GrowBot for Instagram Review:Too Cheap To Be Useful?

Instagram is more than just selfies and meal photos – it’s a marketing tool. However, harnessing its full potential is impossible without the help of an Instagram growth service.

People instinctively choose budget-friendly growth tools. But, more often than not, those provide poor-quality services.

GrowBot is one of the cheapest I’ve found, so I wanted to know whether it’s any good. 

Is it safe to use, or should you look elsewhere?

Boy, do I have a lot in store for you today. Check out my Growbot for Instagram review to learn all about it!

What is GrowBot for Instagram?

A screenshot of Growbot for Instagram's website

The full name of this tool is GrowBot Automator for Instagram. It is an Instagram bot packed inside a Chrome extension. It automatically engages with other accounts for you in an attempt to grow your profile.

Right from the start, we have a problem.

As you may or may not know, “bot” is Instagram’s least favorite word. The platform doesn’t allow its users to employ this technology. If it catches them, it starts action-blocking their accounts. In case the activities persist, the user will get banned.

So, is using GrowBot guaranteed to kick you off of Instagram?

Guaranteed is a strong word, so I would say no. However, the chances of that happening are very high. The company offers tips on avoiding getting detected, but I’m not convinced that they work.

The interesting thing is that GrowBot somehow manages to stay afloat. Dozens of bots akin to it have already been shut down by Instagram. I guess they do it by updating the app frequently.

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How To Use GrowBot Automator for Instagram?

As I already mentioned, GrowBot is a Chrome extension. Before I get further into it, I just want to say that I don’t recommend installing extensions. There are certain risks involved with it, but I’ll discuss them later.

You can get the tool for free on the Chrome Web Store, and you’ll be able to use it for a week. Once that expires, you’ll have to subscribe to get another week for free. If you want to keep using it after 14 days, you will have to pay.

The app is accessed through A small robot icon will appear in the upper lefthand corner, right next to Instagram’s logo. Click on it to adjust your preferences and let the bot roll. 

The interface is complicated, and it takes some time to figure it out. In my opinion, it could have been organized much better.

OK, let’s talk about what it can do.

Essentially, the tool follows and unfollows users who are of interest to you. The idea is that the people you follow may want to follow you back. This strategy is as old as Instagram, but it still works to a degree. It can also like posts to make you seem like an active follower.

Of course, you don’t want to follow just any random account. GrowBot lets you target your ideal audience and interact only with it. Its filters are quite intricate and are perhaps the app’s best feature. I’ll talk about them more in the upcoming section.

GrowBot for Instagram Features

I already said how the tool’s interface is rather complicated. Yet, it doesn’t have a lot of features. You can learn what they are in the paragraphs below.

Instagram Follow/Unfollow

GrowBot was built around the function of following and unfollowing. It performs these actions on your behalf to try and get you more followers. 

The app goes through frequent updates, and they often add options. Right now, you can set the maximum/minimum amount accounts you want to follow daily. You can also adjust the time between the bot’s actions to make it seem more natural.

There are plenty of other settings you can play around with in the app’s chaotic layout. Getting a grip on it can be seriously frustrating.

OK, so does this produce any results?

Yes, but they may not be what you expected.

The followers you get are often bot accounts or irrelevant to your niche. Also, I’ve read about instances where accounts got action blocked for employing GrowBot. But hey, that’s just the risk you have to take if you want to use it.

Instagram Likes

The tool can also perform automatic likes. It can like posts on your feed or those on other accounts. You can choose the number of likes that you want to make. 

This feature doesn’t have as many adjustments as the auto-follow operation. Nevertheless, it still gives you a lot of flexibility.

Unfortunately, using it will put you on Instagram’s ban radar. You might be able to get away with it if you utilize it sparingly. But, such use will yield no growth.

Targeting and Filters

GrowBot is loaded with targeting and filtering options. You can go after someone’s followers, likers, and commenters. To funnel the crowd down, use some of the filters.

For example, only follow users with a certain number of posts/followers. Or, unfollow people if they don’t follow back after a specific time period. These are just glimpses of what GrowBot is capable of.

Despite these advanced features, the tool acquires a lot of fake and/or irrelevant followers.

GrowBot for Instagram Pricing

GrowBot is cheap. It’s one of the least expensive growth services around. The monthly subscription costs only $6.99, while the yearly one is $69.99. 

The payments can be made via Google Payments.

Is GrowBot for Instagram Legit?

I’m not so sure about this one. I’m leaning towards ‘no.’ 

Finding a genuine GrowBot Automation for Instagram review made after 2019 is impossible. Back then, bots were allowed to roam freely across Instagram’s plains. Now, the story is quite different.

I assume that GrowBot doesn’t have many satisfied customers to leave reviews these days. Instagram runs a tight shift and is quick to catch accounts that use botting technology.

Is GrowBot for Instagram Safe?

Yes and no.

Their website is secure, and the important information about the company is transparent. The pricing is visible, and they have a solid FAQ page.

On the flip side, the sole fact that this is a bot makes it unsafe. I said it before, and I’ll say it again – it may get you banned. Also, GrowBot is a browser extension, and it may be able to access some of your sensitive info. This elevates the risk to a whole new level.


There’s a free trial availableIt’s a bot; it may get you banned
CheapConfusing interface
No real reviews after 2019
No customer support
May get you irrelevant/fake followers
The company’s website is just an FAQ page

GrowBot for Instagram Review: Final Verdict

Should you give GrowBot a shot?

I leave the choice to you, but I’d advise against it. Bots are unwelcome on Instagram, and their use often does more harm than good. 

There are better ways to boost your account, and you should focus your energy on them. I’m referring to organic growth services, as they can provide you with long-term results.

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