Fuelgram Review: Can It Make You Insta Famous?

It’s no secret that many Instagram growth services run a shady operation. The shady part is the use of bots and automation. 

What’s wrong with that?

Well, it’s not quite in line with Instagram’s policy, and might get you suspended.

Naturally, you’d want to look for other ways to grow your account. Fuelgram claims to be an alternative, but I hesitate to believe this.

Moreover, does it even work in 2020? If yes, is it safe?

These are some of the questions I’ll cover in today’s Fuelgram review. Let’s see what’s up with this service!

What is Fuelgram?

A screenshot taken from Fuelgram's website

The rumors of Fuelgram shut down are true. The service isn’t available as of recently, so we can merely talk about what it used to be.

This Instagram growth service was centered around engagement exchange. It gathered a large group of users and enabled them to exchange likes/views/comments among each other.

According to the company, they worked only with real people and didn’t employ bots. 

I’m not entirely sure about that.

While It’s true that their community was made up of genuine users, they definitely did use bots.  

To be fair to them, Fuelgram was far from terrible. They ran a relatively fair service and didn’t sell fake engagement. Their customer support was pretty good, which is rare for Instagram growth agencies.

Fuelgram Alternatives

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How Does Fuelgram Work?

Well, it doesn’t. At least not anymore. Nevertheless, I’ll talk about what their operation looked like.

Fuelgram was a community of real Instagram users. To join it, you had to register with your account name and password. They had certain criteria for accepting new members, but more on that later.

Their members groups were organized along two lines- the size of the following and niche. 

For example, if you had 1000 followers, Fuelgram would place you in the group of users with a similar number of followers. Also, it allowed you to select the niche which your brand belongs to. The idea was to help the group members grow together at the same rate. 

The engagement had to be paid for. You could buy automatic likes and comments on a monthly basis. They also offered something called Powerlikes, which were paid per post.

How to Use Fuelgram?

To get started with Fuelgram, first, you had to sign up. The process was speedy and only took a couple of minutes. Here’s how it went:

1. Sign up with the required information.

2. Connect your IG account.

3. Find the group with the same niche and following size.

4. Apply for membership in the group.

5. Wait for approval.

6. If you get accepted, proceed to settings.

7. When you adjust the settings, Sign Out.

8. Wait for Fuelgram to start running.

Like I said earlier, Fuelgram didn’t accept everyone who applied. People had to meet the company’s criteria. Namely, the accounts had to have a certain number of followers and engagement. The purpose of this exclusiveness was to maintain a high-quality user base.

Fuelgram Features

OK, so what were Fuelgram’s most prominent features? Read about it below.


Auto-Rounds was a service that was paid monthly. It enabled users to engage with Fuelgrammers from their group. People liked each other’s posts, that’s basically what it was. 

You could choose three rounds per day. Rounds were time slots when you were expected to post in order to receive the engagement. In return, you had to like other user’s stuff in specific rounds.

It was done manually, which was a hassle. However, it was a good way to get some quick likes.


Powerlikes could be bought per post. You could pay a fee of a few bucks and receive likes. The likes were allegedly from Fuelgram’s network of users, which were all real accounts.

The trouble with this service is that the program would use your account to like posts 24/7. This means that Instagram could mistake you for a bot and ban you. 

A way around this was to connect another IG profile to Fuelgram. This second profile was meant only to give likes and not receive them. 

When everyone started doing this, they created a pool of accounts with no followers that just liked other people’s posts. Due to this, the quality of Fuelgram’s engagement declined over time.

Engagement Groups

Engagement groups were perhaps the best feature of Fuelgram. These were communities of users within the same niche and with a similar number of followers. 

As I explained before, you could enter the group only if you met all the criteria. Once you were in, you could exchange real engagement with the users, and Instagram wouldn’t suspect anything. The members talked to each other on Telegram and made arrangements that way.

Customer Support

Fuelgram had a live chat that was available 24/7. The customers’ experiences with this service seemed to be quite good. The support always responded to messages, but sometimes users had to wait for hours to get it.

Fuelgram Pricing

Fuelgram offered monthly subscriptions and one-time payments. The monthly payments were for Auto Rounds services, while the single deposits were for Powerlikes. 

The overall price depended on the number of likes or rounds you purchased. For Auto Rounds, you could spend anywhere from 12.5 euros to several hundred. As for Powerlikes, a single post cost 11 euros, and you could buy up 99 at once.

Is Fuelgram Legit?

Fuelgram seemed to be a credible service. Most customer reviews that I found had a positive sentiment. So, what went wrong? Who or what shut Fuelgram down?

I guess we’ll never find out, but it makes me wonder. If they were indeed 100% legit, then perhaps they closed down due to lack of customers. But, if they had customers and business was going well, then they might have gotten wiped out by Instagram.

The company never disclosed the reason for closing its doors. They did call for people to contact them for a refund. 

How nice.

Is Fuelgram Safe?

The service was, apparently, pretty safe. They had verified payment gateways, and I didn’t see any complaints of scams. 

However, there were some unsafe aspects when dealing with this service. 

They required you to give them your Instagram password. Also, it’s possible that their bot used your account to like posts non-stop. The latter could have compromised your profile and have led to a ban.

Fuelgram Review: PROS and CONS

Their engagement and followers were realSome of the followers were of low quality
They had good customer supportThey used your profile to like other users post non-stop
Relatively expensive
They didn’t accept everyone in their groups
Might have gotten some users action blocked
No explanation why they shut down

Fuelgram Review: Final Verdict

Was Fuelgram a good Instagram growth service?

Fuelgram had its issues, but it looks like it was an OK service. For the most part, their model was in line with Instagram’s policy. Still, things weren’t as polished as they claimed. Using it could have gotten you in trouble.

Since Fuelgram isn’t here anymore, you’ve got to opt for other services. I’ve got a few great suggestions in the table below.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Services

Alas, the days of Fuelgram are over. If you’re looking for alternatives to organically grow your Instagram account, do check out some of the tools I’ve ranked below. They’ve all been tried and tested for your convenience!

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