ViralRace Review: What Happens When You Give It A Shot?

The temptation to buy Instagram followers is hard to resist. While it technically can be done, only a few companies that offer this service are trustworthy.

If you want to try a trustworthy website that lets you buy followers, make sure to try Upleap. It’s the best one we have tried yet. Do check them out on our review here.

Today, I’m going to talk about ViralRace. It’s a well-known Instagram growth tool that’s based around selling followers and engagement. 

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding such services. Because of that, I wanted to find out whether this one is safe to use.

Will ViralRace get you in trouble with Instagram? Can it boost your account?

Learn about all of this (and more) in today’s ViralRace review. Let’s get into it!

What is ViralRace?

A screenshot of ViralRace's website

If you’re looking for a company to buy Instagram likes & followers from, ViralRace will be happy to serve you. They offer story views too, and they claim to only work with 100% real accounts. 

I had reasons to doubt this, so I decided to look a bit closer.

On the surface, ViralRace seems credible. They have a sleek website with compelling content. Even though the pages are filled with blatant self-praise, I don’t blame them. It’s the industry standard. 

Things start to get suspicious once you begin to dig deeper.

I’ve found numerous customer testimonials that counter ViralRace’s claims. I’m mainly referring to the ‘real followers’ thing. As it turns out, most of the followers/engagement people got are far from genuine. I’ll talk about it in more detail later.

I also found out that the company was previously called YoViral. Why did they change their name? We can’t know for sure, but rebranding is rarely a good sign.

I hope I’m not bashing the service too hard right from the start. On the bright side, they usually hold their end of the bargain. They deliver what you bought; it’s just that the quality isn’t as high as they promise. Also, they have a responsive customer service.

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How Does ViralRace Work?

According to its website, ViralRace manages a network of 500K Instagram accounts. From it, it draws the followers and engagement that it sells to you. 

OK, but why would these people like your stuff on ViralRace’s command? The company says that they get a fraction of the profits, so that’s their incentive.

You can buy followers, likes, and views. The service offers these in various sized packages, all of them one-time purchases. You’ll receive the goods shortly after you make the payment. 

In theory, that’s how it should work. In practice, it is somewhat different, but I’ll get to that in the upcoming section.

ViralRace Features

I’ve already explained the essence of ViralRace. Now, I’d like to break it down feature by feature. There isn’t a lot to read, so make sure to go over it!

Instagram Followers

The company sells followers in various amounts. The smallest package includes 100 accounts, while the biggest one has 10K. I already said how ViralRace Instagram followers are allegedly real. This claim is the company’s primary selling point.

Unfortunately, it isn’t true.

From what I read, their customers mostly receive fake accounts. To clarify, these are profiles with no posts and from countries irrelevant to the customers’ business. On top of that, most followers disappear not long after they arrive.

Having hundreds (or thousands) of fake accounts following you can hurt your IG rating. That’s why people who buy this service usually delete what they got. Given that Instagram doesn’t delete it first, of course.

Instagram Likes and Views

Just like followers, likes and views can be bought in various numbers. Why would you want to purchase them? Well, more engagement on your posts means a higher ranking on Instagram. A better ranking means more chances for your posts to appear on the explore page.

Sounds great! But, in reality, that’s not the case.

ViralRace’s engagement isn’t genuine, and Instagram can detect this. The platform might subtract the likes/views you buy and may warn you not to do it again. This is especially true when ordering large packages containing thousands of units.

Flock Social Features

As I continued to scroll down their main website, I was eagerly searching for a list of their main features as I strongly believed that their price-to-value ratio wouldn’t disappoint (more on their pricing later).

Luckily, Social Flock continues to bring in the good news, especially when it comes to:

Targeting Options

Most social media growth platforms don’t have a lot to offer in this department, as they mainly function by providing you with Instagram bot services. 

However, when you have a genuine business model that strives to elevate your social media rankings, their services usually consist of the following:

  • Hashtag targeting
  • Influencer and Competitor targeting
  • Location targeting

This is only a glimpse of their primary mechanisms – the entire list marches forward extensively.

Personal Account Manager

As I already mentioned, Flock Social offers a wide range of professional Instagram account managers that will observe and supervise your social media growth from day one.

Ensuring the safety of your precious Instagram account, as well as maintaining a meaningful Instagram growth procedure – your personal account manager will stay by your side at all times.

Priority Support and Consulting

It’s a good feeling knowing that you have someone to take care of your problem when and if you have one – a personal account manager will reach out to you shortly after you appoint a meeting through messages or, eventually, a voice call.

