Instarabbit Review – Is It A Scam? Get The Truth Here

With a constantly growing platform such as Instagram, your profile must grow as well. Stagnating is just as bad as losing followers and engagement rates.

Constantly boosting your profile is a business in itself – it requires time and patience that you probably don’t have. 

Which is why there are Instagram growth services. 

Some are good, some are bad. How are you supposed to know which one will make you Instagram famous and which one will try to scam you? That’s what I’m here for!

For today’s topic, I decided to discuss a service called Instarabbit. 

How reliable is it? Will it provide organic growth?

Learn all about it in my Instarabbit review!

What is Instarabbit?

A screenshot of Instarabbit's website

Instarabbit is an Instagram growth service that made its grand entrance to the market not that long ago. 

They boldly claim to be the only service that still works after many of the Instagram growth services became obsolete due to Instagram’s updated algorithm in 2019. 

This is obviously an over-exaggeration as we all know there are still many services that work well, but it tells you a lot about their marketing strategy.

Similarly, they also claim they provide only organic growth. 

And not only that. They promise the growth will be real and instant, with users related to your niche. 

This is a legit statement, so there needs to be a valid reason to question it. And guess what – there is. 

Among numerous promises and features (I’ll get to them a bit later), there’s one that refutes it. 

Instarabbit promises it will get you 300 likes per post and 500 new monthly followers through organic growth. 

Even with automated growth, and especially with organic growth, you can never predict or guarantee numerical growth. This can only mean one thing – they’re most likely buying followers and likes for their clients. 

And where bought followers come, so do bots

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How does Instarabbit work?

Getting started with the Instarabbit app is simple. You sign up with an email and a password, and after that, you have to add your Instagram account. 

Besides the username, you need to leave a short description. It requires you to write about your content, what you offer to your audience, a description of your niche, etc. 

Then you choose one of their two plans and continue according to each plan. 

As soon as you subscribe, you get a dedicated account manager. Now, Instarabbit claims these are real people, but from what I read on Trustpilot and similar sites, many people highly doubted that was true. 

In fact, a lot of them said they suspected the manager was a bot since they never actually spoke, they communicated only through messages, and the interaction didn’t feel 100% natural. 

This is not a surprise. To tell you the truth, this is the case with most of the ‘dedicated account managers’ these companies offer. 

So, what did each plan encompass besides the account manager?

Instarabbit Features

I told you there are two plans, so let’s check them out.

Viral Plan

This is the cheaper one, so it includes fewer features than the VIP plan. 

The Viral plan involves getting you in touch with pods from your niche. 

And what are pods?

They are engagement groups which businesses and influencers join to like and comment on each other’s posts. So you enter a community from your niche where you can help boost each other’s engagement. 

This plan doesn’t include an account manager, but you can track your progress on the dashboard. 

Instarabbit guarantees the Viral plan will bring you 300 likes per post and 50+ pods you can join. 

I’ve found many reviews from people who tried this plan, and there are both positive and negative ones. 

Some say they liked the idea behind Instagram pods because they met and engaged with real people. Others say this plan is too expensive for what it is, which is basically an “Instagram group finder” – according to some reviews. 

VIP plan

And what about the VIP plan? Is it worth it?

One of the main things clients didn’t like about the VIP plan is that you have to leave your Instagram password. Interestingly, the Viral plan doesn’t require it. 

When you log into your Insta account, you need to leave a description that I mentioned earlier. You have to answer the following:

  • The category of your profile
  • Your sub-category
  • Relevant hashtags to your business or brand
  • Your biggest competitors
  • Your target location

Shortly after you do this, your account manager will get in touch with you. What is their role anyway?

The manager is supposed to give you advice on how to grow your account and to plan an advanced content strategy. They also have to promote your account based on your specific goals. 

But do they deliver?

Well, according to a lot of reviews, I’d say no, not really. Dissatisfied users said they never got what was promised, but some stated they weren’t surprised since it was obviously a bot who couldn’t perform the aforementioned tasks.

Besides the manager, what else do you get in the VIP plan?

The 300 followers and 300 likes per post are, of course, guaranteed. You also get access to 50+ pods like in the Viral plan. 

You can use their post scheduler, which is always a convenient feature. You don’t have to worry about missing a specific time to post since Instarabbit will do it for you, you just have to provide them with posts and a schedule. 

Instarabbit Pricing

So, what are the prices for these two plans?

instarabbit review - pricing

The Viral plan costs $49/month, and the VIP plan is $129/month. The price difference is noticeable, but so are the features included. 

If you want to try it out first, there’s a free trial but only for the Viral plan. 

You can cancel the service at any time, but you won’t receive a refund for either of the plans. 

Is Instarabbit Legit?

This is a tough one. 

Okay, Instarabbit has a secure website and payment gateways, but it claims to be something it’s not. 

Their deceptive marketing and false promises, combined with all the negative customers’ reviews, tell me this company might not run their business 100% legitimately. 

Is Instarabbit Safe?

Technically, yes. 

You won’t be harmed by using their site or payment options. I didn’t appreciate them asking your Insta password, but that’s not the biggest issue. 

My worry is that their automated growth hidden behind ‘organic’ growth will bring unwanted guests to your account, i.e., bots. 

That’s the real concern that comes with using Instarabbit.


Free trial False claims of organic growth
Could bring bots to your account
Requires your Instagram password
Too expensive
No refunds

Instarabbit Review: Final Verdict

Is Instarabbit one of the reliable Instagram services?

Well, not exactly. 

They are somewhat alright. But after examining it left and right, I have to admit, I’m very skeptical about trying it. Plus, it’s not exactly budget-friendly.

All things considered, I think it’s smarter to keep looking for a service that’s trustworthy and 100% honest with their customers.

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