Ascend Viral: Is This Tool a Bop or Flop?

ascend Viral screenshot of home page

In the 21st century, social media is the main source of entertainment for people. 

Nowadays the importance of social media is so big that so people simply can’t leave without it. The amount of Instagram followers, likes comments, and views is often equivalent to a person’s status in life. Therefore social media marketing platforms are really popular, and there are more and more companies like that.

 This time I am going to introduce to you the Ascend Viral platform.

Let’s see whether this tool is a bop or a flop and whether it can help you boost your Instagram growth.

Ascend Viral 101

Ascend Viral is a social media marketing platform that offers a wide range of growth services for one of the most popular social media platforms – Instagram.

This company sells different services like New followers, Instagram Courses, Instagram Analytics, Content Creation, Discussion Boards, etc. The process is very straightforward – you choose your purchase, make a registration, pay for it, and it will be delivered. Ascend Viral employs a distinctive growth strategy that fuels the continuous expansion of your social media platform presence, ensuring steady growth over several months.

How does Ascend Viral work?

Ascend Viral promises to grow your accounts organically, with real followers. When you go to their webpage, the platform offers you different services for Instagram.

You can tap the wanted offer icon, and you get services like New Followers on Instagram, a free Instagram marketing course that will teach you how to gain real followers on Instagram and receive valuable insights on your Instagram account  –  depending on which offer you choose.

Go to the cite

You should visit it first to get the site’s work done. It is very simple, you just go to the site called As you can see, the site looks quite normal and easy to use. Then, you have to register.

Make a registration

In order to create your account, you need to tap the “gain followers” icon in the right corner. Company will ask you to fill in your first and last names and email. You will have to create a username and password. After filling out all the above, you will have your private account on Ascend Viral.

Choose a service you like

The webpage is pretty simple. After registration, you can just choose different services that the web page offers. These offers are the first thing you see when going to the main page. These offers are in different colorful icons that are hard to miss. You can tap the wanted Instagram service icon, and you get offers like managing and monitoring your Instagram growth, accessing hours of courses and tutorials, using Instagram analytics and progress tracking, etc.

Proceed with the payment

After you are done with the registration and choosing the offer you want, it’s time to pay for the service. As you can see, the prices are pretty normal, and there are some free offers however, we will discuss that later. Ascend Viral requires your card detail information. After filling it out, you are going to pay. Now, you are ready to receive the package you purchased.

What are company name features?

Ascend Viral offers its customers many types of different features. Our main target is to conduct research about their legitimacy. Let’s discuss Thunderclap features:

Targeted Growth

Ascend Viral promises its customers that after buying new followers, the purchaser will not only get an empty number. Ascend Viral claims that the new followers that it provides are always targeted and real. Therefore, you can attract followers who are genuinely attracted to your content. However, from the research I have done, it is quite questionable and there are a lot of customers claiming otherwise.

Are Ascend Viral followers real accounts or bots?

The company claims that their service is legitimate and the engagement you get from them is real.

However, it is a lie. The engagement gained from  Ascend Viral is very questionable and suspicious. As I’ve seen from the reviews, the followers and likes will probably disappear after some time. Most of the engagements purchased from them are bots and fake accounts.

24/7 Customer Support

The platform claims that it provides customer support to assist users with any problems or issues that may occur while using Ascend Viral’s services. However, it once again seems like the company is not performing as promised. As I have read, there were many cases where customers were deeply upset with the support system of this company.

What is Ascend Viral pricing?

Ascend Viral prices are a lot higher compared to other social media boosting companies. The company

offers many packages to its customers. It depends on your needs which one you want to choose. Let’s

discuss the prices together:

How much does Ascend Viral charge for followers? 

Ascend Viral offers a wide range of Instagram growth options, but their Turbo plan seems to be the customer’s favorite. After looking at the pricing, I was honestly a bit shocked. Their prices are way higher than the average.

The company offers three different packages, and all of them are really expensive. The “cheapest” package, “STARTER GROWTH,” is 139$ a month for only 400-800 followers and some not really handy features, “TURBO GROWTH” is up to 199$ a month even though it only offers two extra services that the previous package and gained followers are maximum 1200. The last package is so expensive I don’t even know who is going to buy it. The “CELEBRITY GROWTH” package is up to 999$ a month, and the offerings are not much different from other packages. The funniest this is that for 999$, you only get 5000 new followers when there are a lot of companies that charge three times for the same service.

Does Ascend Viral offer a free trial?