I didn’t joke when I said that they stay by your side – every step of the way!

Flock Social Pricing

In most cases, social media growth platforms deemed unfaithful will try to hide their business plans and pricing packages, revealing them only during the last few steps before the transaction is completed.

With Flock Social, no faulty agreements and secrets are lurking behind – two plans are presented, and depending on your wishes, you may choose between the beginners and advanced packages.

Personal Instagram profiles will usually lean toward the beginner’s package, as they don’t necessarily wish to engage with countless people but just slightly boost their social media presence every month.

However, the advanced packages should be used by larger profiles eager to contend with other Instagram profiles with a large audience behind them, if you ask me. But everybody’s free to use a plan they see fit for their needs since that’s what’s most important at the end of the day.

Is Flock Social Legit?

Trustpilot is a reputable source of user feedback. Currently, you can find a total of 116 reviews on Flock Social. Although we are primarily focusing on the Flock Social reviews – you can check other reviews for similar online companies that delve into social media growth.

Both people from Trustpilot and my personal experience will lead you toward the same conclusion – Flock Social is a legit social media growth platform.


True conversationsThe monthly plans are slightly pricey.
Real engagements
Targeted followers
Instant delivery
Excellent customer support

Flock Social Review – To Sum Things Up

What’s there else to say?

Average social media growth platforms can’t compete with the overall services and trustworthiness that surround Flock Social. Still, I was eager to give you my take on Flock Social review, just to be safe.

At the end of the day, it’s better to hear from one more person what they thought of a product or a service since that’s what bases the general sentiment towards it on the market.

As I was digging around for answers regarding Flock Social, I found that it’s a successful company that takes care of your beloved Instagram profiles with tenderness.

Stay tuned for more reviews on social media growth platforms!

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ViralRace Pricing

In my opinion, ViralRace’s services are reasonably priced. As I explained, you can choose the number of followers/engagement that you want to get. Here’s a preview of their pricing list:

viralrace review - pricing

The accepted payment methods include Apple Pay and credit cards. I always recommend paying such services via PayPal, as it’s the safest method. But, since that’s unavailable, you’ll have to work with what they’ve got. 

Is ViralRace Legit?

 How can I put this nicely – not really.

Don’t get me wrong, the company runs a somewhat fair business, and they’ll send you what you paid for. However, they’re not entirely honest about the quality of their services. 

Here’s what I mean. 

The ViralRace Instagram reviews on are mostly unfavorable. Many customers said how they received all fake followers that usually disappeared after a few days. There were a few who even claimed that they never got their order delivered.

Several users from the US complained about getting mostly Russian fake accounts. Of course, this wasn’t what they asked for or needed.

The people who contacted customer support got (unhelpful) replies. Some even got a refill, but the followers didn’t stick around.

OK, so the followers are fake. What about likes and views?

It’s the same situation. To be fair, I didn’t see reports about the engagement disappearing at the same rate as followers. However, there’s a high probability that Instagram will remove it automatically.

Is ViralRace Safe?

It’s safe in the sense that it won’t steal your data or put your finances at risk. The payment gateways are secure, as is their website. 

If you consider wasting your money to be a safety issue, then ViralRace is unsafe. The stuff that you buy from them won’t get you any results. You’ll probably lose most of it or end up deleting it yourself.

Refunds are out of the question. The company may offer a refill, but that’ll disappear too within days.


Not too expensiveTheir followers and engagement are fake
They deliver what you paid forMost of the followers disappear shortly after receiving them
No free trial
Customer support is unhelpful
Refunds are practically impossible to get
The service rebranded from YoViral

ViralRace Review: Final Verdict

Is ViralRace worth trying?

While it’s not entirely worthless, the value you’ll get out of it is minuscule. As I explained, the company will provide you with quick but impermanent followers/engagement. Also, most of it is fake.

Acquiring it will not help you grow your account. As a matter of fact, it’ll probably do the opposite.

Purchasing followers or likes rarely pays off. It’s too difficult to pull off in this day and age. That’s why I advise people to stay clear of this approach. 

Your best bet is to find and hire an organic growth service. There’s quite a few of them, and they’ll be able to get you stable, genuine growth. You can check out some credible companies in the table above.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

Like we’ve said, organic is the name of the game. It’s better to have a slow and steady (and real!) growth compared to an instant boom that comes from fake followers.

Buying likes and followers simply just won’t work in the long run.

Having a little patience and using an organic growth service will actually do you more good.

Check out the table below for some of our recommendations!

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