StormLikes Review: Is It A Waste Of Money? – The Unexpected Truth

You’re looking for a third-party company to buy Instagram followers from? You better get well-informed about it. 

StormLikes is one of the many tools that sell likes, followers, and views to Instagram accounts. They say that engagement comes from real people and that their services are unique. 

Well, I have reasons to doubt both of those claims.

Hold up. Don’t you jump to any conclusions just yet. There’s an entire StormLikes review in front of you, and it would be wise if you read it!

Speaking of reviews,

I have dedicated a lot of time to test these websites that let you buy followers. Upleap is by far the best I have tested. Check them out on my detailed review.

Back to StormLikes:

Is this company what it presents itself to be? Will they put your account to risk?

Let’s find out!

What is StormLikes?

Screenshot taken from StormLike's website

StormLikes is a third-party service that provides likes, views, and followers to their customers’ Instagram profiles.

Their selling point is the claim that they only work with real people. This means that all the followers and engagement they provide come from legitimate Instagram profiles. Or, at least they say so.

You can never be too cautious with companies like this because the use of bots is more than tempting for them. That’s against Instagram’s terms of service, so it could create problems for you down the road. 

Another common problem with bot generated followers is that they don’t stick around. In other words, you buy a certain amount and many may unfollow you after a few days.

If there’s even a pinch of doubt that the likes/followers are fake, I suggest you look for alternative services. I’ll mention a few of those today.

Even though it’s not all sunshine and roses with StormLikes, the company is very popular. Their low prices might be one of the reasons for this. And yes, the large customer base gives them a certain level of credibility.

But, is this enough for you to trust them? 

More on that in a second. 

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How does StormLikes work?

StormLikes works with the community of its users to help them exchange engagement with each other. This is a tried and tested model which seems to be legitimate. Also, it doesn’t violate Instagram’s rules.

The concern here, as I mentioned earlier, is that some of the engagement/followers aren’t genuine. I’m  sure that much of it is real, but you can never know if there’s an Instagram bot thrown in the mix. 

Just imagine buying 25.000 followers or views from them. Yes, they offer such packages. Do you believe they’re all real people? For this to be true, StormLikes would have to have a user base of well over 30K individuals. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, it’s just unlikely.

How to setup StormLikes?

The setup is fairly simple. First, go to their official website – Then, click on the “Get Started” button. Choose the billing method and your desired package. The next step is to enter your Instagram username and press “Continue.”

After that, you wait for StormLikes to detect your IG profile. When that happens, enter the required information to create an account. They don’t require you to give them any passwords, which is great. All that’s left to do now is pay with a credit card or PayPal.

All in all, the registration process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

StormLikes Features

With a versatile company like StormLikes, there’s a lot to cover. They’ve got various features that may or may not interest you. However, it’s crucial to read about them if you’re thinking about using this service. I’ve laid them out for you below.

Purchase Likes, Views, And Followers

You already know this one from earlier in the article. There’s not much to add, really. You go to their website, register, and get the package you want. 

All three are important to improving your Instagram rank and growing your profile. If they come from genuine accounts, then it’s an excellent deal.

Country Targeting

This is a very valuable feature for, well, anyone. Each influencer has its target audience. If your audience is from a specific country (or countries), StormLikes can get you the followers/engagement from there. 

Such a focused approach can create decent results. The reason is that the engagement stays in one place and doesn’t spray out randomly around the world.

Gender Targeting

Aside from countries, you can also choose which gender you want your engagement from. How could this benefit you? In many ways. 

For example, cosmetics are usually bought by women. If you’re promoting such products, then naturally, you’ll want more ladies as followers. 

I’m  sure you did your research and know the gender profile of your audience.

Automatic Post Detection

When you upload a new video or photo on your Instagram, StormLikes will detect it and send engagement. None of your posts will go unliked for long.

This will go on until the likes and views you purchase are used up. However, it’s unclear whether you can set the amount of likes that go out to each post.

Likes Randomization

This is a crucial feature that prevents Instagram from raising suspicion. It makes sure that the daily limit of likes isn’t breached. Also, they spread out the engagement over time so that it looks more organic.

Speed Adjustment

Sometimes, the automatic likes randomization doesn’t cut it. If you feel the engagement is too fast or too slow, you can adjust the speed yourself. 

Customer Support

StormLikes has decent customer support. You can reach them via the contact form on their website, and they usually respond within a day. 

Unfortunately, there’s no speedier way to get in touch with them. They do have a pretty comprehensive FAQ page that might answer some of your questions.

StormLikes Pricing

One of the main advantages of StormLikes is its pricing. Their services are surprisingly affordable, and they have a wide range of packages. Another great thing is that they offer both monthly and one-time payments.

Here’s a glimpse of their pricing for likes:

As you can see in the screenshots above, the biggest packages are 500 for a one time purchase and 250 monthly likes. In case this isn’t enough for you, StormLikes lets you create your own custom package.

Using a simple slider, you can set your preferred amount of likes/views/followers, ranging from 1000 to 50K. The price will show  on the side.

Likes are the cheapest service that StormLikes sell. The starting price is $1.39, while the highest is $249.99. Views follow, with costs ranging from $1.99 to $399.99. Followers have the highest starting price – $2.89 – and their most expensive package is $279.99 for 25K followers.

As far as I was able to find out, they have no hidden expenses. The price plans are laid out clearly, and you should get what you paid for.

The payments can be made either by credit card or via PayPal. Those are the two methods that most other IG growth companies offer too.

Is StormLikes Legit?

According to various StormLikes reviews, the company seems to be legit. However, the customers’ comments on SiteJabber are very mixed. There’s a lot of negative sentiment.

Some folks said how they got the followers they paid for initially, but many unfollowed them soon after. Imagine the frustration they must have felt. The company doesn’t guarantee retention, so you can’t hold them accountable for this.

On top of this, many have expressed concern over the quality of the followers they were receiving.

As for likes and views purchases, we found no complaints. It’s probably safer to just stick to those two services.

Is StormLikes Safe?

The first thing I checked was whether the website is https secure. In this case, it is. You can be sure that your information will stay protected. 

Also, the payment gates are verified, so your credit card info will not be at risk. But, if you want to be extra safe, you can always pay with PayPal.

Can you get your money back if you end up being dissatisfied? 

Refunds are possible in the following cases:

  • If there is a delay in delivery
  • If the order is incomplete
  • If there’s a significant lack of retention

StormLikes Pros & Cons

You’ll get temporary followers and likesNo retention guarantee
Refunds are hard to get
Questionable likes/followers
Questionable reviews
Free trial doesn’t work sometimes
Customer service responds slowly

StormLikes Review: Final Word

Can StormLikes really do what it says it can?

To an extent, yes. 

They’ll provide you with followers at low prices. However, there’s a chance that you’ll lose many of them, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

On the bright side, the situation with likes and views seems to be a bit better. These services may prove useful for boosting your profile. Make sure to utilize their targeting features to the fullest for optimal results. 

If you want to buy Instagram followers and retain them, then you ought to look somewhere else. Fortunately, there are many great alternatives to StormLikes. You might want to give them a go.

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Buying likes and followers might seem like a quick way to grow your account but I can’t guarantee how safe it will be in the long run.

What I suggest is growing your Instagram account and followers organically. That can be done easily with some of the tools I have listed below – without any fear of being blocked or banned by Instagram.

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