FollowingLike Reviews – Is It A Scam? Find Out Here

Nowadays, social media marketing is an essential element, no matter whether you’re a small brand, business, or a performer.

The goal is to produce and publish valuable content, of course. But, without people who will see it, all of your efforts could go to waste.

So, how can you grow the reach and engagement while simultaneously increasing the quality?

By using the right Instagram marketing tools. They will amplify your sales and save you valuable time.

I’m back with testing another one of them. This time, we’re dealing with FollowingLike.

Before getting the tool, I read a couple of FollowngLike reviews, and they were missing out on a definitive answer to whether it was reliable. They seemed too diplomatic.

Therefore, I performed a gauntlet of tests to provide you with all the answers you need in this FollowingLike review.

What Is FollowingLike?

A screenshot taken from FollowingLike's website

FollowingLike (nicknamed after its primary features “FollowLike”) is a versatile application that should grow your follower base on a wide variety of social media platforms, including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn

Although they are not listed in the FollowingLike options, from their official website, you can access two apps for managing Twitter and YouTube – TweetAttacksPro and TubeAssistPro, respectively. I’m not completely sure, but I think that it’s one and the same company, as the interface is the same.

Of course, my focus is on Instagram, and I’ll be testing out solely Instagram features, but it’s handy to know what it offers in theory.

The developers are constantly upgrading the app with new features, but it mostly looks like an Instagram bot.

What does it mean?

While it can perform some additional activity, such as tracking data for you, the features mostly revolve around automated tasks. Bots perform these tasks to engage you with your audience by following, liking, commenting, and messaging other users.

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How Does FollowingLike Work?

FollowingLike is an all-around Instagram bot that performs a broad range of activities, broader than some other bots. So, it follows or unfollows other users, likes or unlikes their posts, comments on photos, sends DMs, etc.

It seems much more advanced than Instagram bots I generally come across, so I was excited to try it out.

The result? It’s too ambitious.

It’s difficult to install and set up, and I only tried to use its Instagram functions. Had I tried other packages as well, I imagine I’d be overwhelmed.

On top of that, there’s the thing with Instagram and bots.

In the interest of keeping Instagram clear of fake users, they put in an effort to ban any bot activity they discover.

And while FollowingLike does offer many possibilities, it’s also the reason why Instagram keeps banning and blocking your account if you use it. 

It has happened to me so many times now, as I’m testing various tools, and recovering my account still feels so tedious. It simply isn’t worth it.

How to Use FollowingLike?

Honestly, the developers have made an advanced bot (although it can’t trick Instagram’s algorithm), but they still haven’t optimized its interface.

The installation process and setup was too technical, even for me, and I do this every other day.

If you still want to go through the hassle, here goes a quick guide on how to setup FollowingLike:

  1. Go to their website – – and choose a package that you wish. I couldn’t believe it, but even the first step was complicated. There are too many packages, and some are repetitive. For instance, you’ll find packages for separate social networks under different tabs, and then again the same functions under the “Ultimate Edition” tab. There are also packages for multiple accounts, and so on.
  2. Okay – you’ve finally determined which package you want to buy and made a payment.
  3. Download the FollowingLike app, and install it. This is the most straightforward part.
  4. Next, you should customize the settings. They call the automated features “modules,” you have “input parameters,” you can import and export accounts, start/stop the bot, create task templates… This is overly technical terminology for features that aren’t really that complicated.

Features of FollowingLike

Automated Activity

FollowingLike performs a range of Instagram tasks instead of you:

  • Follow/unfollow other users by keywords and hashtags you enter
  • Like/unlike other users’ photos
  • Comment on others’ media
  • Send DMs

While comments and DMs will oftentimes seem too robotic (unless you’re ready to spend hours and hours modifying its syntax), likes and follows are okay. They do seem to target specific users according to your niche.

But we’re back to the crux of the problem – this kind of activity will be detected by Instagram’s radar, and your account will soon be banned.

Account Manager

If you opt for a package that supports multiple accounts, you can manage them all under this tab.

Proxy Support

They also offer different proxy servers for multiple accounts if you want to keep your privacy and use them separately. This means people won’t be able to say that you have two similar accounts, for example.

FollowingLike Pricing

Remember how I said FollowingLike tariff plans were confusing? See for yourself:

FollowingLike reviews - pricing

So, the Instagram version of the app for a single account is $147 ($88 on sale), whereas it’s $199 ($119 at a discount).

They also have a couple of options for an unlimited number of accounts. For instance:

There’s also the Ultimate Edition, priced at $550, which includes all of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and Quora).

Is FollowingLike Legit?

As far as I can tell, FollowingLike is legit.

I mean, it’s not the best Instagram bot out there, as it will get your account banned, but when it gets to the company, I think they are genuine. They also offer a broad range of services for other social media platforms and seem to have been in the business for a long time.

Is FollowingLike Safe?

FollowingLike is mostly safe.

What do I mean?

Well, first of all, the software does not contain any malware, and it passed a couple of my antivirus tests. I’m always reluctant when downloading 3rd party apps from the Internet, but this one got a green light.

As for the payment methods, FollowingLike offers all the major ones – PayPal, credit cards, and even BitPay. No issues there, either. It is a secure gateway.

The only aspect (but perhaps the most significant one) where FollowingLike isn’t perfectly safe is your Instagram account. In 99% of the cases, its activity will get you banned.


Encompasses many social media platformsOverly technical
Difficult to use & set up
Can easily get your account banned
Your activity can get blocked
Complicated interface (both in-app and onsite)

FollowingLike Reviews: Final Verdict

Did FollowingLike receive a passing grade?

Nope. It is too complicated, and it doesn’t prioritize genuine growth, even though it promises a lot. It mostly brings bot accounts to your profile.

In a world where everything evolves so quickly, you simply can’t afford to lose your time and money on tools that don’t work.

You should go for the reliable Instagram management tool that grows your account organically, thus bringing you real followers. It’s the most efficient way to Instagram stardom. I picked a couple of high-quality tools in the table above if you’re interested.

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