AimFox Review: The Next Level Automation On LinkedIn Is Here

Surfing the internet in search of reliable LinkedIn automation tools can often be time-consuming. In an endless crowd of the sources that are offered to you, you will come across some half-checked ones, but also some that will make you start to lose hope.

To avoid the latter case, I decided to set the boundaries straight and introduce to you AimFox.

In order to be consistent and honest about this particular tool, I was given early access for testing purposes. After finishing my testing trial, I decided to compile this concise and truthful review for all those who decide to give this tool a try.

I sincerely advise you to stay until the end of this review of mine, and pay attention to what I have to say – you can thank me later!

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AimFox – A Brief Preview

As I said, upon completing the testing of AimFox, I was able to note down my experience in this table.

Works on multiple accounts./
Enables personalized messages./
No errors or bugs during the process./
Clearly presented services on the homepage./
No sensitive information required./

The Security Of AimFox

I think the site’s security deserves to be analyzed and commented on first, as it is considered the foundation of any online business. Therefore, during the search, whenever you enter a site, you should first check if the URL is secure and whether the site requires any sensitive information from you.

With LinkedIn Automation Tools, this is a potential “roadblock”, as there are certain sources that require you to enter some private information. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the outcome, but this can easily be used against you in the future.

With some past sources, I have had the opportunity to see how customers are left without money through operations like this. Some even have had their account shut down and are currently banned from entering the site again.

With AimFox, you have nothing to worry about. This is a secure source and requires nothing more from you than the email address you are currently using. 

So, if one of your parameters were “is AimFox safe to use” – the answer is YES. There is no danger of banning the account. 

Multiple Account Support

Until recently, users who wanted to login and manage their business on multiple accounts did not have that opportunity, but things have changed and updated – at least as far as AimFox is concerned.

AimFox offers the Multiple Account Support option. So, if you are already a versed entrepreneur or simply want to have more than two profiles for other private reasons, this is now possible.

It looks something like this.

A screenshot showing the multiple account feature.

One of the leading advantages of this feature is cost-effectiveness. This is a plus for both those who already have a realized plan on how to use this feature, and for those who want to see how they can cope with managing multiple accounts.

Also, there are profiles and news updates that will arrive regularly on both profiles, so you don’t have to worry about missing something. As far as notification is concerned, with the use of AimFox there is no fear of errors and too long loading.

Managing multiple accounts gives you the opportunity to expand your search engine significantly and thus expand your interests and parameters.

Personal Messages On Automation

I believe that this feature alone is worth the price you pay for AimFox – it brings many benefits, and one of the most effective ones is certainly frequent LinkedIn interaction.

AimFox allows you to alter your message to your liking, using different templates and customizing your content. The automated InMail campaign can be set to reach out to your targeted audience, and bring you leads daily.

With platforms like this, contact comes first, and this helps you improve your interaction and create a stronger and more reliable relationship with your customer or potential future partners.

Just like they say on their website – “just another cherry on the cake!”

A screenshot showing the personalized messages option.

A Neat Layout

Speaking of the site, I guess you pay at least a little attention to how the site is designed and arranged. Although people tend to ignore this aspect of online businesses, the level of creativity reflected on advertising and marketing is of great importance.

However, there is a thin line that separates a site that is cluttered with unnecessary information and a site that says absolutely nothing about its services. To be successful, you need to find a middle ground and work around it.

The people who did the work for AimFox met this criterion and made AimFox clear for someone who is a first timer (like me).

No Constant Errors Or Bugs

I have often come across sites that deal with social media platforms that have not been updated for a while, or simply have not been adequately developed from the very beginning. Of course, the more they are used and the more connections they work with, the greater the potential for errors.

This was the case with a couple of other automation tools that attached little importance to the functioning of the site itself. Some customers have even written about how the site was so poorly developed that it broke down every time a new tab had to be opened or the screen minimized. It’s hard to imagine doing any work with these ongoing problems.

AimFox, fortunately, has no such problems.

During my testing period, I used its services properly without any issues that prevented me from logging in or waiting for something to load. In the past, you may have had problems with the site constantly shutting down your account and terminating it. This can become quite a problem because you are on the verge of losing all your previously acquired information.

Is AimFox Worth Your Time?

When it comes to any decision-making, it is important to take the time to inform yourself – read case studies, compare product pages & features, and read reviews. They come straight from past users who have written them to make your choice easier.

It is true that there are a handful of LinkedIn automation tools on the Internet that offer everything, and yet in practice, they do not meet more than half.

Fortunately for you, and for me – AimFox does not fall into this category.

After spending time researching this tool, I can say with certainty that AimFox is definitely worth your time.

My Final Decision

Since this is the end of this review, let’s take into account everything I’ve listed and just reaffirm once again what you could already have guessed while reading.


  • is a secure and safe site that does not require sensitive information
  • works on multiple accounts
  • enables personalized messages that boost your interaction
  • doesn’t interrupt you with errors

From my experience, I am happy to recommend AimFox to all of you who are currently looking for a reliable and secure LinkedIn automation tool!