Ampfluence Review – What Happened When I Tested It?

Putting your content online on social media platforms like Instagram is a pathway to triumph. Your brand, photos, and videos will be available worldwide.

Reaching the right audience can get your career off the ground when you make the most of the Instagram powerful algorithm.

However, there’s a significant growth in the competition, too – everyone wants that Instagram stardom.

So, what can you do to get those followers that are interested in what you have to share? Use Instagram growth services.

In this Amplfuence review, I’ll be testing this tool and its functionalities. Is it what you need? Is it legit?

Stick around!

What is Ampfluence?

A screenshot taken from Ampfluence's website

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth service. 

In addition to Instagram services, it also offers custom-designed social media posts, a range of Pinterest services, and Twitter growth. My focus is on Instagram, so I’ll present here what I’ve learned about its Instagram features. I just wanted to mention other possibilities for those of you that use the aforementioned social media.

They claim to be “100% human-powered service” and deny any use of bots or automation. They emphasize that they are one of the rare companies that are compliant with Instagram’s terms of service.

Ampfluence had a truly promising PR campaign, so I expected a lot. I love it when I encounter tools that grow your IG account organically and steadily. The human factor is extremely important to me.

Not only does Instagram disapprove of bots and fake accounts, but there’s really no use of those followers, even if you manage to avoid restrictions.

Therefore, my disappointment was even bigger when I learned that Ampfluence, in reality, uses automation (at least to some amount). In other words, it uses bots to perform Instagram tasks (like, follow, and comment) on your behalf.

I tried it with four different Instagram accounts, and three of them got action blocks due to bot activity multiple times. One was even banned.

More on this a bit later, when I get to the actual features and my experience with using them.

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How Does Ampfluence Work?

If you were to judge how Ampfluence worked solely by their official website, you would have thought that they use human force to find the target audience and engage with them.

The descriptions are a bit vague (albeit alluring) and don’t specify how Ampfluence actually works. Therefore, I decided to try it out.

Turns out that they use automated activity (performed by bots, and not by real people) and that they also interact with some bot accounts.

As Instagram is my sphere of interest, I did not test the features for other platforms (Pinterest, Twitter), but I assume they work in a similar way.

How to Use Ampfluence?

  1. Choose a pricing plan and click “Sign Up.”
  2. They will ask you to enter your info – name, email, country, street address, city, ZIP, and cellphone number. IMO, this is way too much. I don’t really see why they need your phone number and address when all they are doing is growing your Instagram.
  3. After you pay, they’ll ask you to enter your goals, such as specify your target audience and niche. They call this “consultation.”
  4. Then, they claim you should leave it all to them – they will do their research and engage with your audience.

Features of Ampfluence

Moving on to Ampfluence features, I want to elaborate on how it performed.

Targeting Audience

Although Ampfluence boasts of advanced targeting, it’s not that smart or precise at all. It’s just different – they conduct it as a “consultation” where you mention your goals and niche.

There’s no location targeting, which can sometimes be the best way to go about it.

Instagram Engagement

In this particular case, Instagram engagement is synonymous with automated activity, for the most part.

Simply put, there are just too many actions that are performed by bots – follows, likes, and comments – and sooner or later, Instagram will detect it. 

What happens then? 

It either blocks your activity (so you cannot interact with other users for a certain period of time), or it temporarily bans your account.

Customer Support

Ampfluence does not offer 24/7 customer support even after you sign up for one of their pricey packages. So, in case anything happens to your account, you cannot really count on them to help you.

They do provide an email if you want to contact them, but you will have to wait for around 24 hours before you get a reply.

Ampfluence Pricing

Let’s now tackle the Ampfluence pricing plans:

ampfluence review - pricing

There are three main tariff packages: Engagement, Growth, and Growth x2. Their excellent marketing again comes into play – they claim that the priciest package is the most efficient, of course.

But $299 a month? Even if it had actually worked the way it is supposed to, i.e., without bots, it would have been too much. When you calculate the cost, it comes at $3,500 per year.

The other two plans also carry a hefty price tag – $129 and $199 per month, without organic performance that would justify the price.

Is Ampfluence Legit?

Ampfluence seems to be a legit company that provides a range of services for social media platforms. Quite evidently, they have a strong PR team that promotes the services.

Their website is also well-written, without any spelling errors, and the FAQ section is helpful. They even have a FB Group.

But what do you call fake claims and concealing their true nature? I call it a scam.

So, even though Ampfluence is a legit company, it strongly and passionately claims that they don’t use automation and bot services, but they do. This means they are manipulating their customers.

Is Ampfluence Safe?

Yes and no.

Nothing happened to my information while I was using Ampfluence, as they have a secure https website, and the payment gateway is verified. I prefer making online payments via PayPal, without having to enter my Credit Card info. Ampfluence offers that possibility.

But I felt uneasy providing them with all the info they required. They asked for my cell phone number and street address, and there’s no reason to do that.

Add to the equation the fact that it blocked (even banned) multiple IG accounts, and it becomes clear that Ampfluence cannot be 100% safe.


User-friendly interfaceDishonest
Bot activity
Expensive tariff plans
Can get your account banned & blocked
They ask for your phone number and street address
Interact with fake accounts

Ampfluence Review: Final Verdict

At the end of my Ampfluence Instagram review, I was left with the impression that it was not a tool worth my time.

They make false claims, and they blocked my accounts a couple of times because of the bot practices.

Organic growth remains the undisputed master of strategies for Instagram growth. If you want to get the most of your account, attract real people, and increase your visibility, you can try some of the tools I listed in the table above.

Until next time!

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