Automatic Viral Review – Is It A Fraud? Find Out Quickly

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Is Automatic Viral one of those services?

How trustworthy is it?

Find out now in my Automatic Viral Review!

What is Automatic Viral?

An image of Automatic Viral's website

Automatic Viral is actually out of business. They were shut down recently due to a request by Instagram for selling followers and likes.

The problem was, among other things, that they didn’t provide organic growth, which is essential in this line of business.

At the end of this review, I’ve listed some of my favorite Instagram services that will help you grow organically, so feel free to check them out.

Now back to the matter at hand.

Automatic Viral was essentially a marketplace for followers and likes. 

They had a unique philosophy. In the words of Automatic Viral: 

“Why go out of your way to buy likes manually with every new upload? Our system detects all new uploads within 60 seconds and sends you real likes from real users automatically.”

After reading this statement, I was no longer surprised they got shut down. This kind of strategy is a recipe for disaster.

Not only does it attract bots, but that kind of online behavior tells Instagram there’s suspicious activity on your profile that could consequently get you suspended or banned.

Besides, this way of growing wouldn’t even get your account to the explore page where real people could find you and follow you.

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How Does Automatic Viral Work?

Automatic viral claimed they can get you followers and likes automatically by detecting your new upload. They promised likes would start pouring in only a minute after you uploaded.

They also said all of the likes came from real followers.

What bothers me is that they had no way of telling if those followers were real, which meant you’d likely end up with bots instead of authentic followers.

The fact that they threw around the term ‘automatically’ tells us they were using a botting software, so they were basically an Instagram bot.

Using an Instagram bot can be risky, so it’s gotta be handled discreetly. If it’s not used correctly and proportionately, it will probably violate Instagram’s terms of service.

And Instagram is very good at catching bots.

Automatic Viral Features

According to their website that doesn’t exist anymore, the main features of Automatic Viral were:

Get Real Users and Real likes 

They claimed you’d get real likes from real users. 

We know now that wasn’t true. 

Based on many reviews on Trustpilot, Automatic Viral would constantly bring fake followers to your account.

Automatic Upload Detection

I already told you about this. 

Automatic Viral was very proud of this feature. 

I think it could work well if used properly. For example, if it would get you the likes gradually instead of all at once, it would seem more natural and less typical bot behavior.

Like Delay (Speed Adjustment)

This feature allowed you to adjust the speed at which your account automatically liked other accounts’ posts. 

This was a useful feature so I don’t get why Automatic Viral didn’t have the same option for the likes on your posts.

Customer Support

Automatic Viral had customer support, but you could only reach them during business hours. 

There wasn’t any kind of help available 24/7, so if something went wrong and you couldn’t reach them, you had to wait patiently.

Cancel anytime

The Cancel option was listed among the features. They just wanted to let you know you could cancel their service at any time.

Money-back guarantee

Also listed with the features. 

Luckily, you were able to get your money back from Automatic Viral. I appreciated they had this feature since their services weren’t very affordable.

Automatic Viral Pricing

Automatic Viral offered six packages that also included a few other features. The prices are on a monthly basis and for only one account. 

The six packages were:

  • 100 likes per post – $17/month
  • 250 Likes Per Post – $24.00/Month
  • 500 Likes Per Post – $48.00/Month
  • 1000 Likes Per Post – $75.00/Month
  • 2000 Likes Per Post – $134.00/Month
  • 3000 Likes Per Post – $189.00/Month

Each of these packages included up to 4 posts per day, real likes from real users, free views on videos, 24/7 customer support (which didn’t really exist), cancel anytime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Since their website isn’t available anymore, I couldn’t find the exact packages and prices for followers, but some users mentioned they go as high as $450 per month.

Yeah, Automatic Viral wasn’t a budget-friendly service. 

Considering how many Instagram’s terms of use they broke constantly, you’d end up paying with more than money. 

Also, there was no free trial of any kind, but I guess that wasn’t a huge problem, since they had a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Automatic Viral Legit?

Automatic Viral was legit in the sense that they weren’t trying to take your money – they were even happy to give it back in case you’re not satisfied.

But was it following the rules and Instagram’s terms of service? 

Not exactly. 

This is a deal-breaker so I have to say Automatic Viral was not 100% legit.

Is Automatic Viral Safe?

Given that they were selling fake followers and likes, it’s fair to say no, not really.

Yes, they did have a secure website and safe payment options, and they didn’t ask for your passwords. 

But, the constant threat of having your account suspended or banned due to bot activity is not a  joke. 

Automatic Viral PROS and CONS

It was easy to use.A service that no longer exists.
There was a money-back guarantee.They were shut down by Instagram.
They sold fake followers and likes.
Your account was in danger of getting banned or suspended.
The prices were too high.
They falsely claimed they had 24/7 customer support.
Their growth strategy was bad.

Final Verdict

So what’s the deal with Automatic Viral, is it a fraud or not?

Since the company went out of business, it’s quite irrelevant now. 

We can discuss further, but I think it’s perfectly clear where they went wrong.

One thing’s for sure – that’s not the way to grow an Instagram account.

I recommend you to turn your focus on other (similar, but legit) growth services that will do it for you in the only right way – organically.

That’s why I listed below the top Automatic Viral alternatives available right now. Feel free to check them out!

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