Skweezer Review: Should You Trust It With Your Money?

I just wanted to give you a friendly heads-up about services that claim to get you instant Instagram followers. It’s always a good idea to be cautious when considering these options. 

Such claims are made by a company called Skweezer. I thought it would be a good idea to try it and see if it’s legitimate.

Scouring the internet for the websites that work is both time-consuming and tedious, this is why I did it so you won’t have to. Upleap is the best one I have tried so far if you are looking to buy real followers. I have reviewed them here – check them out!

What is Skweezer?

A screenshot taken from Skweezer's website

Skweezer Net is a third-party growth service designed specifically for the Instagram platform. Skweezer offers a convenient way to enhance your Instagram experience by providing options to purchase IG followers, automatic likes, views, and comments.  

It is being promoted as a marketplace where you can buy real Instagram followers. They also provide likes, comments, and views. Everything comes from their own network and is supposedly legit.

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How does Skweezer work?

Skweezer has a base of users from whom they (allegedly) draw followers and engagement.

As previously mentioned, you can buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views from them. followers are available too, and they’re a big reason people decide to try this service.

Another service they offer is Instagram account verification. However, this one is somewhat controversial for reasons that I’ll get into later.

They also have something called “Instagram engagement groups.” If you click on it, it’ll take you to an entirely different website of a service called Hyper. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say what it does.

How to Get Started With Skweezer?

So, how to get started on Skweezer?

Go to their official website and pick a service from the “Services” menu. 

In order to use Skweezer, you should visit their site. The site looks pretty normal. However, it’s not the best. Once you are on their website, you should scroll down and see the packages they offer. After choosing the best package for you, click on “Get Started.”

Enter your Instagram account and email address

In order to purchase the packages from Skweezer, you have to register. The registration process is very simple and easy. You must enter your Instagram account and email address. The good thing is that Skweezer doesn’t require your password for registration. Check if the package you selected is showing in the following menu under the email field. When all that is done, click “Continue.”

Enter your credit card information to pay

The last thing you must do is move forward with the payment. Just put in your card number and some other information. After you pay for something, you have to wait for it to be sent to you.

Skweezer Features

Skweezer has many features we’ve talked about already, including buying likes, followers, views, or comments. They allow you to share content with a larger network of real, active users, resulting in higher-quality interactions.

Now, let’s discuss Skweezer features:

Buying Followers

When it comes to purchasing followers from Skweezer, you can choose between “High-quality” and “Premium” followers. The High-quality ones all have profile pictures and should have a few uploads on their accounts. There’s not much information about Premium followers. It just says that they are for those who are “serious about growing their Instagram.” In most cases, the follower package that you pay for gets delivered. However, it is evident that some of them are fake. 

Are company name followers real accounts or bots?

As we discovered, most of the followers gained through Skweezer are not Instagram bots. However, they are fake accounts. The reviews showed that the people they attracted from Skweezer were fake accounts created for the site. 

Buying Active Instagram Followers

Active Instagram followers will like, comment, and view your posts. You can choose which comments they leave and even make your own. According to Skweezer, these users are paid to do this. This feature is a bit catchy and confusing, however, after researching the reviews, Skweezer does provide fake accounts you can manage.

Buying Automatic Instagram Likes

As we discovered, you can purchase likes from Skweezer as well. The problem with this service is that likes arrive very quickly. At least, this is what happened in my case. This amount of likes in such a short time seems unrealistic, and Instagram will suspect foul play. If you do choose to purchase likes, I advise you to go for the smallest package.

Skweezer Pricing

Skweezer doesn’t work on a subscription basis. They sell one-time services at somewhat reasonable prices. Compared to other similar sites, Skweezer is not too expensive. However, the job they provide is not so worthy of payment.

Check out similar websites that offer the same services: 

How much does Skweezer charge for followers? 

As we said before, Skweezer has two packages of followers. One of them is the package called “High-quality followers.” A minimum of 250 high-quality followers costs 2.49$ with a discount. You can purchase a maximum of 15,000 followers for 54.99$. Take note, that these are the prices with a 60% discount.

If you want to purchase premium followers, the minimum is 500 followers for 8.99$, and the maximum is 5000 followers for 47.99$. Skweezer offers real and active followers with this package, and that’s why the prices are very expensive. 

How much does Skweezer charge for Likes? 

When it comes to likes, you can either purchase just Instagram likes or Auto-likes. The cheapest plan of buying likes is 50 likes for 1$. You will receive 50 likes on the post you choose. Buying a maximum of 50 0000 likes will cost you 174.99$.

