Gramblast Reviews: Will It Blast You To The Stars? The Naked Truth

No other platform can give you the exposure that Instagram can. Its astronomically large user base is always hungry for quality content. However, content alone won’t get you anywhere. You’ll first need to accumulate some followers to help you get things rolling.

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I see that you already know this and that you’re curious about Gramblast. Kudos for being ahead of the game!

Most Gramblast reviews I found weren’t cutting it, so I decided to do one myself. This service has been going through some changes lately, and I want to know whether they’re for the better or the worse?

Is Gramblast safe to use?

I’ll fill you in on it, so don’t stop reading!

What is Gramblast?

A screenshot taken from Gramblast's website

Gramblast has changed its name to Blastup. I assume it’s because Instagram has the copyright to words like Insta and Gram (duh!).

The company doesn’t try to hide the name change, which is good. If they attempted to hide it, it could mean that it wasn’t copyright infringement they were running from, but their past.

Has the service changed its features along with the name?

No, it’s the same business that makes the same claims. It still says that it’s the best place to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views, which I doubt.

Such blatant self-praise is an attempt to reel in customers. Gramblast free likes are another way they try to do this. But hey, who can blame them? It’s a competitive market out there, and they’re just trying to stay afloat.

When considering tools like Blastup, it’s important to answer the following question:

Is it safe to buy followers?

The short answer would be – not really.

The reason is that most growth services sell fake ones. Instagram doesn’t approve of this and may punish users who purchase them. The platform could delete the followers, suspend your account, or both.

What about Gramblast? Are their followers and engagement real?

I’ll get into that later.

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How Does Gramblast Work?

Blastup, or Gramblast for Instagram, is a basic growth service. 

They allow you to purchase one-time packages of likes, views, or followers. You can distribute the ‘goods’ across multiple posts if you want. They also have a monthly service of providing automatic likes on your new posts. 

The company claims how everything they sell comes from real accounts. However, I have reasons to doubt this. Their services are incredibly cheap (too cheap if you ask me), and there are no real reviews on the website.

How To Use Gramblast?

If you want to use Blastup (Gramblast), go to Then, select a package of likes, followers, or views and click “Buy.” Enter your Instagram username (no password required). All that’s left to do is pay and wait for the results.

The service offers a free trial on everything except for automatic likes. However, this feature has not been working lately, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to try it.

Gramblast Features

In the paragraphs below, I’ve listed out the most prominent Blastup, or Gramblast, features. 

Instagram Likes

Can you buy Instagram likes? Sure, that’s the core of this service. You can purchase either one-time or automatic likes from Blastup. 

The one-time purchases will give you a certain number of likes that you can use on multiple posts. Automatic likes will be sent to every post you upload in the amount that you paid for.

As with every automated service, there’s a chance that Instagram will action block you. If you do decide to buy likes from Blastup, get the smallest package.

Instagram Views

When it comes to views, Gramblast offers several packages. Just as likes, you can get them delivered to a single post, or spread them out across several. Again, I don’t recommend buying too many at once.

Instagram Followers

Selling followers is perhaps the most suspicious feature of this service.

Gramblast sells them in bulk, and they say how they’re all real people. Some of them indeed are, but they’re mostly Middle Eastern accounts. That’s not what most customers are looking for.

Also, I’ve seen reports that the followers drop not long after people receive them. I don’t know whether Gramblast pulls them back or Instagram deletes them.

24/7 Customer Support

The company boasts about having “top-notch” customer support available 24/7. Is it really so? While the service is indeed responsive, I’d hesitate to call it outstanding.

You can get in touch with them via email or a contact form on their website. The chances are that you’ll get a reply to your inquiries, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll be helpful.

Gramblast Pricing

Gramblast’s pricing spectrum is broad. Their cheapest services start at around a few dollars and go up to several hundred. Take a look at the views’ pricing to see what I mean:

gramblast reviews - pricing

Overall, their fees are pretty low, which is excellent for aspiring influencers on a budget. However, this fortifies my belief that the engagement and followers are not genuine. It’s unlikely that the real thing would cost so little.

Is Gramblast Legit?

I’m in two minds about this.

On the one hand, Blastup (Gramblast) runs a transparent business. Their prices are visible, and they don’t hide the name change. Also, they’ve got a solid FAQ page and responsive customer support.

On the other hand, a glance at raises concerns. Many dissatisfied customers claimed they didn’t receive what they paid for. When they contacted the company asking for a refund, they were met with radio silence.

Another major issue was people getting followers and then losing them all in a day or two. The service didn’t offer any compensation in this case either.

Is Gramblast Safe?

I’d say it’s reasonably safe, but not without risks.

Their website is secure, and payment gateways are verified. You can only pay by credit card, which is the least safe option. However, I haven’t seen reports of their users’ finances being compromised.

Gramblast (Blastup) may be unsafe in other ways. 

Their services might earn you a suspension from Instagram. I also worry that the company won’t deliver, and you’ll end up paying for nothing.


Affordable followers and engagementThe followers and engagement may be fake
Decent customer supportThe followers may drop
Customers claimed that the service didn’t deliver
The free trial doesn’t work
You can only pay by credit card
May lead to an action block

Gramblast Review: Final Verdict

Is Gramblast a reliable growth tool?

I’d place it in the grey zone. 

As I said, the service is far from the worst I’ve seen. But, it does employ shady practices, for which it’s best to avoid it. 

While Gramblast, or Blastup, may get you a short-term boost of followers or engagement, it won’t be enough for significant growth. In my opinion, the risks outweigh the benefits here.

All good things take time, and that’s true for Instagram success too. My suggestion is to get a reputable organic growth agency and let them provide you with the right strategy.

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