Kicksta Reviews: What Is The Final Judgment?

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Steady Instagram growth is the primary purpose of every Instagram tool, be it a bot, scheduler, or an all-around service. Well, popular Instagram accounts help brands and individuals make new connections, partnerships, and sales. Performers find more gigs. Companies promote their products.

What is Kicksta?

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Kicksta is a typical Instagram growth service. It promises to bring you organic followers. They claim that their strategy is pure “Artificial Intelligence technology” and deny using spamming and bots. 

How Does Kicksta Work?

For starters, Kcksta should work by performing automation operations. Unfortunately, this service does not work anymore. Instagram’s Terms and Conditions are against automation, and it has become much more challenging to use it without consequences.

In general, different tools focus on various actions such as following, like, commenting, messaging, etc. Kicksta uses only liking. This should put you in touch with people who care about your area without you having to buy followers. 

Purchase the plan that you want and sign up

To sign up on Kicksta, you should enter your email address, create a new password, and connect your Instagram profile with the tool. After the registration, you will be taken to the Kicksta dashboard. 

Proceed with the payment

Now, all you are left to do is make the payment. Kicksta will offer you to purchase the package with a debit or credit card. Moreover, you can use a coupon. After entering the card information, you are ready to begin your journey. 

Receive an email

You will receive an email saying that Kicksta needs around 24 hours to set everything up for you, and then they will begin driving traffic and real people to your Instagram. The thing is that it’s not precisely the truth.

What are company name features?

After using Kicksta, I’ve seen a lot of features they have and I’m ready to show you.  

Follow Back/Unfollow

First of all, you can’t see (if any) accounts that follow you because of Kicksta. Keep in mind that I used this service for a whole month and didn’t get a single following.

They claim that “they have to slowly gain followers because otherwise your account would be at risk.” This is true, and if Instagram saw that a computer was using your account, it would probably ban it.

Are Kicksta followers real accounts or bots?

As Kicksta says, the likes and engagement gained from the site are real. As I’ve seen so far, Kicksta’s following and liking are real, and they don’t use bots. Moreover, Kicksta makes sure that your account is safe from fake accounts. 

Customer Support

You can only reach them by filling out a form and waiting for them to contact you via email. This can take longer than 24 hours. First, it felt unfortunate that Kicksta needed this much time to respond. However, the customer support team was very helpful. They said that they were working on the issue and immediately fixed it.

What is Kicksta pricing?

Kicksta is not a very expensive site compared to the job they do for you. Kicksta has three pricing plans: “standard,” “premium” and “boost” plan. Let’s discuss all of them.

How much does Kicksta charge for each package? 

The price of their Standard plan is $49 per month. It has “moderate growth,” a video for getting started, and up to 10 goals. The standard plan uses moderate growth for growth speed, and Kicksta controls that. But they must follow Instagram’s rules and not get more likes than a certain number.

With the Premium pricing model, there are some additional features within the service, like “advanced targeting,” blacklist,” “live chat support,” and so on. It costs 99$ a month to purchase the premium plan. With the premium plan, you can use all of Kicksta’s tools and grow as much as possible. So, you’ll get more Instagram followers because your chosen accounts will get more Instagram likes.

Kicksta boost plan is the most expensive package. It costs 218$ a month to purchase it. With this plan, Kicksta has partnered with a social media marketing agency. This way, you will get your account boosted more.

Does Kicksta offer a free trial? 

Yes, Kicksta offers a 7-day free trial for its customers. If you want a 14-day trial, it costs some money. However, both of the trials are very helpful and useful.

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Kicksta PROS and CONS

Advantages of Kicksta

No Need to Download It

The most comfortable thing about Kicksta is that you don’t have to download it. You can visit the website if you decide to use the company. Most of the sites require downloading them, and it can get very tiring.

Safe Instagram Growth

One thing we are 100% sure is that Kicksta is a safe Instagram growth site. Kicksta always makes sure that they obey Instagram’s policy and rules. Most of the similar sites will probably get your account banned or deleted. However, with Kicksta you don’t have to worry about the rules or being banned.

Zero Ghost Followers

If you ever used other Instagram boost accounts, you would’ve noticed that the followers gained from them just exist and do nothing more. This problem is solved with Kicksta. Kicksta ensures that every account gained from their service will be active and loyal.

Disadvantages of Kicksta

Expensive Tariff Plans

Some people have complained that Kcksta’s prices are very expensive. I understand their concern. However, Kicksta’s prices have their explanation. Kicksta offers its customers a great opportunity to gain followers and likes without the help of bots or fake accounts. If the prices seem too expensive for you, you can always use other similar platforms; however, most of them will get your account banned or restricted. 

