Social Sensei Review: What Is The Final Verdict?

The amount of Instagram automation tools on the market in 2020 is so huge, that it’s almost impossible to know everything about each and every one of them. But, I got your back on this.

I’ve dedicated a lot of time researching and trying out many of these services so that I can make honest and unswayed reviews from the user’s perspective.

In today’s article, I’ll tell you about my experience with Social Sensei. The name for sure deserves a shoutout, but does their service live up to that name?

Will Social Sensei bring you Instagram fame you desire?

Read all about it in my Social Sensei review!

What Is Social Sensei?

A screenshot taken from Social Sensei's website

Social Sensei is a company that claims to work with a lot of influencers, so they call themselves an influencer marketing agency.

Although I’m not an influencer, I decided to try it out, just to see what would happen.

And what happened?

Well, not much.

It definitely didn’t make an influencer out of me, I can tell you that much. This is further discouraging when you learn about their pricing, but I’ll get to that.

In essence, Social Sensei is a growth service, but their MO is uncommon for a standard Instagram service.

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How Does Social Sensei Work?

Social Sensei grows your account through manual methods(I mean, they insist that’s the way they do it).

What does it mean?

In short, it means they don’t use any bots, software, or scripts. Instead, there are real people who manage your account.

Once you register on the website, you have to select a target audience and identify your growth goals. And then ‘simply watch your account grow’. 

Social Sensei’s site goes out of its way to sell the company as the best one out there. They have innumerous inspirational quotes and texts all saying how incredible they are. 

To be quite frank, I was excited to try them. I remember thinking to myself, “If they really do all this stuff, this company is a game-changer.” 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Besides all the motivational speeches, they also put a lot of effort into self-advertising. 

On their website, they claim to work with celebrities that have millions of followers, like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Jake Paul, Cardi B, and Lil Pump, to name a few. 

These people are already A-list celebrities, and I imagine they have followers pouring in, so why would they need to use a tool like Social Sensei?

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Which brings me to my point – why go through so much trouble to prove you’re legit unless maybe you’re not…

Before I tell you how legit they actually are, l want to show you a detailed overview of Social Sensei’s features.

Social Sensei Features

This company has 4 different areas of expertise. They all cover distinct features and have different purposes, as well as pricing. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing

This one allows you to work with powerful influencers to drive thousands of followers to your account. 

The particular features depend on your selected audience. They offer 4 options – global, USA, Euro, and enterprise. 

The first three are similar with the only difference being where the followers come from. You get 1 promotional giveaway, a dedicated account manager, and between 2500 and 10000 followers.

With the Enterprise package, you can get up to 100k followers based on a specific age, area, and gender. They even promise promotions with Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner. 

Of course, you have to pay a price, which is not shown on the website. Instead, you have to schedule a call with them to get full info.

I tried the USA package, and I don’t remember working with any celebrities whatsoever. 

Social Media Strategies

The next thing they offer is something called Social Media Strategies. This is supposed to be a way to take your social media presence to the next level.

What you get are monthly consultations, monthly analytics, a content strategy, a mood board, and a few others. 

It involves 4 packages – consultation, basic, essential, and business. 

Ad Campaign Management

Yes, you can get packages that serve ads on your accounts. 

But, you have to choose between Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Bing ads. 

All of them have the same price, and they come with ad account setup, ad copy & creative creation, split tests, custom audiences, and many more. 

Search Engine Optimization

This one offers on-site website SEO audit, competitive keyword research, backlink building, local, regional, and global SEO.

Custom audiences, monthly reports, weekly optimization, and an account manager are also included.

Now you can understand why I was eager to try Social Sensei. 

All of these features sound really compelling – like they can actually help you grow your account organically. 

So you can imagine how disappointed I was.

Social Sensei Pricing

Social Sensei is not a budget-friendly service, and they don’t claim to be, which I appreciate. 

However, the steep prices are not justified considering what you actually get for them.

For example, these are the prices for the Instagram influencer marketing deals, the one I tested.

Social Sensei review - pricing

For $999, you can get 5000 followers the most. This is not a lot, but I guess it would be kind of okay if they were all real people and if you actually got all 5000 of them.

But you don’t. At least I didn’t.

And these are all monthly prices for one account only.

The social media strategy packages are in the same price range.

All of the ad campaigns that Social Sensei offers are priced at $999, and the SEO packages are only two, the basic and pro, at $499 and $999, respectively.

One thing I thought was really sketchy is the no free trial policy.

If you expect people to pay this kind of money, you have to offer some kind of free trial. Also, their no refund policy can’t be a good business strategy.

Is Social Sensei Legit?

They have a lot of attractive features, but do you get what you pay for?

Not really.

So, I have to say no, Social Sensei is not downright legit.

Is Social Sensei Safe?

So, here’s the thing.

Since there are no free trials, you have to pay if you want to use it, meaning you have to register right away. 

Upon registration, Social Sensei requires you to leave your home address and phone number. Also, their privacy policy clearly states your personal information is not completely protected from third parties that may or may not be involved.

I don’t think I have to say more for you to know it’s not safe to use Social Sensei.

Social Sensei PROS and CONS

They have some interesting featuresThe service is overpriced
You don’t get what you pay for
You have to leave a home address and phone number
Your sensitive information is not safe
No refunds or free trials

Social Sensei Review: Final Verdict

So, is Social Sensei the one that will make you Insta famous?

It’s doubtful.

I did get some followers who turned out to be real people, but was it worth the exorbitant price? 

Definitely not.

One thing’s for sure – I definitely didn’t meet any of the A-list celebrities they promised I would.

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