Gramiety – A Deep Dive into Gramiety’s Tune of Growth and Authenticity

Social media is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives in the twenty-first century. 

People devote hours to social media sites in order to expand their audience, provide intriguing material, and gain more followers. 

As a result, there is a growing demand for social media marketing tools.

Today, there are millions of companies in this industry, and I’d like to introduce you to one of them: Gramiety.

What is Gramiety?

A screenshot from the homepage.

Gramiety, a social media advertising platform, gives Instagram, the most popular social networking site, access to a variety of businesses.

Gramiety is a platform that offers a variety of services such as increased Likes, Followers, and Comments. 

This platform turns out to be simple and straightforward to use; all you have to do is select an offer, register, and pay for the service. Gramiety guarantees an extremely high standard of service and also gives an immediate increase in Instagram account recognition.

How does Gramiety Work?

A screenshot from the main page.

Instagram, the most popular social networking site, now has access to a variety of businesses thanks to Gramiety, a social media advertising platform.

Gramiety is a social media site that provides a number of services such as increased Likes, Followers, and Comments. 

This platform proves to be relatively simple and straightforward to use; all you have to do is make a decision about an offer, register, and pay for the service. Gramiety assures an exceptionally high level of service that also immediately improves Instagram account popularity. Famoid also provides one of the similar growth services that Platypus reviewed. 

Go To Website

For more information about access to the platform, go to As you can see, the site is rather simple and easy for anyone to use. 

The following step is to make a registration.

Make a Registration

If you do not already have a Gramiety account, simply press the “Get Started” symbol in the top right corner of the main page to be sent to the page where all the available Package offers are displayed. 

I will get into details about these offers later. After choosing the wanted package, you will be sent to the registration page. Before you can advance, Gramiety will require you to provide your Full Name, Email Address, phone number, and Instagram username. 

Proceed With the Payment

It’s time to pay for the service you’ve chosen after you’ve completed the registration and plan selection processes. 

As you can see, the charges are a little higher than usual, but we’ll go over that in greater detail later. Gramiety, like a lot of other organizations, will request credit card details. You will be charged once you finish it. You can now pick up the package you purchased. 

What are Gramiety Features?

Customers can take advantage of a number of advantages provided by Gramiety. Our goal is to investigate their credibility. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Gramiety.

Advanced Targeting

Gramiety guarantees its consumers that they will not receive an empty number after purchasing new followers. 

According to Gramiety, the new followers it gives are always targeted and genuine. As a result, you can attract followers who are really interested in your content. However, based on my investigation, it is questionable, and many customers claim otherwise.

Are company name followers real accounts or bots?

I can confidently state that the followers provided by this company are false and bots

I conducted an investigation, and it became clear that getting more followers from Gramiety is just a fancy number that makes you appear more popular. Still, the followers are bogus bots, and will not offer you any more notoriety than you already have. These followers will also fade away after a while, leaving you without any real progress. If you want to check out similar Instagram growth services, you can read about Pathsocial review.

Support System

The platform offers customer care to help users with any problems or challenges that may arise when utilizing Gramiety services. 

However, the corporation appears to fail to deliver on its promises once more. According to what I’ve read, many customers were dissatisfied with this company’s customer service. 

What is Gramiety Pricing?

A screenshot from the homepage.

The charges of Gramiety are much higher than those of other social media marketing organizations. 

Let us now discuss the prices:

How Much Does “Company Name” Charge for Followers?

GRAMiety has three pricing tiers that claim to offer distinct features, yet the listings beneath them look nearly identical.  

The Standard subscription costs $79 per month and includes features like Quality daily growth, Targeted growth, Organic growth, Real followers, Steady daily growth, etc.

Their second plan now offers the same features as the first, but with “fastest daily growth.” Other than a higher monthly fee of $149, they don’t define any new features or provide any proof of how they’ll actually supply you with different results. 

I feel like the main strategy behind these two packages is to fool you with pretty offers and rob you in the process of delusion.

However, if you think that these packages are expensive, you just haven’t seen the nest offer. If this weren’t expensive and bland enough, they also have a High-Growth plan that costs $750+ every month with offerings like Organic growth, targeted/non-targeted Rapid, high-level growth and etc.

Do you get déjà vu? 

Because I don’t see any real difference between these packages rather than prices, they charge nearly $1,000 per month for untargeted Instagram growth, with no genuine warranties to back up the findings. It’s just a ruse to get high-value accounts without having to do anything unusual. 

Does “Gramiety” Offer a Free Trial?

No, there is no free trial service offered by the company, which is both frustrating and worrisome.

