InstaBoss – The Ultimate Review of this Social Media Growth Tool

screenshot of instaboss home page

One of the most important components of our life in the twenty-first century is social media. People spend hours on social media platforms trying to grow their audience, produce compelling content, and attract more followers.

As a result, the need for social media marketing platforms is increasing.

There are now millions of enterprises in this area, and I’d like to introduce you to one of them: 

What Is InstaBoss?

InstaBoss is a cutting-edge sidekick that enables you to create enormous commissions on Instagram without breaking a sweat while doing so. 

The most amazing part is that even if you are a total rookie with nothing in the way of experience or technological skills, you can use this application and start earning a passive income in minutes. 

InstaBoss automates what traffic gurus have been doing online and uses it to create a free autopilot traffic solution. You can get tons of free traffic, which turns into sales using this approach! 

This implies that your passive income will continuously increase, and you will achieve financial independence in no time.

How Does InstaBoss Work?

A screenshot from the homepage.
A screenshot of how InstaBoss works.

InstaBoss is a cloud-based Instagram app that assists in driving razor-targeted traffic, gaining followers, and significant interaction, resulting in passive income. 

When you visit InstaBoss, you will get offered multiple different services like Auto likes, Auto comments, Auto DMs, story views, and so on.

The website is extremely simple, with no different offer packages. You only receive one offer, and the platform assists you in managing your account for you.

Go to the Website

Navigate to the website called to gain access to the platform. As you can see, the site is quite simple, if not overly so. The next step is to register.

Make a Registration

If you do not already have an InstaBoss account, simply press the “Create an account” icon in the top right corner of the main page to be taken to the signup page.  Before you can advance, InstaBoss will require you to submit your Full Name and email address and create a password.

Proceed With the Payment

After you’ve completed the registration process, it’s time to pay for the service. 

As you can see, the costs are very standard; nevertheless, we shall go over them in further detail later. InstaBoss requires payment card information. 

You will be charged once you finish it. You can now pick up the package you purchased. 

What Are InstaBoss Features?

Automate your Instagram audience. 

Analyze your performance in detail.

Traffic App

Their key to success is straightforward. 

They automated what Instagram Traffic Experts were doing manually in order to generate autopilot traffic that converts to purchases. All you have to do is change a few settings to gain traffic.

Step-By-Step Training

They aren’t looking for anything to get in the way of you seeing positive outcomes. 

They include step-by-step training that shows how to get the most out of the software at no additional expense.

Engagement by Automation

Insatboss’s automated tool likes posts from specific people, increasing your visibility on the network. This feature will save you hours of scrolling and chatting with potential followers. If you don’t want to like any postings, simply turn it off.

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What is ” InstaBoss ” pricing?

Insataboss does not provide different options, and I believe the price for that one offer is rather high. Let us go over this in more detail:

How much does ” InstaBoss ” charge for followers? 

GRAMiety offers three pricing tiers that promise to offer unique features, yet the listings beneath them appear to be essentially identical.  The Standard subscription costs 49 euros per month and includes features such as developing your Instagram account, managing your posts and social engagements, and increasing your followers by 200.

Their second plan now includes the same features as the first, but you get between 500 to 6500 followers. They don’t describe any new features or provide any proof of how they’ll actually provide you with different results, other than a higher monthly price of 99 euro. I believe the major goal behind these two packages is to deceive you with attractive offers and loot you in the process.

If you think these packages are pricey, you haven’t seen what the remainder have to offer. If this isn’t pricey and boring enough, they also have a Business plan that costs around 200 euros each month and offers similar services but increases the number of new followers by 1000-40000. All I can say is that this company is quite pricey and could offer its service for a bit lower costs.

Does “ InstaBoss ” offer a free trial?

No, the company does not provide a free trial service, which is both disappointing and concerning. Why should I put my trust in a company I’ve never heard of? Who is stupid enough to pay for a service in advance without first checking it out for free? Companies that do not provide free trials are inherently hazardous and untrustworthy.

If you want to check web sites that offer free trials read StormLikes review.

Pros and Cons of ” InstaBoss “

Advantages of ” InstaBoss “

No password required

InstaBoss does not ask for your Instagram login credentials or any other personally identifiable information. When a customer chooses the desired package, the webpage only requests your name and email; no other private personal information, such as your Instagram password, is required, which is great for customer safety and confidentiality, and the user is immediately relieved that any personal data on their personal social media profiles has been leaked.

