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Social media is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives in the twenty-first century. People devote hours to social media sites in order to expand their audience, provide intriguing material, and gain more followers. As a result, there is a growing demand for social media marketing tools.

There are now millions of businesses in this industry, and I’d like to introduce you to one of them: InstaGrow.

What is Instagrow?

InstaGrow, a social media advertising platform, gives Instagram, the most popular social networking site, access to a variety of businesses.

InstaGrow is a platform that offers a variety of services, including increased profile visibility. This platform is really easy to use. All you have to do is select an offer, register, and pay for the service. InstaGrow guarantees a high level of service while also giving an immediate increase in Instagram account popularity.

How does Instagrow work?

InstaGrow assists you in naturally growing your Instagram accounts by attracting more users to view your social media account and these users should be really interested in your content. When you visit the InstaGrow website, you will notice a variety of Instagram boosting options. 

You can select the pan that the company provides, and in this case, the firm has one package that we will discuss later in order to get services such as: increasing the visibility of your Instagram profile, as well as substantial insights on your Instagram account, and so on.

Go to the cite

To acquire access to the platform, go to As you can see, the site is rather simple, if not terribly so. The following step is to register. Let’s get this party started…

Make a registration

If you do not already have an Instagrow account, simply click the “buy now” button in the center of the main page to be taken to a page that displays all of the current Package services, which I will go over later.  You will be led to the registration page after selecting the desired package. Instagrow will demand your Full Name, Email Address, and a new password for your account, as well as the username and password for your Instagram account. You are now ready to continue after completing this form.

Proceed with the payment 

It’s time to pay for the service you’ve chosen after you’ve completed the registration and plan selection processes. As you can see, the charges are a little higher than usual, but we’ll go over that in greater detail later. Like many other services, Instagrow will request your payment card information. You will be charged once you finish it. You can now pick up the package you purchased.

What are Instagrow features?

Customers can take advantage of a number of advantages provided by Instagrow. Our goal is to investigate their credibility. Let’s look at some of Instagrow’s features.

Targeted growth

Instagrow ensures that after purchasing new followers, customers will not obtain an empty number. According to Instagrow, you will obtain increased profile visibility and, as a result, new targeted and authentic followers. As a result, you will be able to attract followers who are really interested in your material. However, based on my analysis, it is highly suspect, and many consumers assert otherwise.

Are followers real accounts or bots?

I can confidently state that the views provided by this company are false and bots. I conducted an investigation, and it became clear that getting more views from Instagrow is just a fancy number that makes you appear more popular, but the views are bogus, bots, and will not offer you any more notoriety than you already have. These views will also fade away after a while and won’t bring you many new followers and all the gained will once again be fake. 

Analytics Display

Instagrow’s analytics dashboard provides statistics about your growth, engagement, and follower demographics. This allows you to track your progress and adjust your strategy as needed. It is a handy tool, however, according to some reviews, the information provided is not always correct.

What is Instagrow pricing?

The charges of Insatgrow are much higher than those of other social media marketing organizations. Let us now discuss the prices:

How much does Instagrow charge for followers? 

Instagrow offers three pricing tiers that promise to offer unique features, yet the listings beneath them appear to be essentially identical.  The “Basic” subscription is $99 per month and includes features such as profile visits per month with good conversion into customers/followers, a 3000 Primary Strategy for Your Profile’s Visibility, and a profile visit history. Email and WhatsApp support are available.

Their second plan currently has the same features as the first, but for a monthly cost of 169$ and the only difference is that it provides 4500 views per month, which is kind of funny. But if you think that these two were expansive just look at the third plan. 239$ for 6000 views and practically the same services as the precious two.

 In terms of pricing, I don’t see any substantial variations between these packages. For untargeted Instagram growth, they charge a monthly fee. There are no valid warranties to back up the findings. It’s essentially a clever approach to get high-value accounts without doing anything unusual. I think these prices are just unreasonable and should be lowered.

Does Instagrow offer a free trial?

No, there is no free trial service offered by the company, which is both sad and suspicious. Why should I put my faith in a business I’ve never heard of? Who is gullible enough to pay in advance for a service without first trying it out for free? Companies that do not offer free trials are automatically risky and untrustworthy.

