Jarvee Review: Is It a Scam? Find Out Quickly Here

With the demand for social media innovations high up, their automated services seem to flourish. Nowhere is this more evident than with Instagram.

Now, more than ever, people crave to have their profiles organized without too much engagement that takes away their precious time.

The Jarvee Instagram Bot is one of such tools. In theory, it offers Instagram interaction in a natural-seeming way.

But is it legit and safe? Does it achieve what it’s supposed to?

The comprehensive Jarvee review presents all the advantages and disadvantages of this tool without pink-colored eyeglasses. 

You’ll learn whether it fits your needs (and wallet) and how useful are its functions.

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What is Jarvee?

Screenshot taken from jarvee's website

By definition, Jarvee is a social media bot, a self-service tool. While it’s useful for a number of social networks, its primary purpose is to help you grow your Instagram without much work.

Basically, the main idea behind this bot is that it’s a time-efficient device that can boost the analytics of your Instagram account.

To succeed in doing so, it works on boosting your profile visits, clicks, and followers. The Instagram algorithm then does the rest of the magic on its own. When your profile achieves a certain level of popularity, it’ll get recommended more often, and more and more users will discover your profile.

Generally, Instagram bots perform a variety of automation tasks, and Jarvee is no different – but more on that in a second.

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How Jarvee Works?

As a typical social media bot tool, Jarvee increases the popularity of your Instagram profile (or other supported networks) by creating constant interaction with other people. 

It does so through follow options, comments, posts, hashtags, and other Instagram actions. In other words, it performs them instead of you. Technically, the interaction is artificial, but Jarvee strives to make it look natural.

This helps you if you don’t have plenty of time to maintain your Instagram account (or any other account that this bot can control), but need the popularity. Whether it’s for promotion of your personal or business account, Jarvee can be useful for you.

How to Install Jarvee?

As Jarvee is a Windows-based tool, you can operate it from your Windows PC. The recommended versions of Windows are 7 and higher. I find this is okay, as most of the users have said goodbye to older releases, such as XP, a long time ago.

Unfortunately, Jarvee doesn’t work on macOS or Linux. 

If you want to use Jarvee with one of these two operating systems, you would have to run it on a virtual machine or through a Windows VPS server that enables dual mode.

Honestly, that process is a bit of a hassle, even for the tech-savvy. You’re buying something that should save time, not waste it right from the start. So, that’s something to have in mind if you’re not a Windows user or prefer managing your Instagram on the phone app.

Jarvee can be downloaded from a direct link, or, alternatively, through Google Drive from their official website. The installation process is quite simple – a few “nexts,” followed by “finish,and you’re done.

Another thing to note is that the bot cannot be used in a browser even though it’s social media-based software. You have to download the program and open it every time you want to use it. 

Main Jarvee Features

As noted before, Jarvee is mainly used for Instagram automation. Hence, this article will focus on Instagram-related features without dwelling too much on other social media.

However, I’ll briefly mention them so that you have an idea of what else Jarvee can do.

How to Grow Your Instagram with Jarvee?

These are the main methods Jarvee uses to boost your Instagram growth:

Posts Scheduling

By publishing frequent and regular posts, you’ll gain followers. How? Well, this bot schedules your photos, videos, and stories to go live at the time when the most people will see it. Thus, there’s more chance that your content will hit the featured posts section.

Deleting posts

Sometimes, no matter how good you think a certain photo or video is, it simply does not resonate with other people. Keeping only your high-rated posts boosts your profile, so Jarvee deletes those that don’t live up to the expectations.

Auto Re-Posting

When you set up your target niche, Jarvee searches for popular posts and automatically re-posts them to your profile. This results in the creation of a community of followers who follow similar content based on their interests.

Auto-Follow, Follow-Back, and Unfollow

In the same manner as re-posting, the bot finds Instagram profiles that deal with your favored niche and follows them. Also, it makes sure to keep a good follower-following ratio by following back people who are interested in your content and unfollowing those that seem not to be.

Auto Likes

Instagram loves when you’re active – but you shouldn’t like every single photo on your feed, or they’ll think you’re a bot (the irony). So, Jarvee filters high-quality posts and likes them for you.

Auto Comments

Again, being active in the comment section will bring you favorable statistics. The bot can do that for you. This one is a bit tricky, though. You will have to spend a good portion of your time customizing its syntax so that it can create meaningful comments.

Message Management

The tool allows you to set auto-replies or even a welcome message to your new followers. This is a nice detail. Even though it won’t automatically boost the numbers, it’ll make sure that those who follow stay.

Hashtag Research

Focusing on your target niche, the bot will find related hashtags. How will this benefit you? You can use the generated hashtags to add them to your posts so that the target audience can find you.

Block the unwanted content

People who don’t pass the filters that you set won’t be able to follow you. Also, you can choose keywords that you want the bot to delete from your posts.

Flock Social Features

As I continued to scroll down their main website, I was eagerly searching for a list of their main features as I strongly believed that their price-to-value ratio wouldn’t disappoint (more on their pricing later).

Luckily, Social Flock continues to bring in the good news, especially when it comes to:

Targeting Options

Most social media growth platforms don’t have a lot to offer in this department, as they mainly function by providing you with Instagram bot services. 

