Instoo Review: Will It Make You Famous For Cheap?

Having high-quality content isn’t enough to make it on Instagram. A good growth strategy is also paramount.

Since you’re here, I assume you know that already. And, I see that you’ve started looking for Instagram growth services.

So, Instoo has caught your attention. Do you want to learn all about it? 

You’ve come to the right place.

This company makes a lot of promises, but do they live up to them? Is their service any good, or is it just another scam?

Today’s Instoo review reveals the truth. 

Let’s dive into it!

What is Instoo?

An image of Instoo's website

“Cutting edge automation!”

“Supercharge growth!”

These are the phrases that welcome you when you visit Instoo’s website. 

This overly confident approach is often used by Instagram growth agencies. I don’t blame them – they’re trying to attract customers.

However, as soon as I see the word “automation,” a red light turns on in my mind. This word usually implies that there’s a bot at work. But, let’s not be too harsh on Instoo right from the start. What does this service do?

Instoo offers automated tools for several social media, including Instagram, Tik Tok, and – wait for it – Tinder! 

I bet you didn’t see that coming.

The tool is a Chrome extension, which is problematic in itself, and I’ll explain why later.

When it comes to Instagram, Instoo automatically likes, follows/unfollows, sends DMs, and views stories. These are all common operations of a bot, and there’s nothing cutting edge about them.

Now, why is using bots an issue?

It’s against Instagram’s policy. The platform is quick to suspend or ban accounts that employ them. But what if IG doesn’t catch you? Trust me; it will. Their algorithm is really good at detecting this stuff.

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How does Instoo Work?

As I said earlier, Instoo is an extension for Google Chrome. Once installed and connected to your profile, it performs the usual automation tasks.

Right off the bat, we have a problem.

Using browser extensions is always risky business. You never know what kind of data it can access. While it’s unlikely that it’ll do you significant damage, the program may compromise your sensitive information.

Instoo uses targeting to find your optimal audience, and then interacts with them. The engagement includes liking, following, unfollowing, viewing, and sending DMs.

You can connect up to three profiles to it, and pay monthly or annually. There’s also a two-week free trial for anyone interested.

How To Use Instoo? 

The process of setting up the tool is quite simple. It goes like this:

  1. Go to Instoo’s official website. 
  2. Sign for free.
  3. Install the Instoo Chrome extension by following the instructions.
  4. Set your target.
  5. Enable the automation features which you want.
  6. Adjust the automation speed.

Instoo Features

Instoo doesn’t have too many features; it’s a pretty simple bot. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand them before deciding whether to use this tool or not. You can check out the most prominent features below.

Automatic Likes/Follows/Unfollows/Views

Using automated actions is a tried and tested method for getting banned from Instagram. If you don’t utilize them very, very wisely, you’ll get yourself in trouble.

The bot shouldn’t exceed Instagram’s daily engagement limits. Otherwise, the algorithm will probably action block you. 

Instoo claims that its machine learning model helps make the engagement human-like. Even if this were true, I still wouldn’t recommend going over Instagram’s limits.

“OK, so I’ll just respect the constraints, and everything will be fine.”

If you do that, the rate of engagement will be way too low to achieve meaningful growth. A much better idea would be to find an organic growth service.

Automated DMs

Write a couple of messages, set how many you want to be sent per day, and enable the feature. Then, Instoo will send automated DMs to your target audience.

Now, do you enjoy receiving automated text messages? Be honest. 

Of course, you don’t; nobody does. This operation can hardly be of any use to you.

The only reasonable application for it would be sending welcome DMs to new followers. However, I’d think twice before doing even that.

Automation Speed Adjustment

You control the number of daily automated actions that Instoo performs. The numbers differ from task to task. For example, the story views go from 0 to 10K, while the max number of DMs is 20. The option is controlled using a simple slider.

As I just mentioned, it’s best to keep the number as low as possible.


The tool uses very basic targeting. You can only target using hashtags and account names. This is far from optimal. Having only two options isn’t enough to pinpoint your ideal audience. 

Connect Multiple Profiles

Instoo allows you to connect up to three social media profiles to it. It’s unclear whether it can run automation on all accounts simultaneously.

Customer Support

The company claims to have a 24/7 live chat support. Unfortunately, there’s no way to confirm this because there are no genuine reviews to be found online.

Instoo Pricing

Instoo’s services are pretty cheap. They offer monthly and yearly subscription plans, as well as a free trial. Take a look at them:

instoo review - pricing

The yearly plan will save you some money, but I don’t think it’s a great idea to buy it right away. How do you know you’ll be happy with the tool for an entire year? You don’t.

I would describe their prices as suspiciously low. Your goal shouldn’t be to find the cheapest possible service but an affordable, high-quality one.

Is Instoo Legit?

I can’t say for sure, although my instincts are telling me it’s not. 

They’ve got only four reviews on, and they’re all positive. This tells me absolutely nothing about the legitimacy of Instoo. 

There’s no FAQ or Help page on the website, nor do they show an email or a phone number. Also, their prices are just too low. I can’t imagine that they run a quality service for that cheap.

Is Instoo Safe?

“A free Instagram bot! What could possibly go wrong?”

OK, it’s free for 14 days only, but you get the idea. 

I don’t think that Instoo is safe to use. It’s a generic bot fit into a browser extension. That’s a double concern. On top of that, I couldn’t confirm that their payment system is secure.


It may help you earn a few followers It could get you suspended or banned
Includes a free trialNo real reviews to be found
Suspiciously cheap
No FAQ or Help pages
Possibly unverified payment system
It’s a Chrome extension; it could steal your sensitive data

Instoo Review: Final Verdict

Is Instoo a credible Instagram growth tool?

I would argue no. 

First of all, it is a Chrome extension and may compromise sensitive data. Second, their services are too cheap to be any good. Last, I couldn’t find a single real Instoo review.

All of the above gives you a solid reason to avoid this tool. You don’t need it, especially when there are so many safe and effective organic growth services out there.

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