Digi SMM Review – Don’t Use It Until You Read This

Instagram stardom has never been more attainable than today when the market is flooded with services that sell followers.  

Some of them are great, some not so much. And some will do you more harm than good. 

Recently, I stumbled upon one of the third kind – a service called Digi SMM. 

I searched for thorough, honest reviews left and right only to see there are no detailed DigiSMM reviews that tell the truth. So, I decided to write one for you guys, and here I am today with the result.

Hopefully, you’ll find my Digi SMM review useful and save your precious time, money, and nerves!

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Now, let’s dive into the Digi SMM review!

Digi SMM – What’s the gist?

Oh boy, where do I start?

When I first set out to research this IG service, I was shocked by the sheer amount of intense user comments and negative reviews. 

But, before I tell you what Digi SMM really is, I first want to tell you what they claim to be. 
If you visit their website digismm.com, you’ll see they’re all about Instagram growth.

A screenshot of Digi SMM’s homepage.

Digi SMM claims to be there not to make money but to help you clinch your goals. They promise quick delivery, long-term results, higher rankings, and all an up-and-coming Instagram star could need. 

And reportedly, they do so by selling you IG followers, likes, comments, and views. According to Digi SMM, this is an unbeatable strategy to Insta fame. 

They claim to have serviced 500,000 customers in the 5 years that the company exists. All of them are, of course, satisfied customers. 

Bragging is a huge deal for Digi SMM, and while they say they never brag, you’ll find that their site full of self praises, none of which are remotely modest. 

Their website is filled with 5-star reviews from their “past customers” that “reached the stars with the help of Digi SMM.”

Why the quote marks, you might ask?

Well, it’s because I’m having a hard time accepting these testimonials are from legit customers. For one thing, they speak of the service as the best ever to exist, and for another, their profiles look pretty generic. 

This is what I mean: 

An image of a positive review on Digi SMM’s site.

Here’s another one:

An image of a positive review on Digi SMM’s site.

Let’s compare it with some reviews actual customers wrote on Digi SMM’s page on Trustpilot

An image of a negative customer review on Trustpilot.

This bloke calls Digi SMM a scam, which seems to be a common opinion. Here’s one more similar customer complaint:

An image of a negative customer review on Trustpilot.

Almost all Digi SMM customer reviews revolve around the same thing – this company is undoubtedly a scam. 

I didn’t want to rely solely on customer reports cause sometimes, they are written by the competition, which is why I gave Digi SMM the benefit of the doubt, and I took the negative reviews with a grain of salt. 

That’s when I started reading their Terms of Use. 

The first thing that shocked me was this – “The Users Might Be Inactive Or No Real Humans.”

While claiming to provide ONLY real followers, Digi SMM’s terms state otherwise, so you can’t really complain later cause “you’ve been warned.”

What’s more, they don’t allow you to ask for a refund in case of late delivery, no delivery at all, or if some of the followers disappear shortly after you receive them, which is what happened to plenty of their customers:

An image of a negative customer review on Trustpilot.

The only event when you can apply for a refund is if they fail to deliver the followers within 48 hours AND they don’t send you an email during said hours. 

Even then, chances are you won’t see your money. So, if you decide to get in business with Digi SMM, say goodbye to your hard-earned dollars. 

Digi SMM Features – Can They Help You?

Spoiler alert – no, they can’t. 

Jokes aside, I really want to tell you about Digi SMM’s features cause I believe you need to know what red flags to avoid in the future. 

When I went on Digi SMM’s website to see the features they offer, I was a bit overwhelmed. They have quite a few pages where they go on and on about why you should buy followers, how you can benefit from it, and so on. 

They tell stories about the quality of their service, the best customer support ever, they even say, and I quote: 

– We don’t impart you with fake or bot Fans that are of no use to your IG profile. –

Well, that’s not what your Terms of Use say, but okay. 

Truth be told, all this nonsense seemed like a bunch of empty words, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. 

