Firing Table Reviews – How Safe Is It? The Truth

The term ‘organic’ is now tightly related to social media, but what does it have to do with it? 

When we’re talking about Instagram, it refers to the way you grow your account. Instead of doing it automatically, you do it organically with a human factor involved rather than bots. 

You probably know that bots are unwelcomed on Instagram, but do you know there are actual consequences that come from using them? Like getting your account action blocked or even banned?

Yeah, it can get pretty ugly. 

That’s why you have to know how to tell the bad guys (bots) from the good guys, i.e., organic growth services. 

Today’s topic is a growth service called Firing Table. What’s the deal with it? 

Will it grow your account organically?

Read about it in my Firing Table Review!

What Is Firing Table?

A screenshot taken from Firing Table's website

Firing table is an Instagram growth service.

They, of course, claim to grow your account organically and no other way. 

From my experience with countless growth services, I tend to get really skeptical about whatever they claim.

I’m not saying Firing Table isn’t an organic service – all I’m saying do your research before you believe everything they say. Most of the time, they twist the actual truth so you end up disappointed, or even scammed. 

So, back to the matter at hand. Firing Table says they do everything organically. What does ‘everything’ include?

It involves engaging with a targeted audience and boosting your account 24/7. 

Is it all purely organic or is there automation to some level? Let’s find out. 

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How Does Firing Table Work?

First thing you need to do is choose one of their three plans. After that, you have to give them your Instagram username. They don’t ask for your password or any other information, which is always a good thing.

Since Firing Table says it provides organic growth, it should mean there’s no automation involved. 

However, that’s not exactly the case. 

Based on a number of reviews I found from people who tried and used Firing Table for some time, it’s clear as day that there’s automation involved.

What’s more, people also said that’s not where it ends. Unfortunately, Instagram’s not a fan of bots, and if it detects any suspicious activity, your account could get flagged, and eventually banned. 

This is exactly what happened to some of the users. And it only proves my point – you can never trust them completely. 

It also proves that, even though Firing Table may do it somewhat organically, it uses automation as well. 

But why is automation so bad? Let’s get into the specific features so you can get a clearer picture.

Firing Table Features

Automation is not the worst, but it’s also not the best way to grow your account. There are a few issues that accompany automation, and they’re almost always the same. 

Targeting audience

Firing Table’s targeting feature is no different from that of a service that grows your account automatically. 

They, of course, target the audience based on hashtags. 

So what you need to do is select hashtags, and make sure they are very tightly related to your niche, so the targeting would be as precise as possible. 

Then, Firing Table follows people and likes posts based on those hashtags.

This is an excellent way to reach out to people who might be interested in what you have to offer, but here’s the problem.

Some of the users complained their account got flagged due to too much bot activity. A few even reported their accounts being banned. 

Why would this happen if the growth is organic?

It’s simple – it wouldn’t.

The only thing we can gather from this is that there’s automation involved – at least to some level. Given that people were actually banned because of it, I’d say automation is present at a high level. 

So much for being organic. 

Oh, and one more thing. There’s no targeting by geotags, which is unfortunate, since it’s a pretty efficient way to reach your audience. 

Automated DMs

Besides the auto follows and auto likes included in the feature for targeting audience, Firing Table also offers to send automated DMs to people. 

However, this feature is available only in their Business plan, which also happened to be the most expensive one, but I’ll get to that in a second. 

How does it work?

When you gain a new follower, Firing Table will send a welcome message. You can create a template of the message so it doesn’t sound too bot-like.

Auto Comments

Another feature that’s exclusive for the Business plan.

Automated comments rarely work well. I mean, if the growth were organic, it would be an awesome feature, but a bot can make many mistakes when it comes to comments.

Too often, the comments left by a bot don’t feel natural, even if you wrote them beforehand. 

This is the feature that a lot of reviews didn’t have anything nice to say about.

Firing Table Pricing

I mentioned there’s a Business plan, but there are also two other plans. Let’s see what they are.

firing table reviews - pricing

The prices don’t seem to be over the top, but when you take a closer look at each plan, you’ll notice they are to be paid weekly, not monthly. 

Not so budget-friendly after all. 

All three plans differ a lot in terms of features and services, so you have to choose carefully. 

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no free trial, nor do they offer refunds. If you want to try it, you gotta pay the price.

Is Firing Table Legit?

I can’t answer this question without mentioning that Firing Table is not completely honest with their customers. 

They claim to be an organic growth service, and that’s just not true. There’s too much evidence that points to the contrary.

But are they the only company that does this? Of course not. Does that mean we should turn a blind eye? I’m not sure. 

Firing Table’s website is secure and they won’t try to steal your money, so in that way, they are legit. 

Is Firing Table Safe?

Yes, it’s safe to use their website, and to pay for their services. They also don’t ask for your passwords. 

But can they get your account flagged or banned for bot activity? Also yes. 

So I’d say the safety of using Firing Table is open for debate.


Some features are okayFalse advertising
Concealed bot activity
Too expensive
No refunds
No free trial
Your account’s in danger of getting flagged or banned

Firing Table Review: Final Verdict

Is Firing Table an organic growth service, as they claim to be?

Not really. 

I’m not sure what’s their strategy behind false advertising, but it seems to work since a lot of people fall for it. That’s the reason why you have to do research – so you can steer clear of services that will do more harm than good. 

Thankfully, there are honest organic services that can really help you reach Instagram stardom!

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