Kenji Instagram Review – A Safe Bet Or A No-Go?

It’s amazing how much can be done just over social media through your phone. But, as much as you think you’re doing now – there are people out there who are doing much more.

But how can someone do better than you when you’re giving everything you’ve got?

That’s quite simple, actually! They’re using resources such as Instagram bots and Instagram automation tools to optimize their time and output, leaving them with much more room for other projects while keeping their Instagram engagement on a respectable level.

So, knowing this, are you keen on doing the same? is one of the market’s most well-known and used Instagram bots. Let’s dive right into this Kenji review and see how it can optimize your workspace on Instagram while allowing you to maximize your ROI while doing other things!

What Is Kenji?

Kenji is designed to help you get more out of Instagram without having to do much work yourself. It’s not the most original way to think about automation, but what matters most is whether or not it does its job.

It’s a well-known rule that you can’t completely lean on these kinds of tools and expect them to build up your outreach without you lifting a finger.

As far as the question “What is”, I’ve found it most useful to name all the features it offers its users as an answer to that particular question.

Here’s what Kenji offers you:

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Get Organic Followers
  • Get Real Engagement
  • Blacklist Features
  • Whitelist Features
  • Targeting by Hashtags
  • Targeting by Influencer
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Regular 24/7 Support
  • Fastest Speed
  • Smart & Auto Optimizations
  • Skip-The-Queue Support

These are all of the options that are listed on’s website, although you should keep in mind that the last three on this list are available only through a bigger plan, which I’ll discuss a bit later on.

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How does Kenji work?

According to their website and multiple other sources, Kenji is one of the easiest Instagram bots to set up. They pride themselves on having a “60-second setup”, which is not far from the truth. They’ve been very persistent in simplifying the setup process.

That was also my experience, as I only needed around a minute to fully set it up, which is quite amazing as one of the “bonus” features that come with an Instagram automation tool.

I know you’ll probably only do this once or twice, but having a complicated setup procedure is what discourages new users from continuing to use an Instagram bot in the first place.

Get Started

In order to get started on Kenji, you just need to sign up on their site. You just have to type your email address in. Kenji doesn’t require any of your personal information and if it did, we are sure that it would be safe. Then, you will need to enter your full name and a new password. After, enter your Instagram username. 

Choose the package you would like to buy

Kenji offers you many types of packages. You just have to select the one you like depending on its prices and offers. You don’t have to hurry. Once you are registered on the site, you have plenty of time to buy your favorite package. After choosing your favorite product, it’s time to pay.

Proceed with the payment

Once you have clicked on the package you want to buy, Kenji will show you the payment sheets. You can pay with a card. Just enter the card details and information, and that’s it. Kenji will start its job.

What are Kenji features?

Kenji has plenty of different offers and features. Here are some of the key features of

Audience Targeting

Kenji allows you to target your desired audience. Targeting the right audience to get your message across is the ultimate goal. By reaching out to the audiences, Kenji makes sure that only the people who are interested in your goals are connected with you.

Are company name followers real accounts or bots?

Kenji will attract you 100% organic and real followers. The platform doesn’t use bots or fake accounts. This way, your Instagram account will be safe and boosted all at once. Moreover, the engagement you receive from your new followers will last long.

Automated Activity bot performs these Instagram tasks:

  • Follow and unfollow functions. Kenji does this in batches in order to maximize efficiency but does not get your account blocked since it does it discretely and targets real people.
  • Likes. The same stands for likes – the likes are targeted and help you get noticed by your future audience.
  • Story viewing. This is yet another excellent strategy. Other users who notice your views on their stories will surely reciprocate!
  • React to lives. I don’t see this automated feature often, but it comes in handy. When someone from your niche goes live, reacts to their live and makes them notice you.

Similar features are provided by other Instagram growth services, such as Nitreo, Growthoid, and Stim Social; Check them out and choose your favorite.

What is Kenji pricing?

Unlike some of its competitors, Kenji didn’t raise its prices in light of recent events. They kept their prices relatively low and didn’t try to maximize their profits in a short-scale timeframe.

This is a respectable thing to do and one to remember when choosing an Instagram bot service.

The pricing on the website is simple and direct, as they only have two different subscription options.

How much does Kenji charge for its packages? 

Kenji offers its customers 2 main packages: “Pro Monthly and Simple Monthly”. The package Pro monthly is the most expensive one. It costs 79$ a month. The package offers you a dedicated account manager, account review and growth optimization,1 on 1 consulting, and many other options. 

The second plan is called Simple Monthly. It is very cheap and effective for the beginners. It costs 49$ a month, and the results are amazing. With this package, you will receive thousands of real followers, 24/7 growth on your platform, targeted hashtags and followers, and many others.

As you can see, Kenji packages are very affordable and successful. You just need to activate the one you desire, and your Instagram will get boosted. 

Pros and Cons of Kenji

Advantages of Kenji

Easy & quick setup

It is very helpful that Kenji doesn’t require a lot for the sign-up process. As we discussed before, you just need to write your email address, a new password, and your username. That’s it; now you can work with Kenji and boost your Instagram. 

Good customer support

Another good feature about Kenji is that they have the best customer support service. Once you have an issue with Kenji, you have to contact their customer support. They will answer you as soon as possible. Moreover, you will receive your help in a day or two, most likely.

Reasonable pricing

As you can see, the prices on Kenji are very reasonable. It is very exciting that Kenji is very affordable. Moreover, compared to the prices, the work Kenji offers is the best, with 100% organic followers and real accounts.

Disadvantages of Kenji

Some negative reviews online

It was very surprising that Kenji has some negative reviews online. As I’ve discovered, most of these negative reviews seemed identical. In my opinion, some of these reviews could be written by bots. 

Kenji vs Like4like

In order to be sure that Kenji is a reliable service, we want to show you how it looks compared to other sites. There are a lot of similar sites that work on boosting Instagram accounts. Today, I want to compare Kenji with Like4like.

Service Offerings and Features 

Like4like:  Likes, follows, and other forms of user interaction are available on Like4like. Despite the fact that this may appear to be an immediate method to gain more followers, it is actually against the rules of most social media platforms. Your account’s credibility and authenticity will suffer if you manipulate your engagement numbers to make them look higher than they actually are.

Kenji: Kenji offers many types of different services. With Kenji, you can gain more followers, engagement, and visibility on Instagram. Compared to Like4like, Kenji won’t get you any trouble with the policy.

Follower Quality

Like4like: Like4like is not a naturally expanding platform like Kenji. They will give you a false impression of popularity and engagement. Those accounts are probably bots or fakes that don’t care about your daily posts.

Kenji: As we said before, the engagement you receive from Kenji is real. Most of the followers you will receive from the site will stay with you forever. Moreover, the site makes sure that the new followers will be interested in your daily updates.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Like4like: Like4like’s weaknesses come from the fact that it does not depend on a naturally expanding user base. Generally speaking, social media sites’ Terms of Service ban the use of such tools. Because of this, they may need to temporarily or permanently disable your account.

Kenji: The site attracts real followers who have nothing against the Instagram rules. With Kenji, you won’t have to worry about Instagram’s rules or policies. Instagram notices that your new followers are in tune with your new updates and act focused. Moreover, the engagement received from Kenji is real and 100% safe.

Long-Term Benefits

Lik4like: Customers’ newfound likes and followers, according to the reviews, quickly vanished after a while. This is due,  to Instagram catching on to the fake accounts. As a result of having most of the fake accounts deleted or restricted, you will lose them.

Kenji: Kenji attracts you real followers. It is most likely that your new followers will stay with you as long as you’d like. There is no chance that Instagram will delete or block your new followers purchased from Kenji.

Final conclusion for Kenji

In order to save you some time, I’ll cut to the chase – is one of the safest Instagram bot tools you can use. This goes both for your information and your Instagram account’s digital well-being.
Check out Upleap Instagram bot features.

Is Kenji legit?

In short – yes, it is legit. This Instagram bot will allow you to automate the majority of your Instagram presence. It will build you an outreach campaign that you set up without you having to interfere in it very often.

Kenji is a tool that you can rely on. Just remember that these tools can’t do all the work alone, and you need to oversee it from time to time.

Can you get banned from using Kenji?

No, you won’t get banned from using Kenji. The site is legitimate and safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Is Kenji worth the money paid? 

Yes, Kenji is worth the money paid. Moreover, the site is not expensive at all. They offer plenty of features which cost more money than other similar sites. 

Can Kenji give you results promised? 

Kenji will give you the results promised. You will immediately receive followers and engagement. Your account will be boosted and popular among others. 

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Kenji?

Yes, Platypus recommends Kenji. After taking a closer look at this Instagram bot product, I can safely say that I’d recommend to anyone who needs an Instagram bot.

In this Kenji review, I’ve gone over everything you need to know about it, and I hope that you’ve learned how important it is to use a service such as this one.

It’s interesting to talk about as it’s one of the rare services that survive the attacks of fake reviews and artificial collapse attempts from its competitors.

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