AppSally Review – Is It A Scam? The Truth Exposed

When you decide to buy followers, the main issue you encounter is reliability. Can you trust this IG service to deliver? Are the followers phony? Will they get you kicked off of Instagram?

These are pretty serious questions that I try to answer in all my reviews. 

Recently, I stumbled upon AppSally, a site that sells a whole bunch of seemingly shady things. 

And I’m not exaggerating – from followers for 22 social media platforms to business listings, Google clicks, and more, they offer it all. 

I’ll admit it intrigued me, so I set out to find truth-telling AppSally reviews, but I haven’t had a lot of luck in my quest, which is why I wrote this one. 

In my AppSally review, you’ll find out what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Ready for the truth? Keep on reading!

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An image depicting AppSally’s homepage

Right off the bat, I can tell you AppSally is all over the place, starting from their website to their entire offer. 

Apparently, they sell many things, 365 services, to be precise – at least according to their website. 

Besides Instagram engagement, you can get it for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and all other giants. The offer also includes some less known platforms, including a few that are only used in Russia.

Overall, it’s bizarre. 

Since my primary focus is IG followers, I’ll mostly talk about that aspect of their service.

AppSally’s main selling point is that the followers they sell are 100% legit compared to their competitors. They promise zero bot activity and entirely real engagement. 

However, the evidence speaks to the contrary. 

The biggest shock was finding (or failing to find) AppSally’s page on Trustpilot.

A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot page

As it turns out, Trustpilot removed all of AppSally reviews from their site for breaching their guidelines about fake reviews. 

Interestingly, if you try to Google the words “AppSally review Trustpilot,” this is what you’ll see:

A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot service

That’s right. AppSally blatantly tries to sell Trustpilot reviews. 

This is why I love Trustpilot – they have zero tolerance for fake reviews. 

Since I didn’t find AppSally customer reviews there, I dug deeper and ended up on Quora. Here’s the first thing I saw: 

This customer tried purchasing LinkedIn connections. They paid up front only to NOT receive the service. 

The only other place where I managed to find more customer reviews is on ScamAdviser.

A screenshot of AppSally customer review on ScamAdviser

While there are shockingly few negative AppSally customer reviews, there are plenty with a positive sentiment, especially on their official website, like this one: 

A screenshot of a positive review on the Appsally website.

Now that we know AppSally is in the business of selling fake reviews, how can we trust any of the positive ones?

The truth is, we can’t.

So, what have we learned so far about AppSally?

  • They don’t deliver the service.
  • They offer pathetic excuses for late delivery. 
  • You can’t get your money back.
  • If you start a PayPal claim, they fabricate evidence to say the order was delivered. 
  • They were banned from Trustpilot for selling fake reviews. 

Should I even go on, or is this enough to conclude AppSally is a total scam?

Is AppSally Legit? 

By now, the answer is quite obvious, but for the sake of a comprehensive review, why don’t we analyze it a bit more.

Based solely on their website, it’s hard to tell how exactly AppSally boosts your accounts. You have to leave them your IG handle before they allow you to learn more. 

I don’t have to tell you how hesitant I was about AppSally knowing my IG, so I created a fake account for sheer curiosity. 

I still can’t tell you how it all works cause AppSally doesn’t let you in on anything. 

Besides the super mysterious website, AppSally doesn’t fail to surprise in other aspects, like their Terms of Service. 

One example is that the terms clearly state a 15-day retention warranty. 

So, if your followers or whatnot drop within 15 days of purchase, you can complain, but they make no promises of reimbursements. Anything more than 15 days, you can forget about compensation. 

On top of this, a common complaint among customers was the exorbitant price point of each AppSally service. Reportedly, they sell basic, poor-quality features for premium prices.

Plus, the exact prices are not available until you give them your Insta account.

With the high prices and the snowball’s chance in hell of getting a refund, paying for AppSally’s services is pouring money down the drain.

Yet another shady thing is AppSally’s customer support. 

They claim to be available 24/7, but that’s not really true. They wrote the official office hours when you could (maybe) reach them on the site. However, they put it in small, light grey letters on a white background. 

What’s up with that?

The only way to get in touch with them is to create a support ticket on the website and hope they’ll reply. 

From what I gathered, don’t raise your hopes. The support either leaves you hanging, or they give you some sort of poor excuse for the company’s incompetence. 

It seems that the only legit thing about AppSally is their secure website. 

OK, the payment options are also legitimate. However, since you’re throwing your money away, can it really be deemed safe?

AppSally Review – The Final Verdict 

When I first started researching AppSally, I pondered whether I should actually test it out or not.

After finding out all the things I mentioned above, I decided to skip trying this one since it’s clear as day AppSally is a scam. Still not convinced?

Here’s a pros and cons table that shows it loud and clear.

A wide range of services.Premium prices for basic features.
Impossible to get a refund.
Followers of questionable quality.
Banned from Trustpilot.
Sells fake reviews.
Lousy customer support.
Late delivery or no delivery at all.
Vague about their MO.
Prices aren’t available till you give them your IG account.

Word to the wise – be careful who you trust with your accounts, either business or personal. In this industry, it’s easy to fall for a scam in disguise, so make sure to research each service thoroughly.

I hope my AppSally review has been helpful. If you want to witness real Instagram growth, I sincerely recommend checking out the services I mentioned in the beginning, especially Upleap – you won’t regret it!