Slow Performance

Some of the reviews showed us that Kicksta was working too slowly. I’ve discovered that Kicksta worked a bit slower than similar sites. The main reason for this could be that Kicksta tries to make your account grow organically. Organic growth takes time to achieve the best goals.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Kicksta

Kicksta has a total of 469 reviews on Trustpilot. 38% of these reviews are 5 stars, and 34% of them are 1-star reviews. As I’ve seen so far, the reviews are trustworthy, and we should discuss them together.

Reviews from Unsatisfied Customers

Review from Unsatisfied Customer 1

“I have tried Kicksta 2 times, and both have been extremely disappointing.. it DOES NOT work and only creates extra work and stress. They claim to have a 14-day refund policy, but they only refund 20%. There is a personal support system so I would not say it is a total scam site, but they are after your money rather than being focussed on getting the your IG growth.. as said, stay away, not worth it”

Review from Unsatisfied customer 2

“Within an hour of joining, they had my account shut down. They were logging in from Serbia, which triggered Instagram to close my account. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This is just bot-based BS. Scam artists.”

Review from Unsatisfied customer 3

“Not a great system. Nothing happened for 24 hours. When I queried they cancelled my account. Avoid”

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Review from Satisfied customer 1

“I’ve been using Kicksta for well over 6 months now, and safe to say, they know what they’re doing. Despite having some trouble initially with my company account due to Instagram, Kicksta made me forget all by working actively in the background, collecting followers from pages that I find close to my own in terms of vision and goals. Way to go, people!”

Review from Satisfied customer 2

“I absolutely love Kicksta. I have tried other services claiming to offer the same thing but they weren’t as effective. With Kicksta, the support was second to none. They were responsive and always friendly, taking care of any questions or requests I had. Also, I saw my account consistently growing and retaining that growth, unlike with other services I had used previously, where I would see a jump in growth and then shortly after a drop.

I would highly recommend Kicksta to anyone looking for growth and engagement. They really are the best!”

Review from satisfied customer 3

“Amazing!!! Kicksta is amazing!! They deliver exactly what they say they will do! They have helped me tremendously to gain my followers on Instagram. This is my sincere honest Review about Kicksta. I couldn’t be anymore happier with them and I will continue to use their services for a very long time. If you have any doubts about them, don’t! They’re a legitimate and trustworthy!”

Kicksta vs. Path Social

Service Offerings and Features 

Path Social: According to Path Social, it facilitates organic Instagram expansion. To attract genuine, enthusiastic followers, they employ targeted marketing strategies. According to the ratings, however, the vast majority of their followers are phonies.

Kicksta: The site attracts 100% real and effective followers. The followers you receive will stay with you forever, like your posts, and get you more engagement.

Follower Quality

Path Social: The company guarantees that the people who follow it want to take part in whatever you’re up to. However, most of the interaction, as the clients claimed, was fake.

Kicksta: Kicksta makes you gain real, interested followers. If you want to test it yourself, you can visit those profiles and see that these followers are real.

Compatability with Instagram Rules

Path Social: The site provides a wide variety of offenses that could lead to an Instagram suspension. Instagram discourages automated or fictitious profiles. Customers who choose to use Path Social do so at their own peril.

Kicksta: The company’s model of organic growth doesn’t conflict with Instagram’s policies. You can trust the site to help you get more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. Your account will be protected and enhanced by Kicksta.

Long-Term Benefits

Path Social: Reviews I’ve read have painted a negative picture of Path Social for me. The majority of purchasers were depressed because they had to replace the followers they had already paid for. Instagram’s plans to eliminate automated accounts and fake profiles is a major factor.

Kicksta: Genuine, organic, lifelong fans are attracted to the site. The site attracts a more engaged and loyal following because its users genuinely care about your actions.

Final conclusion for Kicksta

Is Kicksta legit?

I can say for sure that Kicksta is a legit company because I’ve used it and seen that it doesn’t use spammy methods. We started getting real followers, and it all happened on its own. You can start an Instagram account and use Kicksta to get real followers. This is a cheap way to get started with partner marketing and build a customer base who will buy from you.

Can you get banned from using Kicksta? 

No, Kicksta is a safe website. Two things about Kicksta are safe: the secure website and verified payment. One thing to keep in mind is that Kicksta is not a partner with Instagram, so you may still need to be careful about what you use. But generally, they are a legitimate and safe service to use.

Is Kicksta worth the money paid? 

I think their service is great. It’s definitely worth it. They not only help you get more followers on Instagram, but they also give you business guides and real-life case studies.

Can Kicksta give you the results promised? 

Yes, Kicksta will definitely give you the results promised. On the screen, you can see both how fast you are growing and how much you are growing naturally. Moreover, the result you get won’t disappoint you.

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Kicksta?

Yes, Platypus recommends you Kicksta. As I’ve discovered, the website is trustworthy and you can use their help. However, we can always recommend other websites as well with better service and cheaper prices.

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