Muchfollowers Review: Dropping The Veil On This Company

I have been using my Instagram account for many years now, and I spend quite a lot of time scrolling through my feed. I value my social platform, and I want to take it to the next level.

In order to do this, I need numbers. And when I say numbers, it’s clear that I mean the number of followers, likes, and comments on my Instagram profile – anything that can push it in terms of performance.

After hours and 100 new opened tabs, I came across an online company, Muchfollowers, that deals with boosting your Instagram profile.

However, given the number of fake companies out there, is this one any different? If you want to find out if this is a verified source, you will need to continue reading the muchfollowers review.

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Muchfollowers Summary

Here’s a small summary of munchfollowers service:

Fast deliveryLack of online reviews
Affordable pricesUnverified activity of followers
Deal of the day featureNo refunds for Paypal

What Is Muchfollowers?

A screenshot of Muchfollower’s homepage

Unlike many other online companies that deal with increasing performance on social networks, muchfollowers deals solely with Instagram. Within the services they offer, you are able to buy:

  • followers
  • likes
  • views

How to buy anything from this company?

Since I am interested in boosting my follower number, I will take that as an example. The company’s offers are straightforward and divided according to how many followers you aim for – the more, the merrier, right?

Here’s what possible buyers can choose from:

A screenshot showing muchfollower’s followers offers.

Each purchasing segment (followers, likes, and views) contains a “save” purchase option where you can buy more for less.

One thing that caught my attention was buying Instagram views.

I’ve visited more than one website, and I feel like I wasn’t familiar enough with this concept, so I decided to dig a little deeper. 

Why do I need Instagram views besides followers and likes?

Easy, views are the first thing that will make my Instagram account stand out

It’s all about increasing traffic and statistics. Google is responsible for algorithms that either make my Instagram highlighted on the explore option or hidden from the “public eye.”

Social Credibility – Serves As Assurance

A screenshot showing Social Credibility

One thing that this particular company emphasizes is social credibility. Why is that important for my Instagram account?

It’s logical if you take a second to think about it. 

Everyone ghosts, myself included, and whenever I come across a particular Instagram profile that has more than 10,000 followers, I immediately start thinking – how did this person achieve this number? I want it too!

Large numbers of followers, likes, and views on your videos and stories give you social credibility.

It’s true – this is some type of virtual assurance that your Instagram account will continue to be shown on “explore” and be followed by a large number of people who come across it.

After all, who doesn’t want to follow a “famous” profile with good content? 

Muchfollowers: Online Reviews

After spending quite a bit of time on the main page of this site, I decided to see what other people think of it.

Here I encountered an obstacle, more precisely, a void.
First, I decided to visit TrustPilot and see what people there have to say about this.

A screenshot showing TrustPilot reviews.

Nothing! Not even one single review of this company – is muchfollowers a scam?

I decided to continue my investigation and go to another one, sitejabber.

A screenshot showing 5star rating on sibejabber reviews.

Okay, this is the beginning. But still, there’s just one review, and I’ve visited more than one site. 

We can all agree that good reviews from previous customers are the backbone of a successful business, and muchfollowers seems to be missing that.

I’m not sure whether I can really trust this source with my money – it’s a gamble

Is Muchfollowers Legit?

Because I’m down by some good reviews that can push me into making up my mind, it seems like I will have to look at the overall picture myself. 

For starters, a lack of online reviews. For a company specializing in social media and is in charge of promoting “popularity online,” it sure seems to lack that same popularity in reviews.

I will always opt for something that is backed up by a number of satisfied customers before me, and with this particular company, one good review is not enough. 

Muchfollowers also doesn’t say much about the activity of their followers. 

Take it that you decide to buy a larger number of followers – say 10,000 – and they disappear after a couple of days. Or, you choose to buy likes, and those “likes” only work for one post.

Where’s the reward in that? 

This is also something that should be included in the reviews. 

On another note, the company offers a subscription to their Newsletter. This is a push notification that informs you of the company’s recent offers.

One of them can be Muchfollowers’ “deal of the day.”

A screenshot showing muchfollower’s deal of the day.

This seems like a nice advertisement. It’s a smart way of luring buyers. 

But if I want to proceed with my payment, it states that there are no refunds for Paypal. This is worrisome, especially for larger purchases. 

One thing I could say was helpful was their blog section. It’s a valuable addition to the website. 

The blog covers multiple topics like recovering hacked Instagram accounts, Instagram growth tools, etc. 

A screenshot of muchfollower’s latest blog topics

I’m trying to find some concrete facts about this company, but I can’t find their history anywhere. Besides reviews, this is another thing that’s missing.

Sure, they put up some numbers of happy customers that are returning for more purchases. But those numbers are all I see. 

There’s no sign of where this company is based or how long it has been in business.

I can always turn to customer service, but how long will I have to wait for an answer? It can be 1 day or 10 days.

Muchfollowers – Final Words

After going through the information and offers, I am halfhearted – is muchfollowers legit?

To be honest, there’s no way of knowing for sure – at least until you decide to buy something. 

The company’s layout and offers are straightforward, but their reviews are almost non-existent. 

Muchfollowers offer some valuable tips about Instagram, but they deny refunds on any Paypal payment you make. 

There are both good and bad sides to this source. 

My final words would be that it depends on the person. If you are someone that is not willing to take a risk in purchasing followers, likes, or views from muchfollowers, close the tab.