Hypez Review – Is It Legit? The Ultimate Truth

Social media platforms are a goldmine for entrepreneurs, performers, and influences, especially Instagram. The goal is always to build your profile, but it’s crucial to choose the right target audience.

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To get in the boosting game, you need appropriate Instagram growth tools to help you out with that. They save you precious time and allow you to concentrate on other things, such as creating fantastic content.

I’m back with my research and testing of these services. Today, I’m focusing on Hypez. Did you know that it has been rebranded? Is it now a scam? What does it offer?

You’ll find out all about it in this Hypez review.

What is Hypez?

A screenshot taken from Hypez's website

It is a classic Instagram marketing service that enables you to purchase a certain amount of followers, likes, and views.

Hypez has been in the business for a long time, as it was launched a couple of years after Instagram itself. Remember how I mentioned they were rebranded?

Well, yes, this Instagram veteran is actually called “Inzta” now, though many people still know it as Hypez. Even their official website is Hypez.com, which then redirects you to Inzta.

I’m not sure what is the reason for the rebrand, but it seems that the whole process isn’t finished, or at least that Inzta needs more promotion. I wasn’t even aware that Hypez doesn’t exist anymore before I decided to try it out.

Nevertheless, the nature of the service hasn’t changed, and even the logo and interface look the same.

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How Does Hypez Work?

Hypez, or Inzta – whatever you want to call it – sells Instagram followers, likes, and views. I’ll get to the actual numbers afterward when I discuss the pricing plans.

That’s really all there’s to it. No audience targeting, no filters, no automated activities.

What is the result?

Mixed quality followers that aren’t particularly interested in your niche. Plus, Instagram’s Terms and Conditions are against these practices, so it deletes them.

Hypez does claim to provide you with refills for a number of followers you lose, but is that really a long-term solution? I don’t think so.

By the way, Hypez also offers Twitter (followers, likes, retweets), TikTok (fans, likes, views), and YouTube (views, likes, subscribers) services if that’s in your scope of interest.

How to Use Hypez?

Using Hypez is very simple:

  1. Select the package that you want from their website.
  2. Click “Buy,” and you’ll be taken to the page where you should fill your info. They ask you for your Instagram username and email address. Your profile has to be set to “public” in order to receive the service, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. At least they don’t ask you for your Instagram password.
  3. Make a payment (they accept cryptocurrency and PayPal), and that’s it! You will receive the service almost instantly in the case of followers, while likes and views may take some time to appear on your profile.

Features of Hypez

Hypez has the following features:


You can buy from 100 to 10,000 Instagram followers with Hypez. This is the main functionality of the service, and it’s of paramount importance for your Instagram growth. Naturally, my main task is to assess the quality of the followers.

While Hypez will get you the exact number of followers they promise, the quality is not the best. Why?

The issue is that most of them come from either fake accounts or bots. So, over time, you will lose a significant portion of these followers because Instagram deletes them.

Don’t get me wrong – a quick boost is OK sometimes – but short-lived followers won’t get you much.


Pretty much the same goes for likes as for followers. While Hypez stays true to the description and will deliver the exact number of likes, many of them will come from fake profiles and gradually disappear.

You should use these temporary tactics only occasionally. What do I mean?

For instance, say you just published a new cover video. Naturally, you want it to reach many people.

An increased number of likes (and views) would put it in the “discover” section, so more people could see it.

Video Views

Nothing different for video views. They mostly come from bot accounts. Also, these are the least popular of the three because people rarely pay attention to video views.

Hypez Pricing

I also wanted to review Inzta’s, ex Hypez, pricing.

Let’s start with their most popular services – followers:

hypez review - pricing

Their most basic bundle is 100 followers for $1.99, whereas 1000 followers are $9.99. Pretty affordable.

There are also some more substantial packages:

Even the most advanced package, with 10,000 followers, isn’t too expensive – the price tag of $49,99 is more than OK. Of course, you should be aware that you’re not getting real followers, and that you will eventually start losing them.

I like how they don’t try to convince you that the followers are real, because no one in their right mind would believe that they could get 10,000 people to follow you at once.

The pricing is the same for the likes as for the followers. Take a look:

The only difference is that you cannot get more than 5,000 likes, whereas you can get 10,000 followers. Five thousand likes cost $29,99, just like their follower counterpart.

Finally, let’s tackle the views:

As you can see, they are also budget-friendly. So, if all that you’re looking for are cheap Instagram views (but not from genuine accounts), this may work for you.

Besides these four bundles, you can also get 50,000 views for $29.99 and 100,000 views for $49.99.

Is Hypez Legit?

Hypez seems legit, although some people reported that their customer service is unresponsive. They also don’t have live chat support.

Maybe they need some time before they rebrand completely and establish themselves as Inzta – who knows?

Is Hypez Safe?

Yes, Hypez is safe. 

I didn’t like the fact that its official website redirected me to another one, but they were both https secure. Also, the payment gateway is verified.

The main problems with it (losing the followers and likes) are not connected to safety, so there are no consequences if you just try them out.


Budget-friendlyFake followers
Doesn’t require your passwordMany followers and likes you purchased get removed soon after
It isn’t a practical long-term solution
Customer service unresponsive at times
FAQ page doesn’t contain any valuable info
No live chat support
The rebranding isn’t complete yet

Hypez Review: Final Verdict

So, what is the overall impression of Hypez – or should I say, Inzta?

I wouldn’t deem it the best place to buy IG followers, but it’s not terrible, either. It will deliver the number of followers that you paid for, though some will be fake or bot accounts.

While this is okay for a temporary boost, short-term followers won’t give you an edge over rivals. Genuine followers are the most important cog in your Instagram marketing wheel.

Therefore, you should check out some alternatives that connect you with real and organic accounts. I’ve mentioned a few in the table below.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

Like I’ve said, buying likes and followers generally does not work out in the long run. You get a bunch of irrelevant followers or worst – Instagram bans your account.

To go about this problem, I recommend using services that grow your account organically.

Check out the table below for our top picks!

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