RiseSocial Reviews: The Scam and The Downfall – What Happened?

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There are, like, MANY. 

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Which group did RiseSocial belong to?

As you may or may not know, this service is no longer with us. What happened to it?

None of the RiseSocial reviews I read seem to know. That’s why I decided to get my hands dirty and find out.

Below, I’ll present what I discovered. Read to learn why you should avoid companies like this one.

What is RiseSocial?

A screenshot taken from RiseSocial's website

RiseSocial was an Instagram growth tool that closed in 2019. It performed automation tasks such as liking and following/unfollowing targeted profiles. The goal of their operations was to get you organic followers. It didn’t let you buy Instagram followers, but attempted to earn them.

Did it work?

No, not really. You never knew what you’d get with RiseSocial. Sometimes it did perform the functions you paid for, which was problematic in itself. I’ll explain why in a bit.

Other times, the company took the users’ money and under-delivered or didn’t deliver at all. The service wasn’t always like this, but during its final year, it was horrific.

Now, why did I say that its functions were problematic right from the start?

You see, RiseSocial was a classic example of an Instagram bot. It was a tool that did automated engagement on behalf of real people. Instagram banned third-party automated software some years ago. But, it brought the fight to another level in 2019. 

Some bloggers refer to it as “Instagram’s automation blitz.” In other words, that’s when the platform pressed down hard on bots in an attempt to eradicate them.

RiseSocial, and similar companies, found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Some got shut down instantly while others, like RiseSocial, endured for a while longer. 

Users of these services started to get banned by Instagram on a mass scale. The people opted out and stopped using them. 

However, RiseSocial and ‘the gang’ kept promoting and selling their tools as safe to use. This wasn’t exactly a sustainable strategy. Finally, months after the ‘blitz,’ they faced their demise.

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How Does RiseSocial Work?

It’s been almost a year since RiseSocial shut down its services. But, for the sake of understanding what it did wrong, I’ll explain how it worked.

To get started with RiseSocial, you had to go to their website risesocial.co. The domain is now on sale if anyone’s interested. 

A new user had to register. The process required people to enter their account’s password. This is something I discourage folks from doing. No growth service needs full access to your Instagram. Beware of those that ask for it.

After registering, you had to choose one of the company’s pricing packages. The packages included weekly services, which was a nice thing. 

You could purchase a single week to see how it went. If you were happy, you could continue, and if you weren’t, there were no long-term commitments.

As for RiseSocials functions, it liked, followed/unfollowed the accounts that you targeted. I’ll break down each of these in the next section to highlight both the good and the bad. For now, all you need to know is that these features got people action-blocked and even banned.

The service also included a manager that was to help you out with your growth strategy. But, I’m not sure whether such a person even existed.

RiseSocial Features

As I hinted above, the tool did not have a lot of features. Was this a benefit or a disadvantage? It depends on how you look at it and what you need. 

Let’s see how these features got people in trouble and forced RiseSocial out of business.

Targeting Options

RiseSocial allowed you to target your desired audience. It had a decent palette of options here. You could set the region, age, demographics to narrow down the users you were interested in. On top of this, users were able to enter hashtags relevant to their niche.

All in all, the feature was relatively useful. Whether it worked well or not depended on how you used it.

Instagram Likes

The app liked people’s posts instead of you. The aim of this was to catch the attention of the accounts you engaged with. If they noticed your like, they might have checked out your profile. 

This strategy is as old as Instagram.

The issue here was that the platform limits the number of daily actions a user can make. If you crossed this number, you received an action block. RiseSocial did this persistently and got many of their customers banned.

As I said, such actions were OK a few years ago, but then Instagram banned them. RiseSocial didn’t change the features and proceeded to violate Instagram’s policy.

Instagram Follow/Unfollow

The follow/unfollow feature tried to get you more followers. It was problematic for the exact same reason as the automatic likes feature. Instagram doesn’t allow stuff like this and punishes people who use it.

RiseSocial Pricing

There’s little information left about RiseSocial’s pricing. Yet, I managed to dig something out. I mentioned that the tool was paid weekly. If you bought only one week of services, you paid $33 for it. In case you purchased ten weeks, the price was $20 per week.

Is RiseSocial Legit?

All the evidence I found points to the negative answer. 

I’ve read claims that RiseSocial was a part of a cluster of scam companies. Allegedly, all of them were (and still are) run by fraudsters from New Zealand. You can Google more about it if you like.

Regardless of whether the above is true, the user reviews on Trustpilot.com bash RiseSocial. Customers accused the service of terrible conduct. 

For instance, one user said how it got him locked out of his Instagram account. When he complained to the customer service, they refused to take responsibility. They did not even attempt to help him.

This review is just the tip of the iceberg.

Is RiseSocial Safe?

No, RiseSocial didn’t run a safe service. As I said repeatedly, it earned many of its users bans. Also, I’ve read reports from people who suspected that their accounts were hacked. 

Another huge problem was that some customers couldn’t unsubscribe. This means that they kept getting charged until they canceled their credit card.

Fortunately, the RiseSocial scam era didn’t last too long.


It had weekly subscriptionsIt got accounts banned
Customer service was not helpful
Mostly negative reviews on Trustpilot.com
Might have been a part of a larger scam scheme
Some users couldn’t unsubscribe
Didn’t deliver as promised

RiseSocial Review: Final Verdict

Was RiseSocial ever a legit service?

I doubt it. It certainly wasn’t during its last few months. If there’s something I hope you learned today, it’s this – bot-based companies should not be trusted.

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