Top 9 LinkedIn Automation tools that will make your life easier

If you have been searching for LinkedIn automation tools, it’s likely that you already understand the importance of LinkedIn for businesses. However, you may need more information on the tools available to help you optimize your LinkedIn experience and increase your chances of success in growing your business or personal profile.

You are at the right place!
I have gathered all the information about LinkedIn automation and which works best in 2024. 

So, let’s dive in together and find out the top 9 LinkedIn automation tools and their benefits. 

What Is LinkedIn Automation?

If you don’t have any knowledge of what is LinkedIn automation I will explain it briefly.

It is a wide range of tools and technologies that give us the ability to optimize operations and processes on the platform. These technologies enable users to schedule and upload content automatically, improving marketing strategies and saving up people’s time which gives professionals use their time more efficiently.

These automations are approved by LinkedIn, which makes them accessible to a lot of businesses. 

LinkedIn automation has become increasingly popular among professional individuals and business organizations. It has become an essential networking tool for everyone because it simultaneously increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and decreases manual labor. 

Even the development of artificial intelligence (AI) provides evidence that labor activities are becoming simpler worldwide.  Improvements in technology like these let us work less and more productively, which is why LinkedIn automation is growing in popularity as a way to cut down on monotonous work.

Why should you use LinkedIn automation? 

  • Automation will save you time because you won’t need to send connection requests manually one by one. 
  • No matter how many people you contact, mass outreach can be personalized, which makes outreach messages and interactions more natural.
  • They produce reports for your outreach campaigns automatically. In other words, you’ll be able to view the proportion of leads that reacted, converted, and responded.
  • You may test various outreach requests and follow-up templates to determine which ones receive the most responses, which makes A/B testing simpler.
  • They are compatible with other marketing and lead generation technologies.

These are some of the benefits, but they don’t end here. Additionally, these platforms include strong lead generation and nurturing features that let users find and contact new potential customers and have long-lasting conversations with them. Furthermore, lead management and monitoring are made easy by interaction with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enabling a unified strategy for relationship-building and sales pipeline management.

What companies provide the best LinkedIn automation tools?

  1. Aimfox
  2. Expandi
  3. Cleverly
  4. MeetAlfred 
  5. Taplio
  6. Linked Helper
  7. Dux-soup
  8. WeConnect
  9. Lempod

1. Aimfox

Aimfox is an innovative LinkedIn automation tool, that enables users to increase exposure, simplify outreach activities, and develop strong relations with its user-friendly interface. Aimfox is an innovative choice for improving LinkedIn strategies and getting noticeable results in professional networking and business growth

Aimfox’s main features:

  • Linkedin outreach campaign
  • Linkedin CRM functionality
  • The freemium model with free CRM access
  • User-friendly interface and performance optimization

Why does it stand out?

  1. They have five different campaign types, that enable potential customers to choose the best fit for them. It is optimized on different time zone limits.
  2. Aimfox offers the option of multiple account support, which might be really helpful for a lot of entrepreneurs or others who have more than one account. 


  • Works on multiple accounts
  • No private information is required
  • Enables personalized messages
  • Customized messages
  • Built-in search targeting
  • Custom enterprise plans
  • 14-day free trial


  • Higher price than others


  • Linkedin outreach – $99/ month

2. Expandi

Expandi is a multichannel outreach automation tool, that is safe to use and operates as a cloud-based platform. Together with LinkedIn automation, they have also integrated cold emails and InMail features. 

Expandi’s Main Features:

  • Linkedin warmup
  • Automated connection requests
  • Automated Linkedin messages
  • Automated cold emails
  • A/B testing
  • Shared inbox
  • Numbers of automation

Why does it stand out?

  1. You can link Expandi to your other marketing tools.
  2. It has a Smart Inbox, which allows you to control your conversations and reduces the chance of missing a chat.
  3. It has Dynamic personalization, which means personalizing of “first name’ and Company name.


  • A/B Testing
  • Linkedin Warmup
  • Visual builder
  • 7-day FREE trial
  • Human-like Interactions


  • No API
  • Premium Pricing


  • For all the features – $99/ month 

3. Cleverly

Cleverly is a LinkedIn message automation tool, that connects with LinkedIn users. It filters connections by seniority, location, and title. This automation has the power to boost sales.

Cleverly’s Main Features: 

  • Customized engagement
  • Automated prospecting and LinkedIn outreach 
  • Targeted interactions
  • Professional networking building and management
  • Pod networking

Why does it stand out?

  1. Automation will connect with other pod members with ease to increase the visibility of your material and broaden your audience.
  2. They will boost the significance of your interactions. You can modify your outreach tactics using Cleverly so that they connect with your target audience more effectively.


  • Audience customization
  • Content sharing
  • Engagement tracking
  • Free Consultation


  • Limited features in the Basic Free Plan


  • Gold – $397/ month (LinkedIn outreach)
  • Platinum – $697 / month (LinkedIn outreach + Appointment setting)
  • Teams – $891 /month (Linkedin Outreach for multiple users)

4. Meet Alfred 

Meet Alfred is a decent LinkedIn automation tool, that focuses on social selling through its advanced campaigns. By simplifying the development of a varied, multi-channel sales pipeline, this outreach automation solution enhances your social selling approach.

Alfred supports the development of LinkedIn campaigns, automation of outreach sequences, and improved team management.