Disadvantages of ” InstaBoss “

Like all the other companies, InstaBoss has its advantages and disadvantages and now I am going to

discuss it in detail:


We’ve already discussed InstaBoss fees, and I believe it’s clear that a person with a regular income simply wouldn’t be able to put in this kind of money on a regular basis or on an annual basis for a basic service that you can get on a lot of other social networking sites for much less money.

Service is limited.

There are now dozens of alternative social media networks, such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Insatboss’s services are extremely limited because it only provides Instagram account boosts. Is it, however, adequate? Almost every Instagram user also has a Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter account. What are they expected to do? Paying solely for Instagram growth when a superior firm can provide all types of services for all types of social media platforms is, in my opinion, a waste of money.

Results may take time

We are all aware that time is money in today’s fast-paced world. Instaboss promises its customers quick results, but it looks like these claims are false. In reality, clients obtain results from the items they purchase over time, and I believe it is quite difficult to wait for the result that you paid for when you want advancements and development as soon as feasible.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of ” InstaBoss “

I did some research on the reviews listed below. According to Trustpilot, only 55% of the reviews are positive. With this kind of figure, it is obvious that the company is not running effectively; otherwise, it would not have 35% of 1-star reviews.

Reviews from satisfied customers

Very positive experience with Instaboss

I’m having a great experience with Instaboss, I’ve been using it for 6 months and already got 5k followers. In my opinion, the better target you have, the better results you will get. After taking time to understand how the platform works, it was a game changer for my strategies. I see it now as a great alternative for ads.”


” Instaboss ” vs Flock Social

As previously said, social media marketing is a lucrative business. People will pay a lot of money to improve their accounts in order to gain more followers, likes, and comments and become more popular. As a result, you must proceed with caution and avoid investing your money and time in fraudulent websites. Consider Flock Social, a similar social media marketing software, to better understand Instaboss.

Service Offerings and Features 

Instaboss: InstaBoss is a cloud-based Instagram tool that helps you drive laser-targeted traffic, earn followers, and engage in meaningful interaction, resulting in passive income.

Flocksocial: Flock Social is a company that helps you expand your Instagram account naturally. They use targeted marketing methods to get genuine fans who care about your content.

Follower Quality

Instaboss: Followers provided by this company are 100% not legit and will not bring you any gain. The followers gained from InstaBoss are mainly fake and will vanish after a while, so they are pretty much useless for developing your account.

Flocksocial: The strategy of Flock Social is built on gaining genuine followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Flock Social followers are more likely to lead to genuine growth and popularity, as well as to contribute to a larger social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Instaboss: Instaboss may be in violation of Instagram’s policies, which are particularly harsh on bogus followers and bots. This could result in your Instagram account being banned or blacklisted.

Flocksocial: Flock Social followers and likes, on the other hand, are permanent; consumers are never disappointed, and this company should be trusted in this regard.

Long-Term Benefits

Instaboss: According to my analysis, this company’s services do not last long. Following and liking gained after the purchase may fade over time. If your purchases are lost after you have spent a considerable amount of money, you may get irritated as a future customer.

Flocksocial: Flock Social followers and likes, on the other hand, are permanent; consumers are never disappointed, and this company should be trusted in this regard.

Final conclusion for ” Instaboss “

Is ” Instaboss ” legit?

No, it became evident after an extensive investigation that this company is wholly bogus. Every service offered by that platform is unreliable. You receive a phony follower who might vanish in the future. Without a doubt, Instabossl is a fraud and shouldn’t be trusted.

Can you get banned from using ” Instaboss “?

Yes, using Insabossl increases the likelihood that your social network account will be banned. For instance, Instagram has very strict policies against fake followers and bots. Given that Instaboss only provides fake and automated followers, you can be sure that social media platforms will quickly identify this as fraudulent activity and may prohibit your account.

Is ” Instaboss ”  worth the money paid?

No, I think this article makes it rather evident that Sproutysocial is not to be trusted. The business in question is a waste of time and money. There are many better social media marketing platforms out there, like Flock Social, that offer far better support for much less money. 

Can ” Instaboss ”  give you the results promised? 

No, you don’t get anything that the company provides. All you get is a bad support system, less money in your blocked account, transient fake followers, and misleading promises.

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend ” Instaboss “?

No, platypus does not recommend Instaboss.