Gramista Review – Is It a Scam? The Full Scoop

Nowadays, everyone’s on Instagram. 

Whether you’re running a business page, trying to make it as an influencer, or you just like looking at pictures of cute dogs, I’m certain Instagram is your preferred social media. 

It’s so popular that there are countless tools that can help you become Instagram famous. 

Today, I’ll talk about one such tool – Gramista.

I’ve known about Gramista for a while, and I recently heard an interesting rumor regarding it. I instantly became intrigued and decided to see for myself if it was the truth or just a rumor indeed.

So, I tried Gramista and now I’d like to answer the following questions:

Is Gramista a scam?

How safe is it to use Gramista?

I’ll reveal all in my Gramista review, so keep on reading!

What Is Gramista?

An image showing Gramista's website

The rumor that’s been going around is that Gramista has actually been shut down since July 2019, but they’re still accepting new clients for some reason. 

This turned out to be completely accurate.

You can still register on their website and connect your Instagram account, and there’s not a single word indicating they no longer work.

So, what is (or was) Gramista?

According to their website, they’re ‘geeks with flame, making your name’.

I know how this sounds, but their site is full of these cringy rhymes and phrases.

They were ‘born from the lack of scientific mind in the industry’ and they ‘work hard to provide you with the latest technologies in Instagram marketing.’

Since I actually tried Gramista, I can tell you first hand this is not exactly true.

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How Does Gramista Work?

Gramista automates all interactions with other profiles to get you real likes and followers. They claim to copy human behavior to make their bot activity look as natural as possible. 

Based on a lot of Trustpilot reviews from people who tried Gramista before they were shut down, the quality of said followers is highly questionable.

Many of those reviews have an overall negative tone, as people weren’t happy with the fact that Gramista brought bots to their profiles. 

The presence of bots is a huge deal. Instagram has a way of detecting bot activity and needless to say, bots put your account in jeopardy.

Gramista Features

Gramista doesn’t have a lot of features, but rather a few key ones. Let’s see what they offer.

Target Audience

This feature basically allows you to adjust the filters so it can find users from your niche.

You can narrow down your audience based on the following filters:

  • Gender
  • Hashtags
  • Account
  • Location

Gender filtering is not 100% reliable, since many Instagram users don’t even have a selected gender on their profile.

Targeting based on hashtags can be effective, but only if you put hashtags closely related to your niche or industry and not something universal that would attract users not interested in your content.

Location filters can also be useful at times, especially if you want to get followers from a specific area, or better yet, those who frequent certain places. 

Smart Mode

The smart mode feature uses artificial intelligence to mimic human behavior. Its purpose is to avoid Instagram detection tools, and it performs a few tasks.

It can unpredictably run scripts, keep track of previously followed and unfollowed accounts, and interact with your target audience on your behalf.

I have to admit this is a very impressive feature provided it performed as promised. Interestingly, there weren’t many reviews that mention this feature, so I’m not sure whether it fully worked or not.

If Gramista still worked, I’d be most eager to try this one.


Liker is the feature that automatically likes posts from accounts within your targeted audience. It’s no different from the classic ‘like’ feature that most automation tools offer. 

Since Gramista likes posts based on your settings, it’s crucial that you adjust them early on. 


Another feature typical of Instagram automation tools.

This one’s tactic is to follow a large number of accounts within your niche and hope for those accounts to follow you back. If they don’t follow you back after some time (Gramista doesn’t specify how long), the bot will automatically unfollow them.

The default setting of the number of accounts it will follow at once is 1000, and I’m not sure whether you can change this.


The Boost feature can be used to temporarily boost the interactions performed by Gramista. This is made to drastically increase your activity in a short period of time.

You have to be very careful with this kind of feature and use it periodically so your account won’t get flagged.

Gramista Pricing

Although Gramista doesn’t work, they still accept new clients so they have a pricing list available on their site.

They have six packages, and each of those is for one account only.

Gramista Review - Pricing

You’re actually buying a day’s worth of activity, so you can choose between 1, 3, 7, 30, 60, and 90 days.

The 30 days package is the most popular. You get unlimited use of the Liker and Follower/Unfollower and unlimited support.

Gramista Review - 30 day package

The 60 days and 90 days packages are a bit pricier, but the 90 days deal is the one that pays off the most, with only $1 per day:

Gramista review - 60 day package
gramista review - 90 days review

As for the payment options, Gramista accepts all major Credit and Debit cards, but no PayPal or any similar service. 

They also offer a free trial, but they don’t say for how long.

Is Gramista Legit?

Well, based on the fact that they no longer work but still accept clients, plus all the reviews with a negative sentiment, it’s safe to say Gramista is not completely legit.

If someone is intentionally taking money from people for a service that doesn’t work anymore, it obviously shady stuff – you don’t have to be an expert to figure that out.

Is Gramista Safe?

Surprisingly, Gramista is safe regarding your sensitive info – there are no third parties involved.

They used to get you bot followers, but since they’re out of business, I guess it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Gramista PROS and CONS

It had a few interesting featuresA service that doesn’t work but still accepts new clients
The prices are reasonableThey take your money but are unable to provide a service
While they worked, they brought bots to your account
You have to leave credit card info - no PayPal option
They don’t mention any sort of refund
Bad customer support

Final Verdict

So, is Gramista a scam?

There’s no point in beating around the bush when it’s clear as day. 

We can all agree that if someone is taking money for a service they don’t provide, it’s called a scam.

I’m not sure how they still have a fully functioning website despite all the complaints from tricked users, but maybe I could investigate it a bit further. 

For now, all I can do is give you advice always to do in-depth research before you pay for an automation tool so you don’t waste a single cent.

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