Can SocialFollow Make Your Insta Skyrocket? The Answer Is Here

socialfollow review

The search for growth services that provide what they advertise is sometimes more difficult than we might think. On today’s menu, we have SocialFollow.

You can surely relate to the fact that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re using a certain growth tool; you just sit back and think, “Well, this isn’t what I paid for.”

It’s time to test that.

This tool has probably popped up once or twice on your search quest, especially recently, due to changes in features and some updates in their pricing plans.

Seems like SocialFollows has made some changes to its services, and as always, it’s my mission to review them so that you don’t have to.

What is Social Follow?

A service called SocialFollow promises to give its users free Instagram followers. It seems simple, doesn’t it? Simply download SocialFollow’s app, follow the ten accounts they recommend, and in exchange, you’ll receive 50 followers per day.

I believe the announcement is clear – SocialFollow’s aim is to switch from the old-school method of simply purchasing followers to growing your account organically.

It’s definitely a step forward.

If you scroll through SocialFollow’s homepage, you’ll notice that everything is neatly organized; it’s not piled up with glowing reviews.

How does Social Follow work?

It’s only fair that I devote a minute of your time to the latest features that make SocialFollow a fresh, new growth tool. If you click on “What’s new?” in the top right corner of the homepage, you’ll be able to read more about what this spiced-up version offers.

In short, SocialFollow’s customers are presented with:

  • Instagram automation – gaining new followers automatically.
  • A brand new dashboard – offering customized features.

So, how does Social Follow work?

Visit Their Website

In order to use Social Follow, you have to visit their website. Just type in and you will be there. You will notice that their website is very modern and trustworthy. After that, you have to register. 

Take a Registration

In order to register, you just have to type in your email address. With this, you will start a free trial. Social Follow will require your name, Email address, and a new password. The site is not interested in your original Instagram password. To find your account, you have to type in your username. Then, add a phone number. However, you can skip this part.

Proceed with the Payment

Social Follow will let you choose their packages. After you have made your decision with a package, all you need to do is to pay. Social Follow will require your card information. That’s it. Now, you have to sit and wait for your Instagram to become popular.

A screenshot showing SocialFollow’s new online presence.

What are Social Follow features?

Instagram automation

With this feature, you can gain followers automatically. This means, that you won’t have to like or follow other accounts in order to gain more followers. You just have to pay and watch how the new followers arrive. Not many sites have a feature like this one. So, this is a great opportunity for the future.

Are company name followers real accounts or bots?

We assure you that the followers you gain from Social Follow are 100% real. The platform doesn’t use Instagram bots or fake accounts to do their job. The Social Follow platform is based on real followers.

What is Social Follow Pricing?

A screenshot showing SocialFollow’s pricing plan.

As I’ve seen so far, Social Follow has a good pricing system. Of course, a new image couldn’t go without a new pricing plan. They have 3 main packages: “Starter Plan,” “Advanced Plan,” and “Professional Plan.”

Let’s see what SocialFollow has in store for us:

How much does Social Follow charge for each package? 

If you want to buy a “Starter Plan,” you have to pay 69$ a month. This package offers you 400+ Instagram followers, real and organic growth, target by account or hashtagging, and many others. “Starter Plan” is the cheapest one so far. It’s made for starters who are looking to boost their Instagram accounts.

To purchase “Advanced Plan,” you have to pay 119$ a month. This package offers you 1000+ Instagram followers, a dedicated account manager, a story like and reviewer, a filter by gender or location, and many other features.

The last package is the most expensive one, called the “Professional Plan.” It costs 239$ a month. The offerings of this package are 2500+ Instagram followers,  a dedicated account manager, story like and reviewer, filter by gender or location, and many others.  Kenji review also shows different price options for Instagram growth.

Does Social Follow offer a free trial? 

A screenshot showing SocialFollow’s free trial.

To the Instagram user’s luck, there’s a free trial for those who are eager to try out this growth tool but either don’t have the money for it or are not 100% certain that this is THE one.

You can kick off the 10-day free trial by just signing up with your email that’s connected to your Instagram. You’ll be able to see how your Instagram grows and have access to 24/7 support.

If you’re curious about similar growth services with similar features, check out these reviews:

Pros and Cons of Social Follow

Advantages of Social Follow

Offers a 10-day free trial.

A free trial is the best thing a company can give you. With a free trial, you have an opportunity to see how the site works before you decide to purchase a package from them. This way, the site gains more trust from its followers.

Offers new features.

With the new updates, Social Follow offers their customers new features. The more features a company offers, the more opportunity you will receive to boost your Instagram account. Social follow guarantees your followers and makes sure that you are comfortable with their site.

Easy to navigate

There is no doubt that Social Follow is very easy to use and navigate. You just have to visit their website, register, and purchase the best package for your needs and the site will do its job. 

Disadvantages of Social Follow

Too pricey for beginners

After reading the reviews, I’ve noticed that beginners were not welcome with the Social Follow prices. However, in my opinion, the prices of Social Follow are very logical. There are a few sites that offers the same packages and work as Social Follow. So, if you are really interested in boosting your Instagram account, you must use Social Follow.

Social Follow vs. Skweezer

Service Offerings and Features 

Social Follow: Social Follow offers their customers 100% organic and real followers. The company gives you the result promised and is legitimate. The customers were not disappointed with the offerings.

Skweezer: Skweezer is a social media growth service that can help you out with your Instagram game. They offer some services like followers, likes, and views. 

Follower Quality

Social Follow: The followers you gain from Social Follow are real. The platform never uses any bots or fake accounts. Moreover, the gained followers will be interested in your updates and new posts.

Skweezer: The interactions you receive through Skweezer may not always come from users who are genuinely interested or engaged. This type of interaction may have negative effects on your organic reach and credibility.

Compatability with Instagram Rules

Social Follow: Since the platform is based on organic growth, it is compatible with the Instagram rules. With Social Follow, you don’t have to worry about any policies or rules.

Skweezer: Take note that using services like Skweezer goes against Instagram’s rules. This could lead to banning or restricting your account.

Long-Term Benefits

Social Follow: Since the followers you gain from Social Follow are real, they will last forever. As long as the accounts that reached out to you are interested in your updates, they will follow you and like your posts as well. 

Skweezer: Using services like Skweezer for quick engagement boosts may not be the best way to build a sustainable community of loyal followers.

Final conclusion for Social Follow,

For now, we know that SocialFollow has had a major transition from simply buying followers to organically growing your account. And with that transition came the change in payment plans. It’s a bit pricey, that’s for sure, but you can always try out their 10-day free trial.

Although you’ve seen some angry customers, it’s a safe growth tool. SocialFollow won’t ask you to put in any sensitive information that might additionally harm your budget or ruin your plans. 

Is Social Follow Legit?

Yes, Social Follow is a legitimate company. The followers you purchase from Social Follow are real. They will last forever. Moreover, the engagement you gain from the site is built on your interests and needs. 

Can you get banned from using Social Follow?

No, you won’t get banned from using Social Follow. The platform is safe and compatible with Instagram rules. So you don’t have to worry at all.  

Is Social Follow worth the money paid?

Yes, Social Follow is worth the money paid. Many people think that the prices of Social Follow are a bit high. However, the work they offer is worth every penny.  

Can Social Follow give you the results promised? 

The reviews have shown that Social Follow gives you the results promised. You will gain 100% organic followers from Social Follow as soon as possible. Moreover, your Instagram account will become popular and desired by others

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Social Follow?

Yes, we 100% recommend Social Follow. Take it as a promise: the engagements you will receive from Social Follow will be real, organic, safe, and legit. It is your time to get famous on Instagram and start your journey!

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