Fastlykke Review: What Happened To It?

Third-party Instagram services are flooding the market right now. Users who are trying to grow their accounts turn to these businesses for help. What many people don’t realize is that most such services are frauds.

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Yup, I said it. 

You ought to be very cautious when deciding which one to work with. 

Today, we’re taking a close look at Fastlykke. The company boasts about being an all-encompassing social media growth tool. 

Now, I want to know whether there’s any truth to this claim. Is this service credible, or is it just another scam?

Check out my Fastlykke review to find out!

What Is Fastlykke?

A screenshot taken from Fastlykke's website

Fastlykke is a reseller of other social media growth tools. They don’t provide the growth services of their own but instead direct you to other agencies. These tools allow you to buy Instagram followers, likes, and engagement for other social media (TikTok, Facebook, etc.)

To be frank, Fastlykke is somewhat puzzling to me. 

They say how they’re a team of marketing experts with over 25 years of experience. Their “About Us” page talks about advanced techniques they use to skyrocket your social media accounts. But, in reality, they don’t seem to do anything. 

Their menu is lined with names of social media and lists of services for those platforms. Once you click on, say, “Facebook Likes,” you’ll get taken to a list of five companies that sell likes. So, if you want to buy them, you’ll go to the website of one of those companies. 

Fastlykke is just a marketplace that promotes other growth services.

Was it always like that?

I don’t think so. 

The online reviews I found talked about Fastlykke as a direct growth service provider. Customers said how they bought engagement and followers for Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms from them. They don’t sell anything anymore for reasons I’m unaware of.

Well, how was their reputation before? It was shaky. The service had quite a few dedicated users, but a lot of people had bad experiences with it too.

Nevertheless, they were in business since 2009 (that’s what they say), until recently. The company had to provide quality to stay relevant for so long.

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How Does Fastlykke Work?

Well, there isn’t much to say that wasn’t already said in the previous section. Fastlykke is a website where you can find a list of their recommended social media growth services.

On the website’s navigation, you’ll see Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, and TikTok. When you drag the cursor over them, a falling menu will list out services for that specific social media.

If you click on one of them, you’ll get taken to a new page with a table. It contains information about five ‘top’ five companies that offer that respective service. You’ll see rankings of five aspects of each company. 

There are also links to comprehensive reviews and websites of those businesses. That’s as far as Fastlykke will take you.

They have a ‘Contact Us’ page with a contact form and an email address, but I’m not sure whether they work. The 24/7 Live Chat is another contact option.

How To Use Fastlykke?

Go to, and select a social media and a service from the navigation menu. Then, check the table that contains five growth agencies and the details about them.

Choose one and click “Visit Site.” You’ll get taken straight to the pricing page of that service’s website. All that’s left to do is to buy the package that suits you.

Fastlykke Features

In this section, I’m going to talk about the features that Fastlykke currently has. This may not be the company you’ve expected to find, as they’ve changed a lot. Take a look at what they’ve got now:

Reselling Social Media Engagement/Followers

This is the only thing that Fastlykke does. I wouldn’t even call it reselling, but it’s more like affiliate marketing. 

Their website offers services of other Instagram growth companies. Fastlykke doesn’t charge any fees for this. They just list out the companies and give you their details and reviews. It’s up to you to pick the one that you like.  

The website claims that it deals with the top services on the market, which is questionable.

Customer Support

The customer support page is still on their site. It contains an email address and contact form, as well as a live chat. Since Fastlykke doesn’t have any active services, there’s nothing to support. So, I would assume that this feature doesn’t work.

Fastlykke Pricing

The only prices that you’ll find on Fastlykke’s web page are those of other growth tools. Remember the table that I mentioned several times? The prices are there. 

It looks like this:

fastlykke review - pricing

This is an excellent way to compare all those companies in one place. The other option would be to browse through all their websites, which can be a hassle.

Is Fastlykke Legit?

It’s hard to talk about the legitimacy of a website, and that’s all that Fastlykke currently is. 

I already said that it used to be a functioning service once, and I’ve found Fastlykke reviews to prove it. Its score is only 2.9 stars though. There’s a lot of mixed sentiment, and people either loved it or hated it.

Right now, the only relevant piece of information I found is that the company is owned by Tekchasers Digital Services Private Limited. It’s an Indian incorporated, and they’re still in business.

Is Fastylkke Safe?

The website’s certificate is valid, so it’s safe to browse around it. When their services were still available, you could make payments via PayPal, which is more secure than CC.

As for the growth tools that Fastlykke directs you to, I cannot make any guarantees about them. I just want you to know that there are very few legit services out there, so be very cautious when picking one.


They have a safe websiteThey just resell other growth services
They used to have their own tools but they don’t anymore
The website is somewhat confusing
They promote questionable quality services
Some negative reviews on
Customer support might not respond

Fastlykke Review: Final Verdict

Will Fastlykke Instagram services help you grow your profile?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any original Fastlykke services. There used to be, and they weren’t too bad. At least that’s what their customer reviews say. Currently, Fastlykke is a reseller of other Instagram growth tools. 

Are those tools any good? 

Well, the answer to that question calls for its own article. However, I’d advise you to be careful before choosing to use any of them. I’m sure that they use automation and bots to some extent, which could put your profile at risk.

Your best bet would be to find a good organic growth service and let it boost your account. I’ve listed a few of those earlier in the article, so check them out.

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Rather than buying likes and followers on Instagram, a smarter and safer approach would be to grow your account organically using trusted growth tools. Doing so will ensure you have relevant followers with quality engagement.

Also, you will not run the risk of having your account being blocked by Instagram for buying bots.

If you’re looking for a growth service that can grow your Instagram account, check out the table below!

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