Meet Alfred’s main features:

  • Campaign manager
  • Outreach through LinkedIn, email, and Twitter
  • Email campaign sequences
  • Built-in LinkedIn CRM
  • Managing of multiple accounts

Why does it stand out?

  1. You get real-life analytics on its dashboard to see the insights and monitor your progress. 
  2. They offer more than 600 customizable template samples in a flexible collection. 


  • Delivers analytics on your LinkedIn campaign effectiveness.
  • Increases engagement and conversion rates through LinkedIn networks
  • 14- day Free trial period


  • Poor customer service


  • Individual – $59/ month
  • Business – $99/ month

5. Taplio

Taplio is a full-featured CRM designed just for LinkedIn that expedites the lead creation and prospecting procedures. It provides real-time analytics. Taplio is an effective tool for optimizing LinkedIn marketing plans and networking endeavors since it leverages AI to offer post-scheduling, content suggestions, and media relations support.

Taplio’s main features:

  • AI-Powered Content Creation
  • Write & Schedule LinkedIn Posts
  • Build Relationships & Engage
  • Find & Nurture Leads
  • Analyze Your LinkedIn Statistics
  • Generate Carousels For LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Why does it stand out?

  1. It sends messages and InMails to people who engage with your posts (likes, or comments.)
  2. Speaking with multiple first-level contacts at once is made possible by the bulk messaging capability.


  • Monitoring analytics
  • Developed a dedicated marketing funnel
  • Chat assistance
  • Ai-picked inspiration
  • 7-day Free trial


  • No follow-ups
  • Ai is not always relevant


  • Starter – $65/ month
  • Standard – $99 / month
  • Pro – $199 / month

6. Linked Helper

Linked Helper is downloadable desktop software. It is actually one of the oldest LinkedIn automation tools on the market. Before they invented desktop-based automation, they were using browser-based automation and a Chrome extension, however, it got banned by LinkedIn. 

Nowadays, they operate unhindered. 

Linked helper’s main features: 

  • Automated connection request
  • Automated LinkedIn messages
  • Automated InMails
  • Proxies
  • Multi-account management
  • Sending event invitations, endorsements, etc. 

Why does it stand out?

  1. They use desktop-based automation, which simulates clicks like a real human, which makes this automation safer. 
  2. For more specific targeting, you can export and manage LinkedIn contacts.


  • Safest tool 
  • Human-like clicks
  • Proxie connections
  • 31 features
  • 14-day free trial
  • Cheap


  • Doesn’t function when the PC is turned off
  • Can’t use emojis in messages


  • Trial – 14- day FREE trial
  • Standard – $15/ month
  • Pro – $45/ month

7. Dux-soup

Dux-soup is one of the oldest automations in its category. It is a browser-based LinkedIn automation tool that offers an outstanding value proposition. Dux-soup works as a Chrome extension and provides services like automated profile visits, skill endorsements, and personalized messages. It is known as a user-friendly tool. 

Dux-soup’s main features: 

  • CRM integration
  • Wide range integrations
  • Managing prospects
  • Send follow-ups
  • Visit profiles
  • Export LinkedIn searches
  • Send Connection requests 
  • Send LinkedIn messages

Why does it stand out?

  1. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems, which gives access toa larger audience.
  2. You can automatically reach out to LinkedIn accounts you want to target by leaving notes and tags on their profiles.


  • Great sales focus
  • Offers an API
  • Quality leads
  • Good customer service
  • Cheap 


  • Doesn’t work when the browser is closed on pc
  • Rare interruptions during automation


  • Pro Dux – $11.25/ month
  • Turbo Dux – $41.25/ month
  • Cloud Dux – $74.17/ month

8. WeConnect

WeConnect LinkedIn automation claims itself as the most modern, cost-effective, and secure LinkedIn outreach solution. The automation of LinkedIn messages is the main emphasis of this tool. Its cloud-based structure makes it already more secure than certain browser add-ons.

WeConnect’s main features: 

  • Linkedin automation
  • Email automation
  • Ai Digest
  • Smart sequences
  • Ai writer
  • A/B testing
  • Reporting and analytics

Why does it stand out?

  1. WeConnect uses a personalized and convenient approach to LinkedIn networking.
  2. You can monitor everything from one convenient dashboard, add more users, and view your LinkedIn campaign reports.


  • Easy to use
  • Identifying open profiles
  • Powerful campaign manager
  • 14-days free trial


  • Poor customer service
  • Poor onboarding


  • 2 month free
  • Linkedin plan – $49/ month
  • linkedIn+Email – $79/ month

9. Lempod

With Lempod, an engagement tool for Linkedin, you may automatically receive likes and comments on your posts. You can achieve the highest level of engagement. It connects various pods within your industry. 

Lempod’s main features: 

  • Create company engagement groups
  • Get likes
  • Get comments
  • Brand tracking
  • Multi-user collaborations

Why does it stand out?

  1. Your teammates will automatically engage with your LinkedIn posts and see your content on their news feed.
  2. You can join relevant pods on LinkedIn and get likes from influencers in your industry.


  • Easy to get engagement
  • Social media analytics
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap 
  • 3-day free trial


  • Bad-quality public groups


  • Marketplace – $9.99/ per pod
  • Private Business Pod – $3.99 / per user in pod