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In this century, social media is one of the most important parts of our life. People spend hours on different social media platforms trying to get more followers, post interesting content, and just get a bigger audience. Therefore, social media marketing platforms are becoming more and more demanding. Nowadays there are millions of companies in this sphere and now am going to introduce to you Followfox.

What is FollowFox?

Followfox is a social media marketing platform that offers you multiple different for the most popular social media network – Instagram.

Followfox is a platform that sells different kinds of services like More Followers, Likes, comments, shares, Story views, account analysis and etc. This platform is quite straightforward – you just choose the more suitable package for you, make a registration, pay for the service and it will be delivered. Followfox promises instant Instagram account boost and quality service.

How does FollowFox work?

Followfox promises to grow your Instagram accounts organically, with real followers who are targeted and really interested in your content. When you go to the Followfox webpage you get offered different kinds of services for Instagram boosting.  

You can tap the wanted monthly package, and you get services like New Followers on Instagram, Target Hashtags, Likes, and Comments, and receive valuable insights on your Instagram account –  depending on which package you choose.

Go to the cite

In order to get to the Followfox platform you need to go to the webpage called As you can see, the site looks quite usual and well organized. The next step is to register.

Make a registration

In order to create your account on Followfox you just need to tap the icon “Get Started” which is located in the middle of the main page and you will be transferred to the registration page.  Followfox will ask you to fill in your Name, Email Account, and create a password and you are ready to go.

Choose a package you like

This webpage is pretty simple and easy to use. After registration, you go to the pricing section and 3 different monthly packages will pop up. These packages are descriptive and customers will easily understand what services you will get. After choosing the wanted package you will get services like more followers, likes, comments, account analysis, account management and etc.

Proceed with the payment

After you are done with the registration and choosing the wanted package it’s time to pay for the service. As you can see, the prices are a bit higher than normal but we will discuss that later. As all the other companies Followfox asks for your card detail information. After filling it out, you are going to pay. Now, you are ready to receive the package you purchased.

What are FollowFox features?

Followfox offers its customers many different features. Our aim is to conduct research on their legitimacy. Let’s discuss Thunderclap features:

Targeted Follower Growth:

Followfox claims that after buying wanted packages for boosting your Instagram and getting more followers, the purchaser will not only get an empty number.  Followfox promises its customers that the new followers that are provided are always targeted and real.  you can attract a follower that is genuinely interested in your content. However, from the research I have done it is quite questionable and there are a lot of reviews claiming otherwise.

Are FollowFox followers real accounts or bots?

The company claims that the service provided by Followfox is legitimate and the engagement you get from them is 100% real.

However, it is a lie. The engagement gained from Followfox is very questionable and untrustworthy. As I’ve seen from the reviews, the followers and likes will probably disappear after some time. Most of the engagements purchased from them are bots and fake accounts. You just get a pretty, higher number on your follower’s icon and superficial popularity.

Time-Saving Automation

Managing your account when you have a huge audience can take a lot of time and is quite exhausting. Followfox promises its customers that it is going to do its job for you. All the customer has to do is check the analytics provided for your account, but is it really that simple? I would say so. After doing research, it became apparent that the analytics and account management provided by the company are rarely accurate and not that productive.

What is FollowFox pricing?

Followfox prices are a lot higher than those of other social media-boosting companies. The company offers many packages to its customers. It depends on your choice and preferences. Let’s discuss the prices together:

How much does FollowFox charge for followers? 

Followfox offers a wide range of Instagram growth options, but their “Influencer” seems to be the customer’s favorite. After looking at the pricing, I am really disappointed. Followfox prices are way higher than the average. The company offers 3 different packages and you also get to choose if you want a monthly offer or a yearly on. The main idea is that all of them are expensive. 

The “cheapest” package, “Personal,” is $59 a month for only “Guaranteed Growth” and some non-handy features. “Influencer, on the other hand, is up to $89 a month, and it only offers 3 more services than the previous package.

 The last package is so expensive I don’t even know who is going to buy it. The “Business” package is up to $229$ a month, and the offerings are not much different from other packages. The funniest part is that you have to pay this much for average offers when there are many companies that charge three times for the same service.