Pros and Cons of Instagrow

Insagrow, like every other company, has advantages and disadvantages, which I shall discuss in detail presently.

 Advantages of Instagrow 

rare service

In this industry companies mainly provide you with more followers likes and comments rather than profile views. If used properly this offer can be really useful. When the visibility of your account is increasing, u automatically attract people who can be your feature followers and gain more popularity than you would if you just bought some new followers that are mainly fake and give you just a pretty number.

Disadvantages of Instagrow 


We’ve already discussed the costs Insatgrow, and I believe it’s apparent that a person on a regular wage simply won’t be able to spend such a large amount of money in a single month or year for basic services that are available on a variety of other platforms for far lower prices.

limited service

The biggest disadvantage of this site is the random nature of the offerings. Instagrow only offers one monthly plan, which includes rather basic features such as additional profile views and targeted growth. This type of offer may be found on any platform with several bundles that are far more versatile and useful.

Support system

Customer support is accessible, according to the platform, to assist consumers with any problems or challenges that may arise when using Instagrow’s services. However, it appears that the company has yet again failed to deliver on its claims. According to what I’ve read, many customers were dissatisfied with this company’s level of customer service.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Instagrow

I’ve made a research about the reviews on Instagrow. As I can see, on Trustpilot,  1% of the reviews are the good ones. It is apparent that with this kind of statistic, the company is writing its own reviews to give itself a good reputation. All the good reviews are probably written by bots or just fake.


Instagrow vs Flock Social

Social media marketing, as previously stated, is a lucrative business. People will spend a lot of money to upgrade their accounts in order to obtain more followers, likes, and comments and increase the popularity of their accounts. As a result, you must approach cautiously and avoid wasting your time and money on bogus websites. To further understand Instagrow, consider Flock Social, a similar social media marketing platform.

Service Offerings and Features 

Instagrow: Instagrow helps you grow your Instagram account by increasing profile views and giving features like account administration and analytics.

Flocksocial: Flock Social is a startup that assists you in naturally growing your Instagram account. They use targeted marketing strategies to acquire actual fans who are interested in your content.

 Follower Quality

Instagrow: As previously said, the views offered by Instagrow are obviously fraudulent and absolutely useless for expanding your account.

Flocksocial: Flock Social’s strategy is based on obtaining genuine followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Followers of Flock Social are more likely to experience actual development and popularity, as well as contribute to a broader social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Instagrow: Instagram’s standards, which are particularly hard on fraudulent followers, fake profile views, and bots, may be violated by Instagrow. As a result of this, you may be blocked or banned from Instagram.

Flocksocial: Flock Social employs legal marketing methods that follow social media network guidelines.

Long-Term Benefits

Instagrow: According to my research, this company’s services are short-lived. Views and Following obtained as a result of a decision may erode with time. As a future customer, you may be irritated if the products you purchased are missing after you have spent a significant amount of money.

Flocksocial: Flock Social followers and likes, on the other hand, are permanent; customers are never disappointed, and this company can be relied on in this area.

Final conclusion for Instagrow 

Is Instagrow legit?

No, after extensive inquiry, it was revealed that this company is completely fraudulent. All of the services provided by that website are deceptive. You obtain untrustworthy views that will not bring you new followers, and even if they do, these followers may or may not disappear after a while. Instagrow, in my opinion, is a fraud and should not be trusted.

Can you get banned from using Instagrow?

Yes, there is a chance that utilizing Instagrow will result in the suspension of your social network account. Instagram, for example, has stringent anti-bot and fraudulent follower measures in place. Because all of the additional profile views provided by Instagrow are fraudulent and bots, social media networks will quickly detect the scam and your account may be blocked. I believe that all current and prospective clients should be aware of this risk.

Is Instagrow worth the money paid? 

No, I feel this article has shown that Instagrow should not be trusted. The current venture is a complete waste of both time and money. Flock Social, for example, offers substantially better service for significantly less money.

 Can Instagrow give you the results promised? 

No, you do not receive anything from the firm. All you get are a few false profile views, less money in your banned account, false promises, and a terrible support system.

 Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Instagrow?

No, platypus does not recommend Instagrow.