Upleap Reviews: Is it Successful? Learn Here

Hi there, fellow Instagrammers!

I’m back with testing Instagram tools that should scale your growth. Whether you want to expand your contact network, increase conversions, or promote your brand, Instagram marketing services (those that work) are the secret to success.

Today, I’ll present to you what I learned about one such service – Upleap. Before my research, I went over other Upleap reviews, and there was some information missing. 

So, I checked out every bit of it and decided to report back to you. Is it safe and reliable to use? Did it grow my Instagram?

Without further ado, we can begin!

Upleap – A Quick Recap

Before I tell you all about Upleap, here’s a table of the company’s pros and cons, so you know what to expect in the full review. 

Reasonable pricesA few negative reviews once in a while - most of them resolved.
Authentic followers
Responsive customer support
Management team available 24/7
Entirely safe to use
Legitimate company
Chance to get a refund

What is Upleap?

Screenshot taken from Upleap's website

Upleap is an Instagram service that sells genuine followers – the accent being on the word genuine

Why is this important?

Well, as you may or may not know, the market is flooded with all kinds of services that sell IG followers, some of which are terrible, some of which are okay at best. Very few are excellent. 

The issue is that most of them provide fake followers, i.e., bots. So even though (perhaps) the company is legit, and the customer support is attentive and responsive, it doesn’t really matter cause they sell phony followers. 

Such is the case with plenty of Instagram services.

In my quest to find the best IG services, I only discovered a handful of truly excellent ones, one of them being Upleap. 

The great thing about Upleap is that you get a perfect combo of safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. On top of that, they work pretty fast to get you your followers and grow your account. 

But, most importantly – you get real Instagram followers. This is vital when buying Instagram followers, mainly because Instagram has strict rules regarding bots. 

They have algorithms that detect any bot activity on your profile, and if you get caught, you could suffer the consequences such as a ban or a block. 

Furthermore, Instagram tends to purge the fake followers every once in a while, so if you buy them (mistakenly or deliberately), you will likely lose them all shortly thereafter. 

So you see, nothing good comes out of buying phony followers. 

I was pleased to learn that Upleap is not in the shady business of selling fake followers. Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about Upleap:

A screenshot of a positive Upleap review on Trustpilot.

While there is a review with a negative sentiment every now and then, the company thoughtfully replies to every single one to try to resolve any issues, which I appreciate. 

A screenshot of a positive Upleap review on Trustpilot.

For instance, one minor issue was the communication with the team. However, Upleap responded in a timely manner. 

What’s more, this concern was expressed a while ago, and there don’t seem to be any recent similar complaints, which leads me to believe Upleap did their best to upscale the service. 

How To Use Upleap?

Using Upleap is a piece of cake – just go to their official site upleap.com, click on the BUY NOW button in the upper right corner, fill in the necessary info, choose the number of followers you want to buy, and proceed to checkout. 

You’re required to leave only your Instagram username and your email. They DO NOT ask for your IG password!

Is Upleap Worth It?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much do you need to cough up for real followers. 

Lucky for you, genuine Instagram followers and significant growth doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

At Upleap, you can get more followers for less than a cup of coffee – that’s how they put it. 

There is merit to this claim.

A screenshot of Upleap’s pricing.

You can buy 100 followers for as little as $3.32 – less than a cup of coffee indeed. 

However, if you plan to buy more than 100, it’s better to go with one of the bigger packages as they pay off in the end. 

The 500 followers package goes for $13, and 1,000 followers are priced at $19. 

With all three deals, you get the promise of: 

  • Instant delivery
  • No password required
  • 24/7 customer support

Let’s break them down:

Instant delivery – it’s true; you start getting new followers as soon as your order is complete. It can take up to a few minutes, and the worst-case scenario is 24-72 hours, but this rarely happens. If it’s taking more, contact their customer support. 

No password required – that’s right, Upleap doesn’t ask for your Instagram password or any other personal info, for that matter. All they need is your Instagram username, email and that your profile is public. 

24-7 customer support – again, quite true. Once you purchase the followers from Upleap, their customer support team is at your service at all times. 

So, is Upleap worth it?

Truthfully, YES. 

All things considered, Upleap really is the best bang for your buck. You get excellent customer support, fast delivery, real followers – all at pretty reasonable prices. 

Is Upleap Legit?

There is no reason to doubt it – Upleap is legit.

The company is transparent about its operations, techniques, and policies. All is laid out in front of you, so you know what you’re getting into. 

In my line of business, I don’t get to say this often, but here it goes – There’s absolutely no shady business going on behind the curtains of Upleap.

Is Upleap Safe?

After a gauntlet of tests, my final answer is that Upleap is safe.

Here is what I checked:

As they bring genuine followers, there’s no risk of getting banned by Instagram. My belief was confirmed by further research. According to TrustPilot, they have grown many Instagram accounts without any restrictions.

Moreover, their website is a secure HTTPS one. In case you decide to purchase one of the plans afterward, the payment processing is safe and encrypted.

No password required

Unlike many of their competitors, Upleap doesn’t ask for any of your sensitive data, including your Instagram password. 

You’d think all companies work this way, but no. 

Some of them, for no legit reason whatsoever, require your phone number, Instagram password, and similar data. And if you fail or refuse to provide it, you won’t be able to use the service. 

IMO, this is way out of line. 

Why would any company that sells Instagram followers need to know anything about you besides your Instagram handle and perhaps your email?

It simply baffles me. 

Upleap – Final Verdict

To sum it up, here’s a detailed list of Upleap’s yays and nays – a few key takeaways.

REAL followersSome negative reviews, most of them resolved promptly.
Budget-friendly prices
Around the clock customer service
Instant delivery
Legitimate company
Safe to use from all aspects
Don’t ask for your personal info

What’s more left to say? The table above sums up Upleap pretty well. If you’re looking for a safe, quick, and efficient way to gain Instagram followers, Upleap’s the way to go. 

Even if you encounter any issues along the way, their super responsive customer team is happy to help. 

If you consider money to value ratio, it really doesn’t get better than this.