Sogro Reviews: Is It A Scam? It’s Not What You Think

Trying to make a breakthrough on “the Gram” these days is brutal. 

However, it’s necessary if you want to promote your business (or yourself) online. A strong Instagram presence is THE marketing method of 2020.

I can see that you’ve already started looking for an Instagram growth service. Way to go! 

And since you’re here, I assume Sogro has caught your attention. This company has been around for a while now, but does that mean you can trust it?

Is it a viable tool, or a sugar-coated fraud?

Don’t waste your time reading biased Sogro reviews – check out the real thing right here!

What is Sogro?

A screenshot taken from Sogro's website

Sogro is a social media growth tool that claims it can get you real followers. It offers services for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The company used to have a solid reputation, but lately, things have been looking bleak. I’ll get into that in a minute.

Take a quick tour of their website, and you’ll get bombarded with customer ‘testimonials’ and success stories. Of course, nobody can confirm that these are genuine. They’re most likely not.

But that’s OK. Almost everybody does it, so I don’t want to bash them too hard for it.

So, what does Sogro say it can do for you?

It finds your ‘ideal’ audience and then interacts with it to get you new followers. The service only likes, follows, and unfollows. It does not make comments or upload posts on your behalf. 

The activity described above fits the description of a bot. This is problematic as Instagram is trying to eradicate these automation tools. Using them may get you action blocked, and if you’re persistent, eventually banned.

But, this isn’t even the biggest issue here.

It looks like the Sogro Instagram tool was busted back in 2019. If you didn’t know, that’s the year when IG did a crackdown on botting technology. Even though Sogro is still available, they don’t seem to do anything other than taking your money.

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How Does Sogro Work?

On their website, Sogro describes its operations in four steps. It looks something like this:

1. Upon registering, you tell the company what your niche is. Then, Sogro identifies your target audience.

2. Maintain your posting routine as usual. The service won’t post instead of you.

3. Sogro goes on to interact with the target audience. They do this by liking, following, and unfollowing people’s posts.

4. You start receiving 100% real followers as a direct result of Sogro’s activities. According to the company, this should start happening instantaneously. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Well, it is. 

I’ve come across dozens of claims that Sogro doesn’t work. People are still able to purchase their services, but they don’t get anything in return.

Even if it worked, it’s actions are (most likely) done by a bot. This infringes on Instagram’s policy, and anyone who uses it will probably get in trouble with the platform.

How To Use Sogro?

Here’s how to get started with Sogro.

First, go to their website, Then, click on “Start My Free Trial” in the upper-righthand corner. 

The next step is to select the social media that you need services for. I assume you’ll select Instagram. Choose one of the two payment plans (yearly or monthly). Enter your email and credit card information to sign up. Click “Subscribe,” and you should be good. 

You shouldn’t get charged anything for the first ten days of using it. 

Sogro Features

Sogro is a straightforward Instagram bot with no fancy features. Here’s all that you need to know about this:

Automatic Engagement

The service will engage with users who they identify as your target audience. As I said earlier, it will follow, unfollow, and like their posts. It will also unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back within two days.

There’s no way for you to adjust the amount of engagement. Sogro claims that they’re doing it carefully to avoid breaching Instagram’s daily limits. However, their customers were getting banned by the dozens, so their strategy seems not to work.


Sogro pinpoints your target audience using two basic filters – hashtags and your competitors’ followers. While this can be an OK method, it’s far from ideal. 

These two factors cannot narrow down your optimal audience. Some of Sogro’s customers complained about how their account followed profiles utterly unrelated to their niche.

Customer Support

There are two ways to contact the company – a contact form and a live chat. However, it looks like they’ve stopped responding to messages completely. Numerous reports said how nobody replied to their inquiries and refund requests.

It wasn’t always like that, though. Sogro once had fairly decent support, but it went down the drain like the rest of their services.

Sogro Pricing

There are two subscription packages. The monthly package costs $39.95, and the yearly goes for $29.95 a month. Take a look at the pricing on their website:

sogro reviews - pricing

Both will get you exactly the same services. The company says that you can unsubscribe anytime you want, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll explain in the upcoming section.

In my opinion, Sogro is too expensive. It offers a very basic set of services and is not worth the money. On top of that, their actions put your account at risk. 

Why pay for something like that?

Is Sogro Legit?

I’m afraid no. Sogro used to be a reputable service, but they’re not anymore.

A quick look at will tell you why. Every recent Sogro for Instagram review I found there was negative.

People paid for the service and didn’t receive it. Once they wanted to unsubscribe, they couldn’t. Requests for refunds were ignored as well as any other message sent to the customer service.

The craziest thing I read was that some users had a fairly good experience during the 10-day free trial. As soon as they paid for the subscription, they stopped receiving the services.

Is Sogro Safe?

No and no.

According to, Sogro may be a scam. Their payment gateways are not verified, and you can only pay by credit card.

The customer testimonials give a final blow to Sogro. As I said, some people were unable to unsubscribe, and the company kept charging them monthly for doing nothing. 


There’s a 10-day free trialThe service doesn’t seem to work anymore
It uses bot technology
It’s a bit overpriced
It has a limited set of features
Lots of negative reviews on labeled it as a potential scam
Customers unable to unsubscribe from it

Sogro Review: Final Verdict

Can Sogro provide you with quick likes or followers?

It can’t because the service isn’t working anymore. It’s advertised as functional, but that’s not true. They’ll charge you alright, but you won’t get anything in return.

My advice is not just to avoid Sogro, but all similar bot-based tools. Instead, find a credible organic growth company and let them boost your Instagram.

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