Social Steeze Review – What Happened to This Instagram Tool?

Instagram is a platform that boasts a huge user count, and it’s growing bigger and bigger each day.

Needless to say that it’s one of the best places for promotion and marketing. Brands, performers, and influences want to acquire as many followers as possible and build their profiles.

But becoming popular on any platform is easier said than done. The competition is tough. Hence, many people use Instagram services to do the growing instead of them while they can concentrate on publishing content.

As usual, I’m back with my reviews to find growth services that actually work. In this Social Steeze review, I will break down everything I learned about this Instagram tool.

You may have been aware that there was a Social Steeze shut down. So, what happened? Were they a scam? Are there some better alternatives?

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What Is Social Steeze?

A screenshot taken from Social Steeze's website

Social Steeze was an Instagram growth tool that was supposed to find the right audience for your niche and interact with them. This would result in an increase in quality followers over time.

Unfortunately, when talking about Social Steeze, I have to use the past tense. 

The company, founded in New Zealand, got sued by Facebook in 2018. They filed a lawsuit for violating Instagram Terms and Conditions & Community Guidelines, as proposed by the federal law.

When SocialSteeze continued with the practices of selling Instagram followers, likes, and bot activities, Facebook sued them for the second time. What then followed was the Social Steeze shut down.

What does this tell us?

SocialSteeze was created by a scam company and consisted of bot practices. But were there any other problems with it? Did it, nonetheless, work? What are the best Social Steeze alternatives?

Top Social Steeze Alternatives

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How Does Social Steeze Work?

I didn’t try Social Steeze before the shutdown, but there’s plenty of information about how it worked before.

As far as I can tell, it was a classic Instagram growth service that did not do its job very well. They promised real and organic followers, but obtained bots and fake accounts and likes. 

This does, indeed, violate Instagram Terms of Use, so it was just a matter of time before they got sued.

Not to mention that bot activity and similar practices meant that Instagram accounts using Social Steeze repeatedly got reported and banned.

How to Use Social Steeze?

As it’s impossible to use Social Steeze anymore, here’s a short description of how it was used, as the basis for finding appropriate alternatives to Social Steeze.

In theory, it was easy. All you needed to do was create a Social Steeze account and log in, choose a tariff plan, and set your preferences so that it could, supposedly, find your target audience.

Features of Social Steeze

Here is what features Social Steeze offered while it worked:

Finding the Target Audience

It used different techniques to find the target profiles related to your content and engage you with them.

For example, hashtags could find relevant posts in your niche. There was also location targeting so that you could reach users who were located in your area of interest.

Finally, you could list the accounts that you admire, which would bring their followers to you. Vice versa, you could also select users that you’d prefer to avoid and blacklist them.

All of this seems neat – but the problem is that Social Steeze did not really use these filters. Instead of engaging you with your target audience, it connected you to fake accounts.


Social Steeze was supposed to bring you followers and likes by auto-commenting, following, and liking other Instagram users.

This method is risky, as interacting with too many users at once can be detected as spam. Considering that Social Steeze randomly attracted likes and followers, it could be concluded that they were coming from bots.

Social Steeze Pricing

Again, as Social Steeze does not exist anymore, and their website is closed, I cannot provide you with the exact visual presentation of their pricing plans. 

There is enough information on the internet, though, to reconstruct its former price and features.

From what I’ve learned, they didn’t offer a free trial. Honestly, I’m not surprised, as people would probably figure out that it wasn’t genuine during the trial period and end up not buying their services.

They had two tariff packages:


The Regular Social Steeze plan was priced at $15 weekly, $38 monthly, and $449 annually.

It had all the basic features included, such as liking, following, commenting, and targeting your audience.


The Elite plan cost as follows: $25 a week, $99 a month, and $669 a year.

There were no striking differences between the packages, except the fact that the latter offered faster growth and access to the “priority support.” Having to pay to have access to customer support does not instill much confidence, don’t you agree?

It would be unnecessary to thoroughly discuss whether Social Steeze pricing was fair. First of all, it doesn’t work anymore. Secondly, it may have looked affordable, but “affordable” does not mean anything when the features don’t function the way they are supposed to.

Is Social Steeze Legit?

Social Steeze was not legit.

According to reviews on websites such as TrustPilot, there was a lot of fraudulent activity connected to Social Steeze.

The company had continued to charge its customers even after they had canceled the service and refused to refund any money. People had lost hundreds – even thousands – of dollars because they couldn’t unsubscribe from Social Steeze.

The customer service was unresponsive and refused to address any of the problems. The only solution was to block your PayPal account or Credit Card.

It’s no wonder that it got suspended.

Is Social Steeze Safe?

Social Steeze was not safe, and it’s one of the primary reasons for its shut down.

They had complete control over the Instagram accounts of their users and caused bans on them because their service did not follow Instagram Terms.

Additionally, they refused to cancel people’s subscription and overcharged them.

Social Steeze Review: PROS and CONS

Could get you some followers and likesDoesn’t work anymore
Violates Instagram Terms of Use
Shady practices
Bot followers and likes
Risk of getting banned & reported
Some users were overcharged
Customer support would not address any issues people had

Social Steeze Review: Final Verdict

Instagram growth and bot service is incredibly popular, as more and more users attempt to make their mark on this platform.

One of the options was Social Steeze. However, as mentioned in this Social Steeze review, it got shut down.


Because of the shady practices and scamming their customers. The services that they offered, such as likes and followers, were fake and would take your Instagram account at risk.

So, even if it still had been around, Social Steeze would be a hard pass. 

You should instead focus on organic services and alternatives that will generate real results. Only genuine followers and likes will make you reach new heights with your Instagram profile(s).

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

If you’re looking for an alternative to Social Steeze that actually works, check out the options we have ranked in the tables down below! We’ve spent many months testing them out for your ease.

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