After somehow getting through all the self praises, I got to the actual features. Here’s what they include: 

  • Followers

It’s a bit weird that you can only buy 5,000 followers, no less, no more, cause they seem to have different packages, but this is the only one available (or clickable on the page). 

I checked many times, each a few days apart, and this seems to be a permanent bug on their site. Whether it’s intentional or not, who knows. 

These go for $49,90. One could argue this is cheap, but remember, these are phony followers that will likely disappear shortly or not even arrive at all.

  • Likes

IG likes are available in different packages, from 100 to 200,000 likes. The biggest one goes for a thousand bucks. Is it worth it?

I honestly can’t tell you. 

There are absolutely no customer reviews about Digi SMM’s likes, except those on their site. I think this speaks more than enough about the quality and effectiveness of these likes.

Should you spend 1,000 dollars on a feature that may or may not work? We both know the answer to this one.

  • Comments

This feature could potentially worsen your engagement as the comments are poorly constructed, random, out of context, and probably written by low-quality AI. When your real followers read them, they’ll see right through them.

Plus, they are costly. Two thousand comments go for $190, which is money you could invest elsewhere – you can get almost 10,000 genuine followers from Upleap for that kind of money.

  • Views

Perhaps even more nugatory and more overpriced than the comments are IG views from Digi SMM. Let’s just leave it at that.

  • Auto likes

Speaking of overpriced, the automatic likes you receive on your future posts are ridiculously expensive – 5,000 likes for $400.

They don’t even say for how many posts this is, but they do have a whole page dedicated to the importance of auto likes.

  • Free trial

This one’s a doozy. 

Digi SMM proudly states they offer a free followers trial and free likes trial.

A screenshot of Digi SMM’s free trial.

Notice anything?

Yup, the free trial is “suddenly” under maintenance. The truth is it has been under for a while now. I’m thinking this is not an unintentional bug – they know very well what they’re doing. Not shady at all.

  • Customer support

The company has only words of praise for its 24/7 customer support. 

If you’re wondering how to contact Digi SMM, you can do it via WhatsApp, email, or a form on their site, and they’ll “get back to you ASAP.” So much about that. 

Is Digi SMM Legit?

The two biggest concerns about Digi SMM are: 

  1. Is Digi SMM legit?
  2. Is Digi SMM safe?

Both can be answered with one word – NO. 

Any company that employs shady practices, isn’t completely transparent about their MO, and downright tricks their customers cannot be called legit. 

Is it safe? Also no. 

Perhaps the website is secure, and payment options are alright, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

One thing is surely not safe – the presence of fake profiles and bots in your followers’ list. This could lead straight to a ban or a block due to Instagram’s no bot policy. 

Yet another thing Digi SMM lists as a possibility in their terms but won’t take any responsibility.

In one of their long writings about the significance of privacy (they have one for literally everything), Digi SMM says your account is safe with them, much safer than with the companies that “bestow you with fake followers using software or bots.” 

However, their own terms specifically state otherwise.

I’m guessing Digi SMM thinks people don’t read Terms of Service, but we do. We peruse it word to word, especially when there’s doubt something shady’s going on. 

Digi SMM – Final Thoughts

To sum up, I’ve made a table that clearly lays out all the upsides and downsides of Digi SMM.

Simple to useShady practices
Fake followers disguised as real ones
Failure to deliver
Followers disappear quickly
Impossible to get a refund
Too expensive
Not safe to use
Too many negative customer experiences
No 24/7 customer support

Digi SMM disappoints in all aspects – the reviews speak for themselves. While they claim to bring authentic followers, noticeable results, and significant Instagram growth, they do exactly the opposite. 

Not only will you not see any growth, but you could also face repercussions such as suspension or a permanent ban from Instagram. The truth is, buying followers from a provider like Digi SMM is a short-sighted thing as Instagram tends to delete them and ban your account for good. 

Should you need to be scammed and robbed, Digi SMM is the right choice. In all other cases, it’s a hard pass.