Jumper Media Reviews: Powerful Growth or Fake Promises? The Truth

The amount of Instagram growth services out there is overwhelming. 

Looking for a legit one is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Reading reviews won’t help, because many of them are biased or incomplete.

Here’s what happened to me when I was researching Jumper Media.

While browsing through Jumper Media reviews, I’ve encountered a lot of conflicting testimonies. It was nearly impossible to find an objective analysis of the service. This got me thinking, so I decided to delve deeper.

I learned a lot about this company, and today, I’m going to tackle the big questions:

Is Jumper Media safe to use? Should you give it your time and money?

What I found out might surprise you, so stick around for the answers!

What is Jumper Media?

Screenshot taken from Jumper Media's website

The Jumper Media Instagram growth service says it can ‘grow your business faster than you could on your own.’ Bold statements like this aim to portray the company as confident. However, in my mind, they cause suspicion.

Jumper Media offers various services – from content creation to account management and some basic engagement tasks. The deals are done via a phone call, which gives them a degree of credibility. They sell the image of being a well-rounded, “organic” growth marketing service. 

How much of this is true? I’ll explain in a bit.

Jumper Media claims that they employ no bots, which I doubt. They use the term “Growth by Hand,” referring to real live human hands doing all the engagement.

On their website they state how ‘real people’ sign into your IG account, and then interact with your target audience. They engage by liking posts and viewing stories.

OK, this calls for an eyebrow raise.

I don’t think that what they say is true. Just imagine the amount of employees they’d need to log into all their customers’ profiles. Also, how much time would those people spend engaging on Instagram to create any meaningful results? I reckon a lot!

On top of that, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable knowing that an actual person has my login info. It’s different when you give this information to a bot.

The reviews on their website are nearly believable, with people’s pictures, full names, and all. Yet, I wouldn’t rush to accept them as real. After all, customer reviews are the easiest thing to counterfeit.

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How does Jumper Media work?

As I said, Jumper Media offers a lot of services. The company’s allegedly run by a team of marketing professionals who use several methods to boost your Instagram. 

Some of the tasks they perform include managing your page, creating content, and advertising you on social media. 

Their website has basic explanations of what they do. However, when it comes to details, you’re left in the dark. The only way to find out more is to inquire via email or to schedule a phone call. 

Honestly, I was a bit confused after reading about their services. I couldn’t get a clear idea of all that they offer. Their web presentation doesn’t guide you through it step by step. Instead, you can read about a bunch of separate offers, some of them containing very vague information.

How to get started with Jumper Media?

As far as I was able to understand, Jumper Media works like this. 

You book a phone call through a form on their website. You make the call and discuss the specifics of your Instagram profile. After you reach an agreement, they assign you a social media manager. 

They develop a strategy in cooperation with you and get it underway. The company creates content and ads for you and engages with other users to promote your account.

Jumper Media Features

The scope of Jumper Media’s services seems to be broad. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to figure out precisely what they do from the info on their website. I hope the following section does a better job of explaining it. Let’s get into it.

Engagement Through Likes and Views

The company’s “Growth by Hand service engages with other IG users for you. According to Jumper Media, real people log in to your profile and perform all the actions (likes and views). 

I highly doubt that this is the case. My guess is that there’s a bot at work here. It’s hard for me to believe that they pay employees to like posts all day. And yeah, they’d have to do it all day, every day if they were to produce any results.

If a bot does this, it could get you banned. Speaking of that, I’ve seen reports that Jumper Media earned some users a ban. 

Smells like an Instagram bot!

Instagram Loops

Jumper Media promotes Loops as “a new way to grow on Instagram.” If you haven’t heard of this strategy before, let me fill you in.

It creates a chain of users tagging each other in posts. Another variant is when a famous influencer follows people who pay for it through a giveaway. These are oversimplified explanations of loops. A quick Google search can teach you more about them.

Are loops any good?

Yes and no. On the one hand, they can be a potent method for gaining followers. On the other hand, they’re easy to abuse and may get you fake, low quality, and temporary followers. Based on what I read about Jumper Media, the latter is probably the case. I’ll talk about it later.

Page Management

The Jumper Media team works with you to organize your Instagram page. They look at existing photos and check out your planned posts on Dropbox. 

The management tries to steer your future content in the right direction. Social proof is their primary reference for guiding your new content. 

All of this sounds legit and is a great way to build an account. However, the company’s internal turmoil ruins everything. 

I’ve seen complaints from users who were using this method and were happy. Then, all of a sudden, the assistant they worked with, who knew the details of the strategy, quit. The “replacement” they got was far from adequate.

Jumper Media Pricing

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any visible prices. This choice to remain secretive is never a good sign, in my opinion. 

Who knows, maybe they throw out a pricing list once you sign up. But how can you tell whether you can afford it or not before registering? 

My best advice would be to contact them and try to get some details about this.

Is Jumper Media Legit?

I’m hesitant to say no. 

A quick look at Trustpilot.com and Glassdoor.com will show you that Jumper Media Instagram reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The issue is that it’s hard to say whether those reviews are genuine. It’s common for such businesses to pay for some praising comments.

The negative reviews that I saw were very concerning. Many users complained about how they had various troubles with Jumper Media. 

A common problem was that the company didn’t fulfill its end of the bargain. The people initially started getting followers, but the process came to a halt. They never got the boost that was promised, and Jumper Media stopped responding to their messages.

Some folks had it worse. They paid for services, but never received anything in return! These people suffered a full-on scam.

Is Jumper Media Safe?

I would argue that Jumper Media isn’t safe. There are three reasons why I feel like this. 

First, the payment gateways aren’t verified, which could put your credit cards at risk. Also, their prices aren’t transparent, so there might be some hidden expenses. This isn’t really a safety issue, but it’s still an issue.

Second, Instagram might suspend or ban your account for using Jumper Media. I’ve read testimonies of this happening. I assume it’s because the company (secretly) uses bots.

Third, they require you to give them your Instagram password. While they’re not the only service to do this, I wouldn’t trust them with it.

Pros and Cons

May get you some followersYou probably won’t get a refund
No customer service
Unverified payment gateways
Requires your password
Might get your account banned
Reports of customers getting scammed

Jumper Media Review: Final Verdict

Can Jumper Media be trusted?

I’m afraid not. 

Be hesitant to trust the positive reviews on Google. They are most likely not genuine. I can’t exclude the possibility that Jumper Media used to be a great company. However, it seems that they’ve gone down the drain.

A single report of fraud shouldn’t go unnoticed, let alone dozens of such statements. I’m not saying that this company will cheat you 100%, but the chance of this happening is pretty high.

The great news is that you don’t need Jumper Media. There are numerous other organic marketing services that run an honest business. These are much more likely to help you boost your profile, and they’re entirely safe.

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