However, when you have a genuine business model that strives to elevate your social media rankings, their services usually consist of the following:

  • Hashtag targeting
  • Influencer and Competitor targeting
  • Location targeting

This is only a glimpse of their primary mechanisms – the entire list marches forward extensively.

Personal Account Manager

As I already mentioned, Flock Social offers a wide range of professional Instagram account managers that will observe and supervise your social media growth from day one.

Ensuring the safety of your precious Instagram account, as well as maintaining a meaningful Instagram growth procedure – your personal account manager will stay by your side at all times.

Priority Support and Consulting

It’s a good feeling knowing that you have someone to take care of your problem when and if you have one – a personal account manager will reach out to you shortly after you appoint a meeting through messages or, eventually, a voice call.

I didn’t joke when I said that they stay by your side – every step of the way!

Flock Social Pricing

In most cases, social media growth platforms deemed unfaithful will try to hide their business plans and pricing packages, revealing them only during the last few steps before the transaction is completed.

With Flock Social, no faulty agreements and secrets are lurking behind – two plans are presented, and depending on your wishes, you may choose between the beginners and advanced packages.

Personal Instagram profiles will usually lean toward the beginner’s package, as they don’t necessarily wish to engage with countless people but just slightly boost their social media presence every month.

However, the advanced packages should be used by larger profiles eager to contend with other Instagram profiles with a large audience behind them, if you ask me. But everybody’s free to use a plan they see fit for their needs since that’s what’s most important at the end of the day.

Is Flock Social Legit?

Trustpilot is a reputable source of user feedback. Currently, you can find a total of 116 reviews on Flock Social. Although we are primarily focusing on the Flock Social reviews – you can check other reviews for similar online companies that delve into social media growth.

Both people from Trustpilot and my personal experience will lead you toward the same conclusion – Flock Social is a legit social media growth platform.


True conversationsThe monthly plans are slightly pricey.
Real engagements
Targeted followers
Instant delivery
Excellent customer support

Flock Social Review – To Sum Things Up

What’s there else to say?

Average social media growth platforms can’t compete with the overall services and trustworthiness that surround Flock Social. Still, I was eager to give you my take on Flock Social review, just to be safe.

At the end of the day, it’s better to hear from one more person what they thought of a product or a service since that’s what bases the general sentiment towards it on the market.

As I was digging around for answers regarding Flock Social, I found that it’s a successful company that takes care of your beloved Instagram profiles with tenderness.

Stay tuned for more reviews on social media growth platforms!

Top Instagram Growth Services

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Other Social Media

In addition to Instagram management, you can use Jarvee to boost your profiles on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

Jarvee Pricing

For quick info on prices, check out the packages that Jarvee offers:

Jarvee review: the pricing packages

How Much Does Jarvee Cost?

Jarvee has three different tariff packages, depending on the functionality and features. Let’s dissect them.

For the Starter Package that costs $29.95 per month, you’ll get all the schedule and automation features for Instagram that we’ve mentioned above. It covers 10 Instagram accounts, and can also be used for additional seven social media networks.

With more expensive packages, the only thing that changes is the number of social accounts Jarvee can manage. With the Regular Plan, at $49.95 per month, you get 30 different accounts, whereas the Professional Package allows you to control 70 accounts per $69.95 a month.

Compared to some other tools, Jarvee is pricey, even its Starter Package. Their main attribute is a large number of social accounts you can manage, but a lot of users won’t need that many. So, the expenses may not be worth it for those who need it only for one Instagram account.

Across all three packages, you get customer support and a 5-day free trial.

Is Jarvee Legit?

Jarvee Instagram bot is a legit software that can boost your rank using various methods. Additionally, based on Trustpilot reviews, users find it more reliable than some other platforms.

Now that you know it’s not a scam, the most important thing is to decide whether it suits your Instagram needs. 

Is Jarvee Safe?

Jarvee download is safe if you perform it from their official website. It won’t install 3rd party unreliable software or ask you for any permissions that may compromise your privacy.

Our advice is to use all the practices that you normally would use to keep your Instagram account safe. Jarvee can even help you with some of its filter features. For instance, you can program it to block certain words and phrases or block unreliable users from accessing your profile. 


Has many featuresComplicated to set up
Can boost your Instagram accountPricey
Blocks the unwanted content“Auto-comments” feature sometimes does not generate meaningful responses
Instagram algorithm does not favor bots
Doesn’t always bring you real followers
Isn’t efficient for a single-account user

Jarvee Review: Final Verdict

Is Jarvee the magic tool that will help you grow your Instagram account while you’re away from your phone?

Yes and no.

As today’s Jarvee review has shown, there are some favorable features of this Instagram bot, but it also has some negatives. It does the job, but it’s tedious to set up. The price is also too high for users who want to use the tool for a single account.

If you’re looking for some efficient Instagram tools that will help you save more time, check out the table below. Who knows, maybe these alternatives will suit you better!

Top 10 Instagram Bots

Like we’ve said, Jarvee is not the easiest of tools to use if you’re looking to grow your Instagram account. Over the years, we’ve scoured the Internet to come up with the best services to do exactly what Jarvee promises. Check them out below!

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