Flock Social: 

Flock Social operates using legitimate marketing strategies that comply with the rules and guidelines of social media platforms. Their organic growth approach aligns with platform policies and aims to help users grow their accounts responsibly.

Long-Term Benefits:


While Famoid’s services can temporarily increase your social media metrics, the lack of genuine engagement from purchased interactions may not result in sustained growth or meaningful connections with your audience in the long run.

Flock Social: 

Flock Social’s organic growth approach seeks to build a loyal and engaged follower base. The authentic interactions gained through their services are more likely to lead to long-term benefits and a stronger social media presence.

Is Famoid Legit?

Famoid seems to be a legit service. But keep in mind, that it’s never safe to grow your social media presence quickly, all at once. It’s always better to use organic growth tools. 

Can you get banned from using Famoid? 

There is a possibility of getting banned on your social media accounts if you use Famoid. Note that it’s never safe to buy fake followers that boost your social media profile quickly. It’s always better to take your time and grow your profile with organic growth tools.

Is Famoid worth the money paid? 

It depends. Famoid can grow your profile really quickly, but part of the followers will be low quality and won’t be interested in your profile at all. This will result in high followers/subscribers but a low engagement rate, which looks quite shady. 

Can Famoid Give You the Promised Results? 

Yes, they will deliver the number of followers/subscribers you have purchased. But keep in mind that you will lose some percentage of followers quickly since Famoid does not take responsibility after your subscription is over. 

Is Famoid Safe?

As far as I was able to find out, Famoid is completely safe. They have a secure https website and no hidden costs or gimmicks. Another important part is that you don’t need to give them your account password. The reason why this is great is that it prevents all kinds of potential complications. 

Payments are made through PayPal and SafeCharge, so the risk of fraud is eliminated. 

Final verdict: Does Platypus reccomend Famoid?

Unfortunately, no. 

The potential issue is the questionable quality of the followers. Aside from that, using a service like this one is a short-sighted tactic. It will only get you so far, but it probably won’t help you accumulate a significant following.

A good alternative to Famoid would be tools that help you grow your following organically.

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