 Does FollowFox offer a free trial?

No, the company doesn’t have any kind of free trial options or free services which is pretty disappointing and suspicious. Why should I trust a company that I haven’t even heard of before? Who is gullible enough to pay for a service in advance without trying it for some time for free? The kind of companies that don’t offer free trials are automatically risky and not trustworthy.

Pros and Cons of FollowFox

Like all the other companies Followfox has its advantages and disadvantages, and now I am going to discuss it in detail.

Advantages of FollowFox

No password required

Followfox doesn’t ask for your Instagram password or any other private information. When a customer chooses wanted monthly or yearly package, the webpage only asks for your name and email, any other private personal information like an Instagram password is not required, which is great for the customer’s security and privacy, the user is automatically not worried about social media account private information getting leaked.

Disadvantages of Followfox


We have already discussed the prices of followfox, and I think it’s pretty obvious that a person with an average income just can’t afford this amount of money every month or year for the simple services that you can get on a lot of other platforms and the prices are going to be way lower.

Results may take a while

We all know that in today’s constantly moving environment, time is money. Followfox promises its’ customers instant result, but it appears that these claims are not even close to the reality. In reality, customers get results from the purchase after quite some time and I think it’s quite disappointing to wait for the result that you paid for and need changes and development yesterday.

Limited User Base:

Nowadays, there are thousands of different kinds of social media platforms – Facebook, TikTok Instagram, YouTube, Threats, etc. Followfox has really limited services, as it only provides account boosts on Instagram. But is it really enough? Mainly all the users that have Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. And what should they do? Pay only for Instagram growth when they can choose a better company that can provide all kinds of services for all kinds of social media platforms.


FollowFox vs Flock Social

As I have already mentioned, there are a lot of companies in the social media marketing field. People pay a lot of money to boost their accounts –  gain more followers likes comments and become more successful. Therefore you need to be careful and spend your money and time on the platforms that is actually a scam. To understand Followfox fully let’s compare it to a similar social media marketing platform – Flock Social.

Service Offerings and Features 

Followfox: Followfox allows you to get more followers on Instagram and you are also provided with some analytics to manage your account.

Flock Social: Flock Social is a company that helps you to grow your Instagram in a more organic way. They use targeted marketing tactics to try to get real followers that are actually interested in your content.

Follower Quality

Followfox: As I have already mentioned, Followfox doesn’t really provide you with quality followers. All you get I higher number, but followers are usually fake or not targeted.

Flock Social: Flock Social is focused on attracting real followers who are really interested in your content. Followers gained through Flock Social are more likely to lead to real growth and popularity and contribute to a stronger social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Followfox: This company may go against the rules of Instagram, which has a really strict policy about fake followers and bots. If Instagram identifies the fake growth on your account, this may cause you huge problems like getting banned or blocked on Instagram.

Long-Term Benefits

Followfox: As I have seen from the research, the services offered by this company don’t last for a while. Followers and likes gained after the purchase may drop after some time, so are there any long-term benefits? I wouldn’t say so.

The final conclusion for FollowFox

Is FollowFox legit?

No, after doing some research, it became obvious that this company is not legit. All the services that the platform offers are untrustworthy. I can surely say that Followfox is poorly operated, and I mainly just don’t recommend using it.

Can you get banned from using FollowFox?

Yes, apparently it’s quite possible that your social media account may get banned after using followfox. Social media platforms like Instagram have really strict rules about bots and fake followers. As we already discussed, research shows that followers provided by followfox are not real. There were many cases where people paid big money to get more famous but lost their accounts instead.

Is FollowFox worth the money paid? 

No, after doing extensive research about this company, it became apparent to me that Followfox is not to be trusted and is just a waste of money and time. There are way better social media marketing platforms that you can use. For example, Flock Social, as I have already discussed with you, offers you way better service for way less money.

Can FollowFox give you the results promised? 

No, the company’s promises remain unfulfilled. What you receive are transient, artificial followers, less money, and an inadequate customer support system.

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Followfox?

No, platypus does not recommend FollowFoxl. The company charges you a lot for the work they do poorly. Moreover, risking your Instagram account’s security for a site like Followfox is not a good idea.