Instafollowers Review – Without Any Sugar Coating

As anyone who is in search of a good site to buy Instagram followers from, you probably have some questions about said sites. These questions might go something like this:

  • Is this site legit?
  • How complicated is it to use?
  • Price to value ratio?

To find out all of these and to answer some questions you probably didn’t even think of asking, I got my hands on

I’ve done the research and compared all the services out there. None of them is as good as Upleap is. It’s an unbiased fact. I’ve even gone ahead and reviewed their service in detail – check it out if you want the best bang for your buck.

Furthermore, here’s the table that summarizes the best services for followers on the market:

Flock Social4.8Check Price
Upleap.com4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
SocialFollow4.2Check Price
KENJI.AI4Check Price
Stim Social3.9Check Price

I know Instagram campaigns are probably the best way to get your message across to the targeted audience – and that makes this form of marketing pretty relevant.

This means that when you want to buy a product that will help you reach your desired goal, you want to know as much about it as there is. This precisely is the reason why I’ve gone in-depth to analyze and discover the pros and cons of this service in detail.

If you’re interested in the cold and hard truth about policy and quality, I suggest you dedicate a few minutes of your time and scroll through my experience to find out everything there is, and that might help you decide where your dollars might go.

Is Instafollowers Co Legit? – Finding Out

Regardless of if you are someone who is new to this side of social media influencing or marketing, or you’re a veteran, the first question is always the same – is the service legit?

To answer you honestly – depends on who you ask.

If you ask the reviewers (that look very sketchy) on their direct site, you’ll only get fantastic four or five-star reviews.

A screenshot of reviews found on instafollowers official webpage

If you ask a person who has tested it, you’ll get a completely different answer. For example, there’s not even a single good review regarding this site when you search it on Sitejabber. This tells you a lot on its own, but I suggest we dive deeper.

For instance, they claim that their business is based on building trust, yet they state that if you receive ghost followers of inactive followers they will be replaced.

My question is quite clear: how can you trust someone who tells you they might sell you phony followers?

This is just one of many holes in their campaign, which shouldn’t surprise you at all. To summarize everything that is related to this, take a look at this table:

Simple steps to activateOverpriced
Possible ghost followers
Data gathering
Short-lived experience

I haven’t even scratched the surface of this disaster. You can frequently find reviews regarding that claim bought followers unfollow your profile within a month or so. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you take everything into consideration.

a comment of a customer that bought the instafollowers service

Another thing they take pride in is their customer support. Instafollowers claims you have 24/7 customer support at your disposal. I’ve definitely come across some people who claim that they didn’t get the answer from them in weeks!

Maybe the biggest red flag for this “service” is that they might keep your personal data for three different purposes:

  1. Service error – they claim that they keep your personal data so they can notify you when something goes wrong.
  2. Marketing campaigns – so they can use your info even if you don’t want to promote their brand.
  3. Data and surveys – this means that they can use you as a number in their commercial material and promote their brand even if you’re not satisfied with their service.

No serious company keeps your data for these reasons. When a survey is conducted, they can contact you via e-mail and ask you for your opinion.

If a marketing campaign takes place they can also ask you to be a part of it and promote their brand if you’ve had a good experience with them.

And last but not least, how can they say that service errors are an excuse for keeping your personal data after you purchase their product? They can always keep an eye out on the accounts that follow you, thus preventing any errors on their part.

Another thing that caught my eye is that they say “we give refunds only if we have not yet placed an order.”

You might ask what does this mean exactly?

I don’t think anybody knows. If they advertise a “refund guarantee”, then that should be a policy they follow.

Instafollowers App Review

It’s hard to review something that you can’t even get a hold of. I’ve searched for hours on the internet, Google Play Store, and App Store. And when I tell you I found zero results for this app by this company, I really mean zero.

There were a ton of other options (free and paid) but none that even resemble the and their website.

So where is Instafollowers app? I really couldn’t tell you. If you have better luck in finding it than me, I just hope it works better than the server option.

But in order to have a successful app, you need to have a successful product. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and you shouldn’t expect anything more from a potential app in the future.

Instafollowers Online

This is a bit different story from the non-existent app. You can visit their website with virtually no problems, but the content of the said website is the real gem here. They offer a diverse and multi-option tab for you. Not only Instagram followers, but TikTok and Facebook services.

If you go to any of those tabs, you’ll be greeted with an array of prices that are constantly on some “extreme” discount.

A screenshot depicting discount prices for instafollowers services

Don’t be fooled, this is only a cheap and half-effective marketing strategy they use to present their product like something that’s worth trying.

Another thing that you can find on an online version of this service company in the right-hand side lower corner of your screen is that famous 24/7 customer support.

If you’d like, you can try it for yourself, but I’d trust people that are professionals in trying our services of this nature and their comments.

Instafollowers Review – To Sum Up

There are a few things that I can’t stress enough. For this reason, and to have all my impressions of this service, take a look at this final pros and cons table:

CheapGathers personal information
Short-lived followers
Bad customer support experience
No app
Confusing terms of service
Orders are not eligible for refunds

I’m sure it’s easy for your to come to your own conclusion about this service, but I’m gonna give my opinion just to clear out any doubts – keep your money, find another service!