Why should I put my faith in a business I’ve never heard of? Who is gullible enough to pay in advance for a service without first trying it out for free? Companies that do not offer free trials are automatically risky and untrustworthy.
If you are searching for an Instagram growth service that offers a free trial, check out our stormlikes reviews and find out more about their features.

Pros and Cons of Gramiety

Gamiety, like every other company, has advantages and disadvantages, which I shall discuss in detail presently.

Advantages of Gramiety

No password required

Gramiety will not ask for your Instagram login or any other personally identifiable information.

When a customer selects a monthly or yearly package, the webpage only asks for your name and email; nothing else confidential private data, such as your Instagram password, needs to be done, which is great for client safety and privacy; the user is no longer anxious about the confidential data on their social media accounts being leaked.

Disadvantages of Gramiety


We’ve already discussed the costs of Garmiety, and I believe it’s apparent that a person on a regular wage simply cannot afford to spend such a large amount of money every month or year for basic services that are readily available on several other platforms for far less money. 

Gamiety is overpriced, and this company should seriously consider lowering its prices.

Limited service

There are now dozens of alternative social media platforms, such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Gamiety’s services are minimal because it only provides Instagram account boosts. Is it, however, adequate? Almost every Instagram user also has a Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter account. What are they expected to do? Paying solely for Instagram growth when a superior firm can provide all types of services for all types of social media platforms is, in my opinion, a waste of money.

Results take a while

We are all aware that time is money in this day and age. 

Gramiety promises its customers quick results, but it looks like these claims are false. In reality, clients obtain results from the items they purchase over time, and I believe it is quite difficult to wait for what comes out of the product that you have spent money on when you want advancements to occur as soon as possible.

If you’re curious about other Instagram growth tools and their effectiveness, make sure to check some of our honest reviews: 

Gramiety vs Flock Social

Social media marketing, as previously stated, is a profitable business

People will spend a lot of money to upgrade their accounts to obtain more followers, likes, and comments and increase the popularity of their accounts. As a result, you must approach cautiously and avoid wasting your time and money on untrustworthy websites. To further understand Gramiety, consider Flock Social, a similar social media marketing platform. You can read more about Flock Social review on Platypus reviews. 

Service Offerings and Features 

Gramiety: Gramiety helps you grow your Instagram account by delivering additional followers, likes, and comments, as well as tools for account management and analytics.

Flock Social: Flock Social is an online company that assists you in naturally growing your Instagram account. They use targeted marketing strategies to acquire actual followers who are interested in the content you produce.

Follower Quality

Gramiety: As you must have already understood from the previous read, the followers offered by Grmiety are obviously fraudulent and absolutely useless for expanding your account.

Flock Social: Flock Social’s strategy is based on obtaining genuine followers who actually have an interest in what you have to offer. Followers of Flock Social are more likely to experience actual development and popularity, as well as contribute to a broader social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Gramiety: Instagram’s standards, which are particularly hard on fraudulent followers and bots, may be violated by Gramiety. As a result of this, you may be blocked or banned from Instagram.

Flocksocial: Flock Social uses legal marketing techniques that adhere to social media network norms.

Long-Term Benefits

Gramiety: According to my research, this company’s services are short-lived. Following and liking obtained as a result of a decision may erode with time. As a future customer, you may be irritated if the products you purchased are missing after you have spent a significant amount of money.

Flock Social: Flock Social followers and likes, on the other side of the coin, are lasting; customers are never disappointed, and this company can be relied on in this area.

Final Conclusion for Gramiety

Is Gramiety Legit?

No, after extensive inquiry, it was revealed that this company is entirely fraudulent. 

All of the services provided by that website are deceptive. You are given an untrustworthy follower who may or may not disappear after a short period. Gramiety, in my opinion, is a fraud and should not be trusted.

Can You Get Banned From Using Gramiety?

Yes, there is a chance that utilizing Gramiety will result in the suspension of your social network account. 

Instagram, for example, has stringent anti-bot and fraudulent follower measures in place. Because all of the new followers provided by Gramiety are fake and bots, social media networks will quickly detect the crime and block your account. 

I believe that all current and prospective clients should be aware of this risk.

Is Gramiety Worth the Money Paid?

No, I believe this article has shown that Gramiety should not be trusted

The current venture could be a better use of both time and money. Flock Social, for example, offers substantially better service for significantly less money.

Can Gramiety Give You the Results Promised?

No, you will not get anything from the company. All you get are a few erroneous followers, less money in your blocked account, false promises, and a shambolic support system.

Final Verdict: Does Platypus Recommend Gramiety?

No, platypus does not recommend Gramiety.