Instaswell Review: Can It Do What It Promises? The Revealing

Is all Instagram automation bad? 

If you asked the platform, it would surely say “Yes.”

However, the truth is that it does cut some slack on certain kinds of automated tools. Besides, it’s practically impossible to garner a large following without them.

Instaswell is an Instagram growth service that’s based around automation. Lately, rumors of its demise have been circling the internet. 

Is the company still around? If yes, is it safe to use?

The answer is a bit longer than you’ve hoped for, and you can find it in my Instaswell review.

Don’t just stand there. Go on, read it!

What Is Instaswell?

A screenshot of Instaswell's website

Before I start, let me answer this: 

Does Instaswell work?

It doesn’t. The domain with its name is still up, but there’s no content on it. I can’t tell whether this is temporary or permanent. So, in this review, I’ll explain how the service worked and what could have led to its closedown.

Instaswell was advertised as an “automated promotion and management service.” This is a glorified term for an Instagram bot, which is what the company essentially was. It performed the usual automation tasks – liking, viewing, following – you get the picture. 

In case you didn’t know, nothing ticks Instagram off like botting technology. The platform banned such operations back in 2019.  From then on, companies like Instaswell had a pretty rough time.

My guess is that things started getting so bad that the Instaswell had to shut down.

Another possibility is that they got sued for copyright infringement. You see, Instagram has the exclusive legal right to words “insta” and “gram.” It wouldn’t be the first time they forced an agency to close for this reason.

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How Does Instaswell Work?

As I said, Instaswell doesn’t exist anymore. Still, I’d like to do an overview of how it functioned and what it claimed to do.

The tool performed automated Instagram engagement on your behalf. It liked and viewed posts, and followed/unfollowed accounts to boost your profile. It also included a few filters and targeting features, which I’ll describe later.

It was obvious that a bot was running the show. Instagram could detect this, and it blocked the accounts that employed this tool. Some users even got banned.

How to Use Instaswell?

Customers started by signing up for Instaswell’s free trial.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t get any details about the service before registering. This was because they didn’t have an FAQ page. But, they included a phone number and email into the sign-up process, so you could ask about what you wanted to know.

Instaswell Features

The service wasn’t jam-packed with features, which is a good thing. Many similar companies have this problem, and it’s hard to understand what exactly they do. 

While Instaswell’s simplicity was a plus, there were plenty of minuses. Check out the following section to learn about this.


Instaswell targeted users based on hashtags, location, and competitors’ followers. Even though this seemed like comprehensive and precise targeting, it wasn’t.

I’ve read reports of how people’s accounts engaged with users completely unrelated to their niche. Such actions got them some followers and likes that they could have done without.

Automatic Likes and Views

The app liked and viewed your target users’ posts on your behalf. The idea behind this is that these people would notice you, and then like your stuff back. 

Did it work?

Sometimes it did, but it couldn’t get you large amounts of engagement. Also, Instagram could easily detect you liking/viewing stuff like crazy. The platform would recognize this as bot activity and proceed to action block you.

To give you an example, Instaswell said it could make from 50K to 500K views per day. No wonder Instagram would become suspicious!

Automatic Follow/Unfollow

The tool followed users of interest, hoping that they’ll follow back. The inactive accounts were automatically unfollowed. As your daily follow limits were reached, the app would start to unfollow people. 

Of course, the point of all of this was to gain followers from your niche. However, users rarely got people interested in their content. They mostly received fake accounts or those irrelevant to their goals.

Just like automatic engagement, this activity, too, is a red flag for Instagram.


A handy feature of Instaswell was the hashtag/account filter. You could enter the hashtags and account names that you didn’t want to interact with, and the tool would obey. This option can be useful for narrowing down your ideal audience.

Instaswell Pricing

Instaswell’s selling point was its low cost. Just take a look at their final price list:

instaswell review - pricing

The service was one of the cheapest around, but let me tell you why this wasn’t a good thing. In the world of Instagram marketing, it’s essential to look for affordable, not cheap. The latter will get you low quality engagement/followers and may even put your account at risk. 

The above was undoubtedly true for Instaswell.

Is Instaswell Legit?

Towards the end of their ‘life,’ Instaswell lost all legitimacy. Before that, they were a somewhat reputable service. After all, they existed for around five years.

Like many similar companies, they suffered at the hands of Instagram and its policy change.

The peculiar thing is that there are no Instaswell reviews to be found anywhere. Their website didn’t have any, but that’s OK since such reviews are mostly fake. 

The thing that puzzles me is that Instaswell isn’t featured on or similar websites. Perhaps it was, but the customer testimonials were wiped out with the service.

Another thing that added to their ‘mysteriousness’ was the lack of an FAQ page. This meant that you couldn’t get access to relevant information before signing up.

Is Instaswell Safe?

Instaswell was far from safe. 

The first thing that I learned was that their website wasn’t HTTPS secure. As an internet user, I presume you already know that you should stay away from such pages. They could compromise your data big time.

On top of that, the payment gateways were unverified, which could put your money at risk.

If data or money-theft didn’t get you, Instagram’s algorithm certainly would. Instaswells rampant use of bots would have gotten you in trouble for sure.


It was cheapIt used bots
It had a free trialUsing it could get you banned
Its website didn't have an FAQ page
Targeting wasn’t very precise
The website wasn’t HTTP secure
Unverified payment gateways

Instaswell Review: Final Verdict

Was Instaswell a useful service?

It might have been, but that was before 2019. After that, I can almost guarantee it was unsafe to use.

The company employed bots and got people’s accounts banned. I don’t know if that’s why It was shut down or was it because Instagram sued it for copyright infringement. 

We’ll never know.

What I do know is that you ought to avoid bots at all costs. Organic growth is the way to go and look for companies that can provide it.

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