Yes, Ascend Viral offers its customers a free trial. This way, you have a good opportunity to make a decision whether you like this platform or not. The company offers you a 5-day free trial for their “STARTER GROWTH” and “TURBO GROWTH” packages.

Another company that provides a free trial is Instafollowers, so you can test both.

Pros and Cons of Ascend Viral

Like all the other companies, Ascend Viral has its advantages and disadvantages, and I am going to discuss them in detail.

Advantages of Ascend Viral

No password required

There is no need for your Instagram password or any other private information. When a customer chooses a wanted service package, the webpage only asks for your username and email. Any other private personal information, like an Instagram password, is not required, which is pretty good for the customer’s privacy. You are automatically not worried about your social media account’s private information getting leaked.

free trial offer

Ascend Viral platform offers its customers a 5-day free trial. This kind of free trial offer is pretty rare and a great marketing strategy. After trying a free trial, customers automatically trust the company more and decide to continue using the company’s service only now for money.


Disadvantages of Ascend Viral


I have already shown you the prices of Ascend Viral, and I think it is pretty obvious that a person with an average salary just can’t afford this amount of money every month for the simple services that you can get on a lot of other platforms and the price is going to be three times less.

Algorithm Changes

 Instagram is known for changing its algorithms quite often. After doing research it became apparent that this company just can’t keep up with the changes and should not be trusted in this case. A change of algorithm can impact the effectiveness of growth provided by the company due to the fact that Ascend Viral is not advanced enough.

Results May Vary

Despite the fact that the company claims that results are instant and constant, it turns out that it’s a lie. After doing some research, I realized that services like boosting your Instagram page are provided poorly. Customers often complain that they didn’t get what they were promised. The followers were not targeted, and all the people get is a pretty number that can drop even after a while.

Ascend Viral vs Flock Social

As we already talked about nowadays, there are a lot of companies that provide similar services to help you boost your social media accounts, like Instagram. People pay a lot of money to achieve their goals – gain more followers, likes, and comments, and become more successful. Therefore, you need to be careful and spend your money and time on the platforms that are actually worth it. To understand Ascend Viral fully, compare it to a similar social media marketing platform – flock Social.

Service Offerings and Features 

Ascend viral: This platform allows you to get more followers on Instagram, and you are also provided with some analytics about your account and tutorials on how to become more popular.

Flock Social: Flock Social is a company that helps you to grow your Instagram in a more natural way. They use targeted marketing tactics to try to get real, Targeted, and interested followers.

Follower Quality

Ascend Viral: As we already discussed, Ascend Viral doesn’t provide you with quality followers; instead, you mainly just get a bigger number on your “followers” icon, and all the followers are mainly bots and fakes. The number of boosted followers may also drop after a while.

Flock Social: Flock Social’s main goal is to attract real followers who are really interested in your content. Followers gained through Flock Social are more likely to lead to meaningful interactions and contribute to a stronger social media presence.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Ascend Viral: Ascend Viral may go against the rules of Instagram, which has really strict rules about fake followers and bots. This may cause you huge problems like getting banned or blocked on Instagram.

Flock Social: Flock Social employs legal marketing techniques that correspond with the policies

of social media platforms.

Long-Term Benefits

Ascend Viral: As I have seen from the research, the services offered by this company don’t last for a while. Followers and likes gained after the purchase may drop again after some time. The customers may get irritated after spending a lot of money, and their purchases are lost.

Flock Social: However, followers and likes bought from Flock Social will last permanently, and this company definitely should be trusted in this aspect.

Final conclusion for “company name”

Is Ascend Viral legit?

No, after doing a full research, it became apparent that this company is 100% not legit. All the services that the platform offers are not to be trusted. You get fake followers that can disappear after a while. I can surely say that Ascend Viral is poorly operated and shouldn’t be trusted.

Can you get banned from using Ascend Viral?

Yes, apparently, there is quite a big probability that your social media account will get banned after using Ascend viral. Social media platforms like Instagram have really strict rules about bots and fake followers. Since all the new followers provided by Ascend Viral are fake and bots, it is obvious that social media platforms will easily identify the wrongdoing, and you may lose your account.

Is Ascend Viral worth the money paid? 

No, after this article, I think it’s quite obvious that Ascend Viral is not to be trusted. This company is just a waste of money and time. There are way better social media marketing platforms that you can use, like Flock Social, that offer you way better service for way less money.

Can give you the results promised? 

No, you definitely don’t get anything that the company promises. All you get is fake followers that

are not permanent, 200 $ less in your wallet, and have a terrible support system.

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend Ascend viral?

No, platypus does not recommend Ascend viral.