Sara Agency Shut Down – What Happened To This Service?

It’s inevitable in any business that some companies collapse at a certain point, for whatever reason. In the Instagram automation business, it’s usually due to breaking Instagram’s terms of service. 

We see this happening time after time – companies think they’ll get away with breaking the rules, but eventually, Instagram gets to them. 

One of the services that met its unfortunate end is Sara Agency. 

What really happened to it? Why did Sara Agency shut down?

Find out in this Sara Agency review!

What is Sara Agency?

A screenshot taken from Sara Agency's website

Sara Agency was an Instagram growth service. 

They performed a few tasks on your part, and they did it automatically, which basically means they were an Instagram bot. 

They claimed they could provide every client with 200-2000 new followers through their services. Of course, the followers in question were all real, at least according to Sara Agency. 

And that’s not all. 

Sara Agency’s whole strategy was largely built on the claim they can grow your account 40 times faster than any other service. A bold statement indeed.

This growth service was solely focused on Instagram, so they didn’t have any sort of tools for Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform.

One unique thing about Sara Agency was that they allowed you to manage as many accounts as you wish for the same price, which we can’t say for most similar services. 

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How Does Sara Agency Work?

All Sara Agency services were based on automation. 

They performed different tasks on your behalf, such as following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting. The Agency didn’t offer automated DMs, but they introduced automated story viewing shortly before they were shut down. 

From what I gather, Sara Agency was very simple to use. 

After completing registration on their website, the next step would be to adjust all the filters to target an audience. Sara Agency allowed you to choose an audience based on location, gender, age, etc. 

All of the filters could be found on the dashboard, where you’d also manage all your profiles if you had more than one. 

This all sounds pretty legit, so what happened that got Sara Agency closed?

The same thing that always happens – excessive bot activity. 

In the past few years, Instagram decided it’s time to put an end to bots, rightfully so. Since then, hardly anyone can escape their advanced detection tools and the sanctions that follow.

If you’re curious to know about Sara Agency’s features that got them canceled, stay with me for the full scoop. 

Sara Agency Features

To be honest, Sara Agency’s features weren’t mindblowing. They were mediocre and something you can find in most similar companies. 

I mentioned they only offered features for Instagram, so let’s see what they were. 

Automated Activities

The two main activities were automated follows and automated likes. They perform based on the filters you adjust upon signing up. 

Were their filtering abilities up to par?

Well, not really

One of the main issues customers complained about is that the bot would often follow accounts way outside of their niche, even though they left specific tags, locations, etc. 

The bigger issue was that it didn’t only follow real people. In fact, the bot had no way of knowing which profile was real and which wasn’t, so it would just follow any, and you could only hope there was a real human behind it.

Once you gain too many bot followers, you can easily get caught by Instagram’s detection tools. And when the radar finds you, you can be sure there will be consequences. 

A similar issue happened with auto likes. The bot would just like posts incessantly, and that’s clearly not human behavior, which means it’s a bot. 

I’ve encountered a few reviews where clients state that their Instagram accounts got action blocked or even banned due to bot activity. 

It’s more than apparent Sara Agency didn’t abide by Instagram’s terms of use. 

As for the auto comments and story views, they were questionable as well. You could only leave generic comments on posts that the bot would choose based on the target settings. The story viewing wasn’t all that bad, but it would open stories from random users who weren’t likely to follow you. 

Targeting Control

It looks to me like Sara Agency was very proud of their targeting abilities. They assured you they performed flawlessly – another one of their bold statements.

Apparently, you had all the filters you needed to target your audience. Besides the regular hashtags and location tags, you could also single them out by gender and age. 

Generally speaking, this is an efficient way to reach out to your niche. That is if the filters work. If not, well, too bad. The bot will just end up following whoever. 

Customer Support

The quality of Sara Agency’s customer support is not admirable for sure. A great many reviews had something to say about it, and it was mostly with a negative tone. 

First of all, they didn’t have customer support that’s available 24/7, which could be overlooked if the CS actually did their job. 

There wasn’t any kind of live chat or something similar, and the only way you could reach them was through a form on the website and patiently wait for their reply if it ever comes.

Sara Agency Pricing

The company bragged about their cheap prices, but I would disagree. 

They’d make you think so by displaying weekly prices, so it didn’t seem like much. But when you realize the monthly fee, it is a bit expensive. 

Sara Agency had three packages in their selection:

  1. SARA Simple
  2. SARA Social 
  3. SARA Premium

They cost $9.99, $12.99, and $19.99, respectively. And these were weekly prices. The features were similar, and the main difference was the speed at which they grow your account. 

With the Simple plan, you get 20x faster growth, with the Social one, the growth is 40x faster, and the Premium package gets you 50x quicker growth.

Also, there was a free trial in case you wanted to try it out, but once you paid, there were no refunds.

Is Sara Agency Legit?

Since they don’t exist anymore, there’s no sense in answering this one. 

Obviously, they didn’t play by the rules, and that, to me, is not a legitimate business. 

Is Sara Agency Safe?

In terms of payment and the website, Sara Agency was safe to use. 

However, their rule-breaking practices weren’t safe for your account, so in conclusion – no, they weren’t completely safe. 


Secure website and payment optionsNo longer exists
Free trialUncontrolled bot activity
Didn’t obey Instagram’s rules
Poor targeting filters
Too expensive
No refunds

Sara Agency Shut Down: Final Verdict

Was Sara Agency a scam? Did they deserve to go under?

While it wasn’t a scam in the real sense of the word, Sara Agency didn’t do it 100% honorably, and if you’re gonna be in business with Instagram, you have to play by the rules.

Don’t get discouraged when you hear about a dishonest service. There are equally many trustworthy ones, you just have to find them!

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