The difference between likes and auto-likes is that auto-likes will detect your new posts as well and give them likes. Skweezer offers four packages of auto-likes. 100 likes for 15$, 200 likes for 27$, 500 likes for 57$ and 1000 likes for 99$. 

Does Skweezer offer a free trial? 

Skweezer also offers a free trial option on their site. With their Instagram account verification, you can easily get free followers and enjoy automat

Pros and Cons

To get a full Skweezer review, let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin by discussing the advantages of using this Instagram growth service:

Advantages of Skweezer

Provides quick followers and engagement

Once you purchase the package you want from Skweezer, they will deliver it as soon as possible. However, it could be a problem that the likes will appear very quickly, and some of your followers can spot that you are buying them. 

Includes a free trial

The fact that Skweezer offers a free trial for their users is a very good thing. Some of the customers can try a free trial before in order to make sure that they like the site. After using a free trial, it is much easier to spot the advantages or disadvantages of the site. 

You can check out the Upleap review, they also offer a free trial. 

Disadvantages of Skweezer

Instagram deletes some followers

As we’ve discovered, Instagram spots fake followers and likes and deletes them. This could affect your account as well because after Instagram deletes the account, it will disappear from your likes and follower count as well. It is very unfair to the customers who paid a lot of money in order to boost their accounts. 

Not all followers/engagements are real.

Skweezer doesn’t use bots. However, most of their accounts are fake. Once I purchased followers from Skweezer, it was easy for me to detect that the accounts were fake. It could be a big problem to maintain your account only on fake followers because you will have a chance to lose the real ones.

Customer Support

Skweezer’s customer support isn’t great. You can reach them through a contact form on their website. You’ll get a reply within a few hours or a day at most. If you have an issue that needs urgent attention, your only help is the FAQ section.

Skweezer vs Flock Social

There are many different legit sites that help you boost your Instagram account. However, in my opinion, with the lies they provide, Skweezer is not one of them. In order to let you choose the right site to work with, we’d like to compare it to Flock Social. 

Service Offerings and Features 

Skweezer: Skweezer is a social media growth service that can help you out with your Instagram game. They offer some services like followers, likes, and views. 

Flock Social: Flock Social is your go-to for all things Instagram. They provide organic growth services, so they can help you boost your presence on the platform. They specialize in helping you gain genuine and active followers by using effective marketing techniques.

Follower Quality

Skweezer: The interactions you receive through Skweezer may not always come from users who are genuinely interested or engaged. Artificially boosting interactions may have negative effects on your organic reach and credibility.

Flock Social: Flock Social’s goal is to help you connect with real and active followers who are genuinely interested in your content.  The followers you gain through Flock Social are more likely to engage with you and help you build a strong social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Skweezer: It’s important to point out that using services like Skweezer goes against Instagram’s rules. This could lead to banning or restricting your account. You can lose your followers as well.

Flock Social: Flock Social, uses genuine and legitimate marketing strategies that align with the rules and regulations set by different social media platforms. Their approach makes sure that all growth and engagement tactics follow the guidelines set by these platforms.

Long-Term Benefits

Skweezer: To achieve long-term success on social media, it’s important to have an audience that is engaged and genuinely interested in what you have to share. Using services like Skweezer for quick engagement boosts may not be the best way to build a sustainable community of loyal followers.

Flock Social: Flock Social’s goal is to help you achieve long-term benefits for your social media presence.  Flock Social takes a different approach compared to other services they focus on attracting genuine and engaged followers using targeted marketing methods.  

Final conclusion for Skweezer

Is Skweezer legit?

Yes, Skweezer is a legitimate company. Based on my experience and reviews, they’re not scammers.

They don’t live up to all their promises, though. For example, some folks complained that the Instagram verification service was a fraud. Also, their followers/engagement is clearly not all real.

Can you get banned from using Skweezer? 

The chances that you will get banned for using Skweezer is low. However, they are real. There is always a chance that Instagram will spot the fake followers you gain through sites like Skweezer. It will be a better idea to choose a site that provides organic growth.

Is Skweezer worth the money paid? 

No, the engagement you receive from services like Skweezer may not always come from genuine users who are truly interested in your content. As a result, the interactions might not feel as genuine and meaningful. Moreover, compared to the jobs they offer, the prices can be seen as expensive. 

Can Skweezer give you the results promised? 

In my opinion, Skweezer will most likely disappoint your beliefs. You can lose your money, as well as get your Instagram account deleted. You are taking a big risk with a platform like Skweezer.

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Skweezer?

No, Platypus does not recommend Skweezer. Skweezer does what it promises. However, if you’re setting your sights further, you might want to take a look at other tools that can help grow your Instagram account organically. Doing so is safer in the long run, and as we all know, Instagram is actively deleting followers.