FollowAdder Reviews – All You Wanted to Know

If you want to succeed in Instagram marketing or promotion, you’re faced with an ever-growing list of tasks.

From engaging with your target audience to creating valuable content, it’s certainly a challenge to stay on top of everything at all times.

Luckily, there are Instagram growth tools that can help you stay productive without putting all of your spare time into managing your profile.

One such tool that enhances your effectiveness is an Instagram bot. Today, I’m exploring one of them – FollowAdder.

Before I tried it, I scoured the Internet for FollowAdder reviews. They were quite varied, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. That’s why I decided to create the up-to-date honest Follow Adder review. Did it help me improve my results? Or was it a scam?

Let’s begin.

What is FollowAdder?

An image of FollowAdder's website

In its essence, FollowAdder is an Instagram bot. Just like any other bot, it performs actions instead of people – in this case, Instagram activities.

They have another term for it – “autopilot.” My opinion is that they avoid the word “bot” because they are aware that automated actions are against Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

Until Instagram’s algorithm had changed, FollowAdder could help you develop smart strategies to engage with your followers and other Instagram users.

Does FollowAdder still work? Unfortunately, no.

I’m not sure whether it’s because of Instagram’s updated Policy, a change in FollowAdder management, or another factor, but I couldn’t get the desired results out of it.

For more info about that, as well as some FollowAdder alternatives, keep reading.

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How Does FollowAdder Work?

As I’ve mentioned above, FollowAdder did not really work for me.

But here is how it’s supposed to work. In the manner of most Instagram bots, it should automate your actions – from posting to liking, commenting, viewing, and more. 

It should also connect you with the right people – meaning, it should target your audience according to the filters you set up.

To see where it failed, read more about it in the “features of FollowAdder” section.

Now, does Instagram always render bot activity inappropriate and block your account? Not necessarily.

Instagram automation can be a good cost-effective strategy (at least for some time, not in the long run) if you find a high-quality tool. But ultimately, you’ll need something extra – and that is the human factor.

You simply cannot dominate Instagram without an army of real and organic followers in your arsenal.

How to Use FollowAdder?

If you want to use FollowAdder services, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for FollowAdder by entering email and choosing the pricing plan. They advise you to use the same email you used when registering for Instagram.
  2. Check your inbox. You’ll receive a registration code.
  3. Download FollowAdder.
  4. Connect your Instagram account with the tool by entering the registration code and your Instagram username.
  5. Once in the software, you’ll see the “Overview” tab. Go there, and double-click your Instagram username. Turn on the automation.
  6. All left is to tweak the settings and choose the features and tactics you want to employ.

Having to download an Instagram growth tool is always a hassle. I never feel safe downloading 3rd party software, especially when there are mixed reviews about it.

Nothing has happened to my data or my PC, but it’s completely understandable if you want to avoid downloading the software.

That said, you can use it on all the major operating systems – Windows, macOS, and Linux.

However, I find it inconvenient that they haven’t made a smartphone app. 

I mean, if you made a tool that requires a download, why not make an Android and iOS version, too? Many people use Instagram on their smartphones.

Features of FollowAdder

Here is what features FollowAdder offers, although most of them do not function properly:

Targeting Audience

FollowAdder asks you to enter specific filters (such as keywords, locations, and hashtags) so that they could interact with people from your niche.

Automated Actions

They offer a range of automated services.

Automated likes and followers do not work in the way they’re supposed to. Sometimes, I haven’t noticed any activity whatsoever. What also happened was that they overdid it and banned my Instagram account a couple of times.

Also, I didn’t notice it connected me with the users I targeted (that is, it felt completely random).

The auto-comments and DMs are very tedious to set up if you want them not to seem robotic.

Post Scheduling

FollowAdder allows you to schedule your posts at a later time. This is a legit technique – publishing your posts when there are many people online is a good strategy – but it’s not the most fortunate with FollowAdder.

You have to operate exclusively from your desktop, which means you’d have to transfer all of your photos from your smartphone or camera, and then start with the process.

FollowAdder Pricing

Take a look at what FollowAdder’s pricing structure looks like:

Followadder reviews - pricing

They have five tariff plans, and all of them include the same features I’ve mentioned above.

I mean, it’s a good thing, right? But then again, are the pricier packages worth it? The difference between the “Starter” and the most advanced, “Publicist,” package is almost a hundred bucks – yet all the latter offers is managing more Instagram profiles.

Not a good enough reason for the price to vary that much, if you ask me.

Plus, they do not have monthly or weekly plans. You have to commit to 6-month deals.

Is FollowAdder Legit?

I couldn’t determine if FollowAdder is legit for sure. 

On the one hand, it has an official website, you can eventually reach their customer support, and they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, their services do not work, so they cannot be 100% legit.

Is FollowAdder Safe?

Another question that may interest you is: Is Follow Adder safe?

For your data? Yes.

They have a secure website, payment gateway, and their software is OK. I didn’t like the fact that I had to download it, but it passed my antivirus test.

For your Instagram account? No. There’s a risk it will get it banned.

FollowAdder PROS and CONS

A nice interfaceDoesn’t work
Has to be downloaded
Your account will probably get banned
You have to purchase six months at once
Engages you with fake accounts
Not available on smartphones
DMs and comments do not sound meaningful

FollowAdder Reviews: Final Verdict

At the end of this Follow Adder Instagram review, all that is left is to make a final statement.

FollowAdder is not the tool to rely on if you want to reach the desired Instagram engagement.

If you want to level up your game, you’ll need more than a bot that doesn’t even work. Having to download it and use it from your desktop does not help, either.

Your go-to should be tools that bring you organic and real followers without fake accounts and bots. There are plenty of ways to reach your target audience on Instagram. The tools I mentioned in the table above will help you save time and increase growth.

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