Mass Planner Review: What Happened To It? Find Out Quickly Here

If your goal is to make a brand name of yourself or your business on Instagram, there’s no better way to do it than to achieve continual, steady growth.

Nowadays, you can find a myriad of companies that claim they can help you do exactly that. But, as it is in life, most of the time those are just empty promises. That’s just how it is with the majority of social media bots.

Today, I want to discuss one bot called Mass Planner. 

They were shut down by Facebook three years ago, but they didn’t completely disappear. They just go by a different name. 

But, what did Mass Planner do wrong? 

Did they deserve to be closed?

You can find out in my Mass Planner Review!

What Is Mass Planner?

A screenshot taken from Mass Planner's website

Mass Planner was an Instagram bot. It was one of the most popular bots until Facebook requested discontinuation of Mass Planner’s services in 2017.

But the company wouldn’t simply throw in the towel. Instead, they decided to rebrand and now we know them as Jarvee. 

Whether we discuss Mass Planner or Jarvee – it doesn’t really matter. They operate in very similar ways.

The Mass Planner’s website still exists, but it’s not secure and it only says ‘Nothing to see here ’ in capital letters. So, yeah, there’s really nothing to see there. 

Mass Planner was a classic social media bot. Notice I didn’t call it just Instagram bot, and that’s because they offered support for several social networks. 

Still, their number one job was to help you with your Insta account. 

The reason behind its popularity back in the day was fourfold. This bot was:

  1. Budget-friendly 
  2. Efficient
  3. A real time-saver
  4. It performed a wide range of tasks on numerous platforms

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How Does Mass Planner Work?

Mass Planner was a software that performed standard bot activities, such as like, follow, unfollow, and follow back. You could also allow it to manage and delete comments, delete posts, or even block unwanted followers. 

Most of these features were mutual to all the social media networks supported by Mass Planner, but each network also had a few unique ones.

All in all, Mass Planner’s goal was to create constant interaction with other (hopefully real) people. And it’s tried to make it seem as natural as possible. 

While they, perhaps, managed to do it, they couldn’t escape Facebook’s strict actions against bots. 

But, they did find a way around it as Jarvee, so kudos to them. 

Mass Planner Features

Mass Planner offered support for various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr, and Quora. 

I’ll just tell you about the most popular ones so I don’t bother you with too much info. Let’s start with Instagram.

Instagram support

Apart from the classic features – like, follow, unfollow, etc. there were some other useful features. Mass Planner offered to automatically save posts, view stories, like comments, repost other users based on specific hashtags and user handles. 

The way Mass Planner made it seem so natural was with the help of run timers. 

How did it work?

You could manually set up minutes or hours, and Mass Planner would wait that long before each operation was executed. Furthermore, you had the option to choose the number of accounts to follow per each operation. 

There was a time-of-the day feature where Mass Planner would operate only during fixed hours, and you could make it random.

On top of that, you could select days on which Mass Planner would work, and on which it would be in sleep mode. 

All this really helped make it look like you’re not really using a bot. But it would only seem like that to other users – Instagram has its way of figuring it out. 

Facebook support

Mass Planner helped you find groups and pages from your niche based on keywords. It also requested you to leave keywords based on which it would avoid groups and pages. 

Then it would join groups with your targeted audience and it would also invite people to join. It would comment and like on people’s posts in and out of groups, and it’d also automatically post profile and cover photos on your behalf.

If you used Facebook before 2017, Mass Planner could have really helped you out.

Alas, they didn’t manage to escape Facebook’s bot detection tools. 

Twitter support

Having an active Twitter account could be very beneficial for your business. It’s a place where people love to interact with companies and post about their personal experiences with businesses.

I, for one, love to leave complaints and words of praise on Twitter, and it’s always the place where my concerns about certain services are quickly met, unlike Facebook or Instagram.

Yup, Twitter can help you create useful interactions with your customers, in case you run a business.

So, what did Mass Planner do for you on Twitter?

It performed basic Twitter actions – follow, unfollow, follow back, favorite, retweet, mention, and contact other users. 

Other platforms

Mass Planner did similar things with other networks as it did with these three. 

With Youtube, you would, of course, gain more subscribers, views, and video likes, with LinkedIn more connections, and so on. 

Mass Planner Pricing

Mass Planner was a budget-friendly tool and considering what they offered, it could totally pay off, especially in the long run.

They had a month to month pricing system, and their packages were based on the number of accounts they supported, rather on each specific social media. 

So, for example, their cheapest package offered support for 10 profiles and it cost you $19.97 per month.

The most expensive covered up to 500 accounts. It was priced at $99.97 a month. 

But, I mean, who has 500 accounts?

See what I mean when I say they were affordable.

Is Mass Planner Legit?

Mass Planner was a legit company, but after all, they were a bot. And you know Facebook and Instagram’s policy concerning bots. 

So, they had to be shut down in the end, but while they worked, they were legit. 

However, one thing many users complained about was the poor customer service. 

Is Mass Planner Safe?

Mass Planner was safe in the sense that they had a secure payment gateway, and they didn’t ask for your passwords.

But, with any bot, there’s no guarantee you’re 100% safe. 


Affordable pricesNo longer exists
Useful featuresCustomer service was not up to par
Ever-present risks that accompany bot activity
Chances of attracting bot followers are high
Limited features

Mass Planner: Final Verdict

So to answer the question: What did Mass Planner do wrong to get shut down?

Well, nothing spectacular. 

They were guilty of being a bot. 

The firm did manage to continue their services as Jarvee, though, so they didn’t completely vanish. 

If Mass Planner’s features sound compelling to you, I encourage you to look for Mass Planner alternatives, or simply check out Jarvee!

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