Skweezer Review: Should You Trust It With Your Money?

Be careful with any service that says it can get you instant Instagram followers. It sounds alluring, but more often than not, it’s a scam. 

Skweezer is a company that makes such claims. Instinctively, I decided to test it out and see whether it’s legit. 

The Skweezer reviews that you can find online are varied. They all reach a different conclusion. In my article, I hope to give you a clear, unbiased picture of this tool. 

Scouring the internet for the websites that work is both time-consuming and tedious, this is why I did it so you won’t have to. Upleap is the best one I have tried so far if you are looking to buy real followers. I have reviewed them here – check them out!

Back to review at hand – My ultimate goal is to answer the big questions:

Is Skweezer safe? Does it produce results?

Find out all about this and more in the upcoming paragraphs.

What is Skweezer?

A screenshot taken from Skweezer's website

Skweezer is the self-crowned “number one source to grow your Instagram.” 

Suspicion rising. 

It is being promoted as a marketplace where you can buy real Instagram followers. They also provide likes, comments, and views. Everything comes from their own network and is supposedly legit. 

No matter how many times they repeat the word “real,” you can never be entirely sure until you give it a try. Services that sell genuine followers are as rare as chicken’s teeth. I’ve scrutinized Skweezer to the last bit and concluded that they’re not exactly what they claim to be.

To clarify, I believe there’s a bot at play here. It throws fake followers into the mix. As you may know, this isn’t the best solution for growing your Instagram account. I’ll explain why later.

But, the tool isn’t all bad. 

It does deliver the quantity that you paid for, and they seem to run a somewhat fair game. All in all, I can’t write them off as complete scammers, which gives you a reason to read on.

Let’s get into Skweezer’s mechanisms.

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How does Skweezer work?

Skweezer has a base of users from which they (allegedly) draw followers and engagement.

What interest do these users have in following you or liking your stuff? The company says that it pays them a share of the profits.

As previously mentioned, you can buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views from them. followers are available too, and they’re a big reason people decide to try this service.

Another service they offer is Instagram account verification. However, this one is somewhat controversial for reasons that I’ll get into later.

They also have something called “Instagram engagement groups.” If you click on it, it’ll take you to an entirely different website of a service called Hyper. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say what it does.

How to Get Started With Skweezer?

Skweezer doesn’t require any setup. There’s no software to download, and everything is done on their website. Let’s see how it goes:

  1. Go to their official website and pick a service from the “Services” menu. 
  2. Scroll down, select a package, and click on “Get Started.”
  3. Enter your Instagram account and email address. No password needed.
  4. Check if the package you selected is showing in the falling menu under the email field.
  5. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it.
  6. When all that is done, click “Continue.”
  7. Enter your credit card information to pay, and that’s it.

Skweezer Features

I already said which services Skweezer offers, and now I’ll elaborate on them further. There’s a lot to cover, so strap up.

Buying Instagram Followers

When it comes to purchasing followers from Skweezer, you can choose between “High-quality” and “Premium” followers.

The High-quality ones all have profile pictures and should have a few uploads on their accounts.

There’s not much information about Premium followers. It just says that they are for those who are “serious about growing their Instagram.” Also, there should be little or no drop with these.

In most cases, the follower package that you pay for gets delivered. However, it is evident that some of them are fake. 

Why is this a problem?

Instagram doesn’t like it. It will detect and delete a portion of them after a while.

On the bright side, such a package can help you kickstart a new account or make a short-term boost. It’s helpful, just not a good long-term strategy.

Buying Active Instagram Followers

Active Instagram followers will like, comment, and view your posts. You can choose which comments they leave and even make your own. According to Skweezer, these users are paid to do this. 

Something smells fishy here. 

A package of 3000 active followers costs $99. It is a one-time payment. So, they pay 3000 real people with a hundred bucks, and make a profit for themselves too? What about taxes?

I’m not saying it’s impossible; it just doesn’t seem likely.

Buying Automatic Instagram Likes

Likes can be bought for 30 or 60 posts. You can buy between 100 and 1000 likes per post. 

The problem with this service is that likes arrive very quickly. At least this is what happened in my case. 

This amount of likes in such a short time seems unrealistic, and Instagram will suspect foul play. If you do choose to purchase likes, I advise you to go for the smallest package.

Buying Instagram Views

Views are the cheapest feature, and perhaps safest if used wisely. You can get views per post, and the amount they offer is between 100 and 150K. 

The number of views you buy should correspond with the number of followers you have. This could help in avoiding suspicion from Instagram.

Buy Instagram Comments

This feature has some good and bad sides, but it can be used to your advantage. 

The bad side is that you’ll receive a number of generic comments. Even if all of them were from real people (which they’re not), they would inevitably turn out generic. 

The positive thing is that you can create your custom comments. Skweezer will then deliver them through their users, and you can be in full control. It is a lot of work, but it could be useful.

Buy Instagram Verification

Skweezer says that it may be able to get you verified on Instagram. They first check your account to see whether it is eligible. This feature has gotten some bad rep, so I’m not sure whether it actually works.

Customer Support

Skweezer’s customer support isn’t great, but it’s far from the worst I’ve seen. You can reach them through a contact form on their website. 

They say that support is available 24/7, but I’ve learned that that’s not the case. You’ll get a reply within a few hours or a day at most. If you have an issue that needs urgent attention, your only help is the FAQ section.

Skweezer Pricing

Skweezer doesn’t work on a subscription basis. They sell one-time services, at somewhat reasonable prices. I’ve used cheaper Instagram growth tools, but I’ve encountered more expensive ones too.

Here’s the pricing for their followers’ packages.

First the High-quality:

Then, the Premium:

You can get up to 15.000 “High-quality” followers and 5000 Premium ones.

Let’s take a look at the prices of likes:

As you can see, there’s a little box there that says 30 posts. It means that you’ll get the purchased number of likes for each of those 30 posts. You can change it to 60 if you want and double the price.

Here’s a preview of the comments packages:

You can get from 5 to 100 comments per individual post, and the price isn’t too high, in my opinion.

Check the prices for Skweezer’s other services on their website. 

Is Skweezer Legit?

Yes, Skweezer is a legitimate company. Based on my experience and reviews, they’re not scammers.

They don’t live up to all their promises, though. For example, some folks complained that the Instagram verification service was a fraud. Also, their followers/engagement are clearly not all real.

Is Skweezer Safe?

Skweezer has a https secure website, which means that it won’t compromise your data. Such a website is quite rare with IG growth tools, so this is a big plus.

According to their Terms of Service, “payments are processed using a secure card checkout” and SSL encryption. If this is true, it would mean that your money won’t be at risk.

Pros and Cons

Provides quick followers and engagementInstagram deletes some followers
Includes a free trialNot all followers/engagement are real
Fake reviews on their website
No 24/7 support
Customer service reacts slowly
Instagram Verification service seems to be a scam

Skweezer Review: Final Verdict

Can Skweezer boost your Instagram profile?

Yes, it may be able to deliver a quick boost. 

However, your 5 minutes of fame will be gone not long after. In other words, the results won’t stick around. You’ll lose some of your following and won’t achieve long-term growth.

But hey, that’s how it goes with these “buy Instagram followers instant delivery” services. There’s no quick fix to achieve genuine growth. Opt for tools that help you boost organically and get grinding!

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

Skweezer does that it promises with a caveat: it works best in the short term.

However, if you’re setting your sights further, you might want to take a look at other tools that can help grow your Instagram account organically. Doing so is safer in the long run and as we all know, Instagram is actively deleting followers.

If you need help, check out the table below! We’ve ranked a few Instagram growth tools, just for you.

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