Growth Beast: Aiming the Social Jungle with Growth Beast’s Fierce Strategies

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Welcome to the 21st-century social extravaganza! Picture this: people spending hours concocting social media magic, all in the pursuit of expanding their fan base. Enter the scene-stealer – Growth Beast! 

It’s like one in a million (literally) in the bustling world of social media marketing. Get ready to ride the Growth Beast wave in this wild online adventure! 

What Is “Growth Beast”?

With the help of the social media advertising platform Growth Beast, Instagram, the most popular social media network, may now connect with a variety of businesses. 

A platform by the name of Inflact offers a number of services, including more followers and engagement for your company. 

Selecting an offer, registering, and making payment for the service are the only requirements to use this site. In fact guarantees top-notch support and instantaneous growth in Instagram account popularity.

How Does “Growth Beast” Work?

Instagram is the most popular social networking site, and businesses can now use it thanks to Groeth Beast, a social media advertising platform.

More Likes, Followers, and Comments are just a few of the services that Growth Beast, a social networking platform, offers to help you sell content more effectively. 

To use this platform, simply select an offer, sign up, and pay for the service. It turns out that using it is quite simple. Apart from ensuring exceptional quality of service, Growth Beast also guarantees an immediate increase in Instagram account popularity.

Such features are also provided by similar Instagram growth service companies such as; Upleap, Kenji, Nitreo

Go to the Website 

For further information regarding how to obtain access to the platform, go to

As you can see, the website is rather simple to use and can be utilized by anyone. The next step is the registration procedure.

Download the App

To access the page displaying all of the available Package deals, just click the “download” symbol located in the upper right corner of the main page if you do not already have a Growth Beast app.

I shall discuss these offerings in more depth later. You will be directed to the download page after selecting the desired package.

After downloading  Inflact will ask for your full name, email address, phone number, and Instagram username before allowing you to proceed.

Proceed With a Payment

It’s time to make the service payment after finishing the registration and plan selection processes. As you can see, the prices are a little more than usual, but we’ll go into further detail about that later. 

Similar to several other establishments, Growth Beast will request credit card details. You’ll receive a bill after you finish it. You can now pick up the bundle that you purchased.

With a similar service, we reviewed Mr.Insta, so you can choose wisely.  

What Are Growth Beast’s Features?

The benefits that Growth Beast provides are advantageous to clients. We wish to ascertain their level of credibility. Let us look at some of the features of Growth Beast.

Targeted Growth

Customers purchasing new followers from Inflact are assured that they will not receive an empty number. 

According to Growth Beast, all of its new recruits are sincere and carefully chosen. After that, you can attract followers who are actually interested in your content.

Nevertheless, despite the assertions of many consumers to the contrary, my research suggests that it is extremely doubtful.

Are Growth Beast followers real accounts or bots?

I can declare with certainty that the followers of this company are automated and phony. 

Having more followers on Growth Beast is merely a clever method to look more popular, but the followers are automated, fake profiles that won’t make you any more famous than you already are, I found out after doing some research. 

These supporters will eventually vanish as well, giving you little chance of progress.

Support System 

The platform makes the claim that it offers customer support to help users with any problems or challenges that may arise when utilizing Growth Beast services. 

However, it appears that the business is failing to live up to expectations once more. Numerous consumers weren’t pleased with this company’s customer service, according to what I’ve read.

What Is Growth Beast Pricing?

Alt: A screenshot from the homepage-price chart.

Growth Beast is considerably more expensive than other social media marketing agencies. Let’s now discuss the expenses:

How Much Does Growh Beast Charge for Followers?

Although Inflact promises two distinct price categories with special benefits, the listings beneath them are nearly identical.  The 9.99 euro monthly subscription includes features like advanced filtering for comments, story view, auto-follow, unfollow, like, and rapid setup.

Their second strategy now includes the components of their previous plan. All the same features are included, but a yearly subscription costs 99.99 euros. 

I believe that the main purpose of these two bundles is to trick you with alluring offers and take advantage of you while you’re duped.

Does Growhbeast Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Growth Beast offers its customers a free trial. 

As a result, you will have a good opportunity to determine whether or not you like this platform. For their packages, the company is providing a three-day free trial. 

Pros and Cons of Growth Beast

Advantages of Growth Beast

No password required 

Growth Beast will not ask for your Instagram login or any other personally identifiable information. 

The user is no longer worried about the private information on their social media accounts being compromised, which is excellent for customer safety and privacy. 

Only your name and email are requested on the webpage when a consumer chooses a monthly or annual package. It doesn’t need any other confidential information, like your Instagram login.

Disadvantages of Growth Beast


We’ve already discussed the price of Growth Beast, and I believe it’s obvious that someone with a regular salary simply cannot afford to spend so much money on a monthly or annual basis on such basic services that are readily available on numerous other platforms for far less money. 

Because Growth Beast is expensive, the company needs to think about making cost reductions.

Limited Service 

In recent years, a number of alternative social media sites have surfaced, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others. Because Growth Beast only provides Instagram account boosts, its selection is somewhat restricted. 

Is it enough, though? 

Almost everyone who uses Instagram also has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. What are the expected activities from them? 

I think it is a waste of money to invest in Instagram growth alone when a more capable business might provide a wide range of services for many social media networks.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Growth Beast

I looked into the Growthbeast reviews.

Sadly, neither Trustpilot nor any other reliable website has any reviews. In my opinion, it’s clear that this business can’t be trusted and that it simply removes all negative reviews in order to maintain a positive reputation. 

“Growth Beast” vs. Flock Social

As was previously noted, social media marketing is a profitable sector. 

People will update their accounts at significant financial cost in an attempt to increase the number of followers, likes, and comments on their accounts and increase their popularity. 

Thus, you need to exercise caution and avoid wasting your time and money on questionable websites. To find out more about Growth Beast, check out Flock Social, a similar social media marketing tool.

If you’d like to know more about the Flock Social review we created for you, click the link before we move on to those two company comparisons.

Service Offerings and Features 

Growth Beast: To help you grow your Instagram account, Growth Beast provides capabilities for account administration and statistics in addition to more likes, comments, and followers.

Flock  Social: Flock Social is an online company that assists you in naturally growing your Instagram following. By implementing targeted marketing strategies, they are able to attract genuine followers who are interested in the content they produce.

Follower Quality

Growth Beast: As you must have already known from reading the previous reading, the followers that Grothbeast gives are blatantly fraudulent and entirely useless for expanding your account.

Flock Social: Acquiring genuine followers who genuinely care about what you have to offer is the cornerstone of Flock Social’s strategy. Real growth and recognition are more likely to be experienced by Flock Social followers.

Compatible with Instagram Rules

Growth Beast: It’s possible that Grothbeast violated Instagram’s policies, which are particularly harsh when it comes to bots and phony followers. This could lead to you being blocked or banned from Instagram.

Flock Social: Flock Social uses legal marketing techniques and complies with social media network policies.

Long-Term Benefits

Growth Beast: My research indicates that this business provides temporary services. Over time, choices can erode one’s likes and following. You may lose patience as a prospective customer if you spend a lot of money and then find out that the items you purchased are missing.

Flock Social: In contrast, fans and followers on Flock Social are loyal; customers are never disappointed, and this company can be relied upon in this aspect.

Final Conclusion for “Growth Beast”

Is “Growh Beast” Legit?

No, a careful study revealed that this company is wholly fraudulent

All of the fake services are offered on that website. You have been given an untrustworthy follower who could disappear at any time. 

I believe that Growth Beast is a con artist and that you should not trust them.

Can You Get Banned From Using “Growth Beast”?

Yes, there is a chance that utilizing Growth Beast will result in the suspension of your account on social media. 

Instagram, for example, has stringent guidelines in place to stop bots and fake followers. Because automated algorithms generate every new follower you receive from Growth Beast, social media companies will quickly detect any fraudulent behavior and terminate your account. 

Is “Growth Beast”  Worth the Money Paid? 

No, I believe this article has shown that Growth Beast is not trustworthy. 

This current project is a complete waste of time and money. For example, Flock Social offers a substantially better service for a somewhat lower fee.

Can Grow Beast give you the results promised? 

No, you won’t receive anything from the company. 

All you get in return are a few misinformed followers, less money in your blocked account, false statements, and a shaky support system.

Final verdict: Does Platypus Recommend “Growth Beast”?

No, Growth Beast is not advised by Platypus.