Stellation Media Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Instagram is oversaturated with users. The times when you could grow an account on your own are long gone. 

Nowadays, the key to a successful growth campaign lies in the word “mass.” Mass viewing, mass liking, and so on. 

The problem is that such operations usually involve Instagram bots. The platform shuns bots. That’s why you need to be extra careful when looking for a company that offers automated services.

In today’s article, I’ll talk about one such business – Stellation Media.

Stellation Media reviews online are generally positive. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re genuine or that the service won’t get you in trouble. 

So, can Stellation Media be trusted? Can it be of any use to you?

Find out now!

What is Stellation Media?

An image showing Stellation Media's website

According to their own words, Stellation Media is a digital creative growth agency. It is a group of entrepreneurs and marketers who feel ‘passionate’ about boosting brands or social media.

Stellation Media doesn’t manage your Instagram growth campaign, but just provides you with a software. They sell what’s called a ‘mass engager’ tool. 

The program can do a lot of things – from sending DMs, voting, following/unfollowing to profile editing, and post scheduling. They claim their service will provide you with real users only, and they don’t mention using bots.

Is this really so? I doubt it. I’ll get into the details later.

The company boasts about being super-responsive and prioritizing customer service. While this is true to an extent, it’s not all sunshine and roses. 

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How Does Stellation Media Work?

As I mentioned before, Stellation Media is centered around a mass engagement software. It performs many automated actions in order to boost your Instagram account. Advanced targeting is employed to interact only with users that are of interest to you. 

The service says that you’ll get a dedicated account manager who can answer any of your questions and provide assistance via email. However, I think that ‘dedicated manager’ is just a glorified term for email support. 

All in all, they seem to run a fair game, but it isn’t without issues. The software obviously uses an Instagram bot. That’s the only way it can achieve mass engagement. This is problematic for reasons I’ll discuss in the following section.

How to get started with Stellation Media?

The first thing that you have to do is go to Stellation Media’s website and click “Get Started.” 

You’ll notice a button named “Free Growth,” but it isn’t what it appears to be. It doesn’t lead to a free trial, since the company offers none. A pop-up form with name and email field will appear. It’s a way to sign up for a giveaway that may earn you a free monthly subscription.

Anyway, you clicked on “Get Started,” and the next step is to choose a pricing package. Click “Subscribe” under your preferred package. Then, select a payment method, enter the required personal info, click on “Purchase,” and voila!

Stellation Media Features

The software is packed with automated features that may be useful for growing your account. 

 Learn all about it below.

Story Viewing/Voting

The mass story viewer is one of the software’s main features. It looks at stories automatically on your behalf to try and get you some exposure. The feature doesn’t just view; it also interacts with polls, quizzes, etc.

Post Scheduling

This can be a great time-saving feature if used right. Post scheduler publishes photos, videos, and stories at a time that you set. You can use it to make a schedule of up to a month. 

Just be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll end up with an oversaturated page. My suggestion is to check out some guidelines on how to use it.

Welcoming DMs

This feature allows you to send automated welcome messages to  your new followers. 

Is using this tool a good idea? I’m not so sure.

In my opinion, automated messages are a no-no. Let’s face it; nobody enjoys receiving a generic message, so think twice before utilizing this feature.

Image Editor

If Instagram’s editing isn’t enough for you, Stellation Media included an image editor in their program. It lets you do all the basic stuff like cropping, filtering, and placing text.


The service includes analytics that shows you significant stats like top posts, follower growth, and more. You can segment the information to a week, two weeks, three weeks, and a month.

Stellation Media Pricing

Stellation Media offers three pricing packages – Light, Standard, and Premium. Here’s what they look like on their website:

stellation media review - pricing

As you can see, Light has half the features of Premium, while Standard only lacks two. Their prices are pretty high. I feel that paying $99 for the cheapest subscription is a bit too much, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

The payments can be made by credit card or PayPal. Subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis, and the company stops charging you once you unsubscribe.

Is Stellation Media Legit?

Stellation Media appears to be a legitimate service. Even articles written by their competitors (e.g. Fanbump vs Stellation Media) share my conclusion.

Their reviews on are overwhelmingly positive. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the company is good.

I’m suspicious about the amount of “happy” customers they have. Some of the reviews may easily be fake.

There’s also a fair share of negative testimonies. Many users complained about how they received followers who were real, but far from what they needed. For example, the followers were underage or came from distant countries. 

Also, folks said they got suspended by Instagram for using this tool. To anyone who complained about this in the reviews, Stellation Media replied, saying it was their (the customer’s) fault. 

Is Stellation Media Safe?

Yes, I reckon it’s safe to use this service. The payment gateways are verified, the website is https secure, and it seems that there aren’t any gimmicks involved.

But, I have a concern.

Stellation Media obviously uses bots, and Instagram doesn’t like that. Thousands of users of automated tools get banned daily for using them. Stellation Media claims that they avoid these ‘inconveniences’ by respecting Instagram’s constraints.

This statement is misleading. 

Stellation Media gives you guidelines on how not to breach Instagram’s daily like/follow/view limits. However, you’ll have to make the adjustments yourself. So, it’s up to you to respect the constraints, not them.

Stellation Media PROS and CONS

They may get you some real followersMany of followers are from countries that users don’t have any interest in
The customer service is pretty goodIt might get you action blocked or banned
No free trial
Customer service isn’t very responsive on the weekends
Questionable authenticity of reviews

Stellation Media Review: Final Verdict

Can Stellation Media launch you to Instagram heights?

I wouldn’t be so optimistic. It may help boost your account, but I don’t think you’ll experience significant growth. If you’re not careful, you might even get action blocked/banned for using it.

Stellation Media isn’t all bad, but it’s far from great. Look into other organic growth services, some of which you